Meet House Guest #2 – Jonah Bear!

I don’t know what you’re doing this week, but we’re smack dab in the middle of Jonahpalooza. That’s right – 8 1/2 glorious days of the Jonah Channel. All Jonah; all the time. Last week was LillyFair. We got our girl time on in a big way. Our little Lilly Bug is a firecracker. At almost two, she kept us on our toes and laughing all week. What a hoot! On Sunday, we met Our Baby and Bama Boy to swap kiddos. I meant to post something then to let you know that Jonahpalooza had officially kicked off, but we’ve been busy around here. Real busy.

We’ve been going to swim lessons. A certain 4 1/2 year-old is learning to swim like a sailfish. Why a sailfish? Because his Papi told him that a sailfish can swim faster than just about any other fish and if there’s anything Jonah is determined to be at this tender age, it’s fast. That’s our friend Kaki with Jonah Bear. This is their second summer together. She’s a good swim teacher; she knows sailfish.

We had a fried chicken picnic at the park and played hide-and-seek with Papi.

We’ve watched Rango “sixty-eleven times” (and it’s playing again as I type this). Jonah Bear likes to watch a movie over and over until he’s memorized the entire script and all the songs. Our boy’s got a mind like a steel trap.

And we’ve ridden bikes (or photographed a certain boy riding bikes) at least once or twice a day since Sunday. Jonah Bear is learning to ride his Mommy’s old bike. It’s still just a tiny bit too big for him, but he’s determined to master it. And since Papi outfitted him to look like Tony Hawk (he’s a ‘safety first’ kind of guy), Jonah Bear has found his courage and is slowly gaining in confidence and speed. He’s enjoying it so much, he sometimes rides to the very brink of exhaustion. Sometimes a boy just needs to stop and take a break.

Yep. Jonahpalooza is on like Donkey Kong, and The Complete Package and I are in for the full ride. I’ll be back to my regular blogging schedule next week, and I’ll share more Lilly photos. Until then, I’m committed to my favorite endeavor – being a Nana. Have a great week and an even better weekend.

And now…. we ride!

Uh… I mean, “We ride!”

Wait… that’s not right either. Let’s try this again. “We ride!”

There… that’s more like it.



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10 responses to “Meet House Guest #2 – Jonah Bear!

  1. I’m glad JonahBear is just resting in that one pic. I thought maybe he tumbled off!

    Love the motorcycle pic!

    • He actually did tumble off a few times before that photo, but he would jump up each time and yell, “I’m all right!” This time, however, he just got off the bike in a shady spot and told us, “I just need to lay here for a minute.” He’s too cute. As for the motorcycle, TCP added some fancy lights that change colors with a remote control. When Jonah saw that for the first time, he ran over and hugged TCP and said, “You’re the coolest Papi EVER!”

  2. How fun! I am glad to hear that you and TCP are enjoying time with the grandkids one-on-one. What a special time for you all.

    TCP better watch it or your sweet little Jonah might just charm “the other woman” away from him.

    • Jonah Bear is a bee charmer, for sure, but he’ll have to get big enough to wrestle TCP to the ground and take the keys before he’ll get that motorcycle away from his Papi. Luckily, TCP is more than willing to let him sit on it, play with it, etc. It’s really cute to see them out there talking motorcycles at this age. I didn’t know little boys could be so into it at four and a half years old, but evidently they are! I think it’s sweet that Jonah Bear thinks his grandpa is the coolest Papi in the whole entire world.

  3. Kat

    I can only imagine what unfolds when Jonah and Papi are talking shop about bikes. What an adorable, industrious little man!
    p.s. I always wanted to be an orca, but who wouldn’t want to swim as fast as a sailfish?

    • They are pretty cute together – out there in the garage talking about motorcycles and bikes and tires. Very man-ish. PS – I never knew I could love a sailfish so much.

  4. Alex

    As I sit here with my 6-week old in my lap, I wonder how long before she too will ride a bike. Tell me it’s centuries away, ok? Bc while I know y’all adore watching your grandbabies grow, I bet it’s hard too :( why can’t they have a pause button built in so you can decide when your ready to move to the next stage???

    • I’m afraid it’s coming faster than you think. I remember the day Jonah Bear was born like it was yesterday, and now he’s riding bikes and turning five in December. Time flies by so very quickly. Jonah and I often have the following conversation:

      Jonah: “Nana, do you want me to grow up?”
      Me: “Yes, Jonah – but I want you to do it very slowly, okay?”
      Jonah: “Okay, Nana. I’ll grow up slow just for you.”

      I love that kid.

  5. He looks like he had a fabulous time with you. My 5 year old is staying with his Nana and Pa this week for the first time without us. It’s only been a couple of days but he sounds like he’s having a great time, too, when they call us to day goodnight. It’s great to see that you and your husband love to have your grandkids with you. Enjoy your time.

    • He did have a great time. So did his sister, just the week before. We all wore each other out. When they’re here, they get our full attention. We sent them home exhausted and loved. It’s our goal to make sure they feel special and very much loved. They’re awesome kids, so they make it easy for us. We’re pooped, but we had a blast over the past 16 days getting there.

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