TCP Cooks: Ciabatta Sunday

TCP's ciabatta breakfast sandwich - it's good any time of the day

The Complete Package was on a roll yesterday. A ciabatta roll. First, he made these glorious bacon and egg breakfast sandwiches. Be still my heart. They were really good. It’s a buttered and toasted ciabatta roll with scrambled egg, crispy bacon and a little cheese topped with lettuce and tomato. One thing we agreed to tweak next time around: adding a schmear of chipotle mayonnaise to perk it up a little. Grade: a solid B, but there’s a good chance they would jump straight to an A+ with that chipotle mayo.

For dinner, TCP made one of his signature dishes – flank steak sandwiches with ginger/soy mayonnaise. Great googlie mooglie – this one is awesome.

The medium-rare to rare flank steak paired with a toasted ciabatta roll, arugula and that ginger/soy mayo… well, it’s a world-class combo. He won’t brag, but I will. Everyone who tries this sandwich raves about it. The special mayo just pushes this thing right over the edge. It’s amazing. Once you try it, you will make it a fixture in your menu rotation, whether you put it on flank steak or sirloin or Steak-Ums (hi, Katie!). Just try it and see if you don’t fall in love. If it helps convince you, this is an America’s Test Kitchen recipe and you KNOW their recipes are tried & true. PS – This also makes a great salad.

Just serve it up with a ciabatta roll, so you can still call it Ciabatta Sunday.



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9 responses to “TCP Cooks: Ciabatta Sunday

  1. Kat

    When the opportunity to Ciabatta presents itself, We Embrace It At Every Turn.

    Today is yet another day, where I wish that Marcus and TCP could do some sort of man-cooking mind-meld.

    • Anyone who uses Ciabatta as a verb is a friend of mine, Kat. And if Marcus and TCP can find a way to actually mind-meld man-cook, we’d be on to something. We could be rich beyond our wildest dreams. We could rule the world, I tell ya’…. the world! And we could shop for shoes and cardigans with impunity, and we could Ciabatta like rock-stars. It’s my dream, and no one can take it from me.

  2. :) I’m blushing!
    Last weekend we made this but instead of flank steak, we used chicken (all I had at the time) and it was still delicious. It’s still a regular on our menu… and it’s spreading… I’ve had co-workers and two family members (in Pittsburgh!) ask for the recipe and I keep directing them over this way!

    • Hahahaha…. I just had to say hi when we posted that recipe link. I haven’t tried the mayo on chicken yet, but I’ll be it was good. I’m thinking of trying ti with sushi or fish next. TCP even tried a little on his breakfast sandwich, but said it was too strong for the subtle flavor of eggs. Once you master that soy-ginger mayonnaise, the world is your oyster. Thanks for spreading the recipe love! Hugs to you and Bugaboo.

  3. Big Sis

    That ciabatta is the best thing I’ve seen. Does TCP do delivery??? And if you figure out that male mind-meld let me know!!! :)

  4. That sandwich really does look gourmet. Woot woot TCP!

  5. TCP rocks! Ciabatta Sunday should be a new tradition. Anything is good on ciabatta. I’d be 40 pounds heavier if TCP was cooking for me.

    • We don’t ciabatta often, but when we do TCP totally rocks it. We’re usually an oat nut bread kind of family, with a few tortillas thrown in. But there’s something about a sandwich on ciabatta that just takes it to another level. Especially when it’s fresh and soft. We’re lucky that our local HEB grocery store bakery makes them fresh each day. Which is why I only go there once a week, and try not to look in the direction of the bakery while I’m there. It’s WAY too tempting!

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