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Rest in Peace, My Sweet Boy

RIP Ziggy



March 28, 2013 · 2:55 PM

Mr. Spoiled Rotten Smushy Face Stinky Butt Love Muffin

This is my little dog, Ziggy. He is a 12 year-old Boston Terrier love muffin.

He doesn’t know he’s a dog, and that’s my fault. I’ve always referred to him as my furry son. My Baby refers to him as her little brother. The Complete Package calls him “my man” or “my little buddy”. I call him Zigman and Sugar Booger. Mostly, we just call him spoiled rotten.

Ziggy is a Virgo who loves cheese, ice cream, car rides, “Billy the Exterminator” on Netflix, laying on the back porch in the sun, small children and long walks on the beach. He wants to come back as himself in another life.

He also loves long naps on the sofa, covered in his favorite afghan. That boy loves a good blankie, and he makes no bones about wanting to be covered up.

When sleeping, Zig snores like a 400-pound man. Has ever since he was a puppy.

We know he’s due for a bath when he starts smelling like Fritos. Stale Fritos.

That little area just above his nose is the softest spot on his entire body. It’s baby bunny soft. I love that spot. And I’m pretty sure that one day I may actually rub all the fur off the tips of his ears. They’re super soft, too. So is his tummy. I’m in luck there, because he turns into a big bowl of jelly over a good tummy rub.

He’s my sweet little Mr. Spoiled Rotten Smushy Face Stinky Butt Love Muffin, and I think I’ll keep him. Although, to be honest, I think he’s keeping us.


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More Photos of My Dog…sorry.

This is how Ziggy likes to nap…covered in a blanket on our leather sofa. No, he’s not spoiled. Why do you ask? It worries me that he hangs his head off like this. I’m afraid he’s going to slide right off the couch one day and land on his head.If I slept like this, I’d have a migrane – and I’d rather iron than have a migrane.
Did you know Ziggy snores when he sleeps? Yup – he snores like an old fat man.Sometimes he sleeps with his eyes half-way open. It gives me the heebie jeebies.
I love his little pink tummy with those black spots. It’s so very soft, that tummy.He also has 9 white toenails and 1 black one on his hands (Bowie flashback!).
Oops! Looks like I woke him up. Camera? What? No, there’s no camera, Zigman.
Go back to sleep. Wait…maybe he is asleep! I can’t tell. What does he have against posing for a few photos? I don’t get it. Honestly, it’s starting to irritate me. Other people’s dogs don’t seem to mind. Pioneer Woman’s dogs pose for her, and they look adorable while doing it! One of these days Ziggy is going to give up and learn to pose for me. And then pigs will fly. He’s such a diva.


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Holiday Greetings from Santa Ziggy

Just accept it as the warm holiday greeting it's intended to be, and don't judge me for dressing up my dog. He only wore this once, I swear! Happy holidays to you & yours.


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“I Heart Faces” Contest Entry – Ziggy

Ziggy, Zigman, Zig-Zig, the Zigmeister, Stinky Pete

This is my little stinky man. He will be 12 in April, which is really hard to believe. I vividly remember bringing him home at 6 weeks, when he was only about 5 inches tall. He was the most adorable puppy you’ve ever seen with his wee squishy face. He was sweet and snuggly, and prone to spastic fits of energy followed by long stretches of napping. Twelve years later, it’s the same story. He has a occaisional burst of energy followed by hours of napping, but now it’s accompanied by loud snoring and outbreaks of rancid gas. He’s still sweet and snuggly; it just takes a little more intestinal fortitude on our part. Still, he’s the greatest dog ever. I wouldn’t trade him for a thousand non-gassy, non-snoring pups. He’s my little man, our furry son, and he makes each day better just by being here. That’s why I’m entering his sweet mug in the “I Heart Faces” pet photo challenge. Because he’s one of a kind and very dearly loved.


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Hot Fun in the Summer Time

I think the extraordinary summer heat in South Texas has finally baked Ziggy’s brain. For the most part, he seems to be normal. He still snores when he naps. He still farts after he eats. He still tries to lick my feet as if they’re covered in melted cheese. He still snuggles up next to me on the sofa. Yup, he seems pretty normal except for one thing. He L-O-V-E-S to go outside during the hottest part of the day and lay on the concrete patio. What is he thinking?!?

Ziggy - Bake at 450F for 15-20 minutes

The Complete Package took our instant read thermometer out there to test how hot the concrete is in the late afternoon. It came back at 115F. I’m pretty sure you could smoke a brisket out there. Hmmm…brisket…oak chips in the pantry…weekend coming up…I think a plan is forming.

Why Is There A Camera In My Face, Mommy?

Sorry, Ziggy. Mommy got distracted. Don’t you want to come back inside where there’s air conditioning and your favorite rug under the ceiling fan? No? Are you sure? What if I got you some ice cream?

Did Someone Say Ice Cream?

Yeah, I thought that would get your attention.


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