“I Heart Faces” Contest Entry – Ziggy

Ziggy, Zigman, Zig-Zig, the Zigmeister, Stinky Pete

This is my little stinky man. He will be 12 in April, which is really hard to believe. I vividly remember bringing him home at 6 weeks, when he was only about 5 inches tall. He was the most adorable puppy you’ve ever seen with his wee squishy face. He was sweet and snuggly, and prone to spastic fits of energy followed by long stretches of napping. Twelve years later, it’s the same story. He has a occaisional burst of energy followed by hours of napping, but now it’s accompanied by loud snoring and outbreaks of rancid gas. He’s still sweet and snuggly; it just takes a little more intestinal fortitude on our part. Still, he’s the greatest dog ever. I wouldn’t trade him for a thousand non-gassy, non-snoring pups. He’s my little man, our furry son, and he makes each day better just by being here. That’s why I’m entering his sweet mug in the “I Heart Faces” pet photo challenge. Because he’s one of a kind and very dearly loved.



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10 responses to ““I Heart Faces” Contest Entry – Ziggy

  1. debtynanphotos

    Such a soulful face– precious!

  2. What a FACE! I love it! PRECIOUS!

  3. Aww My brother has a boston terrior too, and calls it his “Little Man”. Too cute!
    They sure are gassy creatures. Holy moly.

    • Hey, Mads! Yeah, I didn’t know that was a breed trait until I met some other Boston Terrier owners. I thought it was just my little Stinky Pete or the treats I was sneaking him. Then one day I took him to a friend’s house and a few minutes into the visit, she cried out, “Dear gawd! What is that awful smell?!?!” Oops. Now when my friends keep Ziggy while we travel, I pack a can of air freshener in his suitcase.

  4. Hillary

    Thank you for sharing this photo of Ziggy! I have two Bostons of my own and would not trade them for the world… in fact, Ziggy and my older Boston Bianco look like they could be brothers, and with reading your story, they sound like they have the same traits as well… stinky little men :)

    • Thanks for the comment, Hillary! They are stinky little guys, but the lovin’ outweighs the smell by a mile! They are such an affectionate, intelligent breed. We think Ziggy is very special. Hugs to your two – NB

  5. hehe….what a cutie! :)

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