Mr. Spoiled Rotten Smushy Face Stinky Butt Love Muffin

This is my little dog, Ziggy. He is a 12 year-old Boston Terrier love muffin.

He doesn’t know he’s a dog, and that’s my fault. I’ve always referred to him as my furry son. My Baby refers to him as her little brother. The Complete Package calls him “my man” or “my little buddy”. I call him Zigman and Sugar Booger. Mostly, we just call him spoiled rotten.

Ziggy is a Virgo who loves cheese, ice cream, car rides, “Billy the Exterminator” on Netflix, laying on the back porch in the sun, small children and long walks on the beach. He wants to come back as himself in another life.

He also loves long naps on the sofa, covered in his favorite afghan. That boy loves a good blankie, and he makes no bones about wanting to be covered up.

When sleeping, Zig snores like a 400-pound man. Has ever since he was a puppy.

We know he’s due for a bath when he starts smelling like Fritos. Stale Fritos.

That little area just above his nose is the softest spot on his entire body. It’s baby bunny soft. I love that spot. And I’m pretty sure that one day I may actually rub all the fur off the tips of his ears. They’re super soft, too. So is his tummy. I’m in luck there, because he turns into a big bowl of jelly over a good tummy rub.

He’s my sweet little Mr. Spoiled Rotten Smushy Face Stinky Butt Love Muffin, and I think I’ll keep him. Although, to be honest, I think he’s keeping us.



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26 responses to “Mr. Spoiled Rotten Smushy Face Stinky Butt Love Muffin

  1. Christine S.

    When I was a little girl (about half a century ago) there was a neighbor across the street from my grandparents’ home and they had a boston terrier by the name of Jippy. I don’t remember the names of the neighbors though. I am an animal lover and for some reason Jippy comes to my mind once in a while, I never get attached to other peoples’ pets, but Jippy was always special.

    • Hello, Christine!
      I have a similar story. In high school, one of my friends gave his grandparents a Boston Terrier puppy for Christmas. I got to play with him a few days prior. He was the cutest thing – small enough to fit in the palm of your hand. I fell totally in love. Years later, a teacher I worked with was also a Boston Terrier breeder. Each summer, she would bring the puppies in so I could see them. Each time, I fell in love all over again and would say “some day”. Finally, 12 years ago, ‘some day’ came I got one of those puppies for my own. I fell in love all over again. Ziggy is the sweetest, funniest, smartest dog I’ve ever known. He makes our lives richer, for sure. I think this breed is truly special, but I am clearly biased! Thanks for dropping in and sharing Jippy with me.

  2. Kat

    I’m just thankful that like All Virgos, Ziggy is a fan of blankets. We never go without.

    • Hahaha… I love that. I’ll have to ask my Big Sis if she’s a blanket lover. She’s a Virgo, too. I guess I should be grateful he’s not a Pisces, or I’d have puddles all over my house!

  3. I love that “softy kissable spot” on Huck’s face too! And I thought I was the only one. Whew, at least I’m not nuts.
    Little Dude looks like a whole lotta love I just gotta get me some cuddles from. Adorable.

  4. Ach, he’s just so cute. He looks surprisingly youthful for being 12 years old! I have an addiction to soft dog ears, too. I just pull on them over and over…it’s probably more soothing for me than for the dog!

    • I agree, Kandi. I don’t know if Zig enjoys it or not, but rubbing his soft little ears relaxes me like nothing else. Honestly, though… he doesn’t seem to mind at all (or he does a good job of hiding his annoyance).

  5. cindy

    That is too funny because I know Bella is due for a bath when she smells “like a Frito” too!!!! Who woulda thunk it?

    • I can’t imagine Bella smelling like a Frito. She’s so tiny & fluffy & cute. I imagine she smells like cupcakes, but maybe that’s wishful thinking. I bought coconut shampoo for Zig, and it makes him smell delicious after a bath. The problem is that it only lasts about 20 minutes (or until he walks outside for the first time).

  6. Oh my god I love your dog. I better not show this to my daughter, she falls in love as easily as I do! LOVE the first picture.

  7. I do not understand why there aren’t more pictures of Ziggy throughout this blog. HE’S SO CUTE I WANT TO SMOOSH HIS FACE IN!!!!! Sorry, I got carried away there.
    I also sorta kinda maybe love that stale Frito smell. What’s wrong with me?

    • I think Ziggy and Josie could have one sweet May/December romance. He’s the older distinguished gentleman. She’s the frisky young pin-up. I think they’d make sweet little smushy-faced babies. Oh, wait. Sorry. He’s been ….uh….. decommissioned. So to speak. And for the record, there’s nothing wrong with being a little nutty for that Frito smell. We love it too.

  8. What a sweetie pie! Ziggy is seriously giving Huck & Josie a run for the money for the title of cutest pooch. I like a man that isn’t afraid to admit that he needs his blankie.

    • Ziggy is very secure in his manhood. He doesn’t care one bit if anyone makes snide comments about his blankie or his mani/pedis or his post-bath coconut conditioner. You can’t be a big burnin’ hunk-o-love-muffin without a little upkeep.

  9. What a great post! Any dog owner will find a treasure trove of smiles in reading about the nuances of Ziggy. You had me at the irresistable opening photo (and all the subsequent ones), but the remark, “He wants to come back as himself in another life” sealed the deal. That, and the stale fritos as the indicator it’s time for a bath! Thank you for this light-hearted look inside Nanabread’s head…

  10. shyvonne

    I have a Boston too, Mickey he’s cute, snores, smells like Fritos , loves people too much, sleeps in blankies,is terribly gassy and we love him. They are great dogs!!!!!!

    • They really are great dogs. I agree 100%. We love our sweet old man. Boston Terrier owners are a very loyal group. Once you fall in love with a Boston, you’ll never get over it!

  11. So, this is about the cutest post ever. I adore Ziggy! I understand the love we have for our pups and how we learn all the little things about them.

    • He’s the greatest dog I’ve ever had the pleasure of befriending, and we had a LOT of dogs growing up. He’s a sweet, snuggly, funny little old man, and I love him. Getting verklempt!

  12. Amy

    I’ve always been a big dog person, but if I were ever to get a small dog I think that a Boston Terrier would be the one (although one would have to find us, cause all our dogs have been strays). Ziggy is adorable. And those ears . . . I want to chew them!

    • If you had a Boston Terrier, you’d spend every spare moment rubbing him/her on the ears, nose or tummy. Can’t be helped. I’m always in fear of rubbing all the fur off Zig’s ears. He likes a good foot massage, too.

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