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More Photos of My Dog…sorry.

This is how Ziggy likes to nap…covered in a blanket on our leather sofa. No, he’s not spoiled. Why do you ask? It worries me that he hangs his head off like this. I’m afraid he’s going to slide right off the couch one day and land on his head.If I slept like this, I’d have a migrane – and I’d rather iron than have a migrane.
Did you know Ziggy snores when he sleeps? Yup – he snores like an old fat man.Sometimes he sleeps with his eyes half-way open. It gives me the heebie jeebies.
I love his little pink tummy with those black spots. It’s so very soft, that tummy.He also has 9 white toenails and 1 black one on his hands (Bowie flashback!).
Oops! Looks like I woke him up. Camera? What? No, there’s no camera, Zigman.
Go back to sleep. Wait…maybe he is asleep! I can’t tell. What does he have against posing for a few photos? I don’t get it. Honestly, it’s starting to irritate me. Other people’s dogs don’t seem to mind. Pioneer Woman’s dogs pose for her, and they look adorable while doing it! One of these days Ziggy is going to give up and learn to pose for me. And then pigs will fly. He’s such a diva.



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