Baby Pineapple Update: Day 18

We’re having a baby pineapple! After my earlier post, several of you asked that I post photos of the baby pineapple so you can track his/her progress. It warms my heart that you’re as excited as we are about our first baby after 6 long years of nurturing our pineapple plant. I’m beyond stunned at how fast it’s growing. While the Hawaiian Ag Department website said to expect it to take 5-6 months to mature, it seems to be growing much, much faster than that. See for yourself:

I’m just messing with you. That’s the pineapple I got for Mother’s Day. Sorry.

Here are the actual photos or our little sugarbaby. Unaltered, I promise!

You know, we’re going to have to find a name for him/her soon so I can quit calling it Him/Her. I think a baby pineapple naming contest may be in order. Readers could submit potential names, then vote for a favorite. What do you think? Should we name the baby pineapple?



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27 responses to “Baby Pineapple Update: Day 18

  1. BAHAHAH, you got me! Love it. Hmm, baby pineapple named Lil’ Sweetie?

  2. Big Sis

    Gotta name for you – Wanna Eatta Uwa
    hehehe, trying to get into the Hawaiian theme!!!!

    • Somewhere, the ancestors of King Kamehamea are crying. Just kidding. I like your Hawaiian spirit. An ancestral name might make a good choice. Here’s a piece of pineapple trivia for you. The Hawaiian name for pineapple is “hala kahiki” which roughly translated means “foreign fruit.” Pineapples were actually native to Brazil and Paraguay. They were introduced in Hawaii by the Spanish eons ago. It must have been wildly successful, because Hawaii has always been famous for their pineapples.

  3. I think you should definitely name the pineapple. Of course I’m not creative at all and have no ideas for you but hopefully someone else will come up with a cute idea!

    • I think he/she definitely deserves a name. It’s the proper thing to do, in my book. For now, I’ve nicknamed it “Spike” because the small thorns on those long leaves got me yesterday. Who knew a pineapple plant could be dangerous?

  4. Margie

    “Prickly” seems to come to my mind…

  5. Amy

    Aw! It’s adorable! I actually had no idea how pineapples grew, so this is very educational for me.

    • I wasn’t sure how they grow, either, but I had heard that you could cut the top off a pineapple and plant it so we gave it a try. We just had no idea it would take this long to produce. Now I’m constantly on the web trying to see what’s supposed to happen next, if there’s something I should be doing, how often should I water, etc. Now that he/she is here, I don’t want to screw this up!

  6. Toffee Marshmallows

    The baby pineapple looks soo cute!!!
    I was going to suggest Spike but it seems you beat me to it. Lol How about La Piña? (pronounced Peen-ya) Its Spanish for pineapple. :)

    • Hi, Natasha! I’m happy to share the name Spike with you. I like La Piña, too. It’s true to my Hawaiian pineapple’s Spanish roots. Thanks for playing!

  7. I LOVE this post…it brought about an instant smile! I tried growing a pineapple top once. It rooted nicely but then struggled along for a couple of years until its final demise. But today, seeing your success brings inspiration to give it another go. As another said, Prickle is a name that came to mind. Might I say you’ve got a beautiful lawn going to! Thank you for sharing this and for your wonderful comment on my cake over at Ree’s place. Now if you’ll pardon me, I’m off to peruse your gorgeous looking New York-Style Cheesecake!

    • Thanks, Brooks! How nice to have you visit my blog. I was seriously drooling over your Strawberry Kiss Cake on The Pioneer Woman’s website this morning. It’s gorgeous! You are a very gifted baker. Hope you’ll come back to visit again soon!

  8. You had me totally faked out with the first photo! I think a naming contest is a great idea, but I was told a long time ago that you should never name your food, because then you become too attached to it, and you know, can’t, umm… you know.

    Maybe that only pertained to cows.

    • Good point, Sandy. The personal conflict over raising and naming something you may end up slaughtering definitely crossed my mind. On the other hand, I can’t let him grow up and just rot, either. That would seem just as wrong. I think we’re just going to have to name it, celebrate it, and when the time comes, have the family get together to share in the gift that he/she is. PS – Jonah, my grandson, already has his heart set on a pineapple upside down cake.

      • I agree, fruit and other perishable foods are a different circumstance and naming them is totally acceptable. I will second the idea of pineapple upside down cake that your grandson has suggested.

        Think you could send me a piece? :-)

      • I’d be happy to send you a piece, although I think it would be a green moldy lump by the time it arrived!

  9. So cute! How about considering a name from a land, I believe (and I’m biased because I live here) grows the most delicious pineapples. In Thai, the word for pineapple is ‘Saparot’. Swish it around on your tongue for a while and even the word starts to taste sweet.
    Great photos! Such a proud mum you are. And so you should be.

    • Saparot. I like it. It has a regal feel to it. Unless I shorten it to Sappy as a nickname. Not so regal. I’ve never had Thai pineapple, but I’m sure they are delicious. Some day I’d love to travel there. Such a beautiful place. Thanks, Patricia!

  10. Kat

    Yes, we need a naming contest. His name should probably be Hawaiian.

    I was laughing SO hard at the first few pictures because I was like…seriously? That thing is shooting up! Mind you, the way that everything has suddenly unfurled up here, it seemed like a totally plausible situation ;)

  11. The Baby

    Spike was the first thing to pop into my mind. It’s so obvious. I do like Piña, then there is Colada… If you like Piña Coladas, and getting caught in the rain. Then you might want to call it Rupert Holmes. Okay, just Rupert.

  12. I will have to contemplate the baby’s name… But I had to tell you that you totally got me. I was like NO WAY, she better not eat that pineapple, it’s full of steroids! lol… I’ll be pondering a name. “What, you want me to name someone? You want like a name? Oh, God, the pressure of a name… ” (Name that movie!)

  13. I saw that first photo and thought “Holy crap does stuff grow fast in Texas!” I think you should name the pineapple Don Ho, so it has something to aspire to be.

    • We got our first rain since January yesterday, so stuff will REALLY start growing now, but not nearly as fast as my faked pineapple photo. He/she is growing much faster than we expected, though. Don Ho is a cute pineapple name! If it shoots off runners like it’s supposed to, we could name them Tiny Bubbles. heeheeheehahahahasnort!

  14. criandonoskat

    Soy de Colombia, así que voto por nombrarla “La Piña”. En español, el artículo ‘LA’ se refiere a personas o cosas FEMENINAS.
    Eng./I’m from Colombia, so i want to vote for give her the name “La Piña”.
    In spanish, the article ‘LA’, refers to people or things FEMALE.
    LA PIÑA, is a FEMALE thing.

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