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Meet House Guest #2 – Jonah Bear!

I don’t know what you’re doing this week, but we’re smack dab in the middle of Jonahpalooza. That’s right – 8 1/2 glorious days of the Jonah Channel. All Jonah; all the time. Last week was LillyFair. We got our girl time on in a big way. Our little Lilly Bug is a firecracker. At almost two, she kept us on our toes and laughing all week. What a hoot! On Sunday, we met Our Baby and Bama Boy to swap kiddos. I meant to post something then to let you know that Jonahpalooza had officially kicked off, but we’ve been busy around here. Real busy.

We’ve been going to swim lessons. A certain 4 1/2 year-old is learning to swim like a sailfish. Why a sailfish? Because his Papi told him that a sailfish can swim faster than just about any other fish and if there’s anything Jonah is determined to be at this tender age, it’s fast. That’s our friend Kaki with Jonah Bear. This is their second summer together. She’s a good swim teacher; she knows sailfish.

We had a fried chicken picnic at the park and played hide-and-seek with Papi.

We’ve watched Rango “sixty-eleven times” (and it’s playing again as I type this). Jonah Bear likes to watch a movie over and over until he’s memorized the entire script and all the songs. Our boy’s got a mind like a steel trap.

And we’ve ridden bikes (or photographed a certain boy riding bikes) at least once or twice a day since Sunday. Jonah Bear is learning to ride his Mommy’s old bike. It’s still just a tiny bit too big for him, but he’s determined to master it. And since Papi outfitted him to look like Tony Hawk (he’s a ‘safety first’ kind of guy), Jonah Bear has found his courage and is slowly gaining in confidence and speed. He’s enjoying it so much, he sometimes rides to the very brink of exhaustion. Sometimes a boy just needs to stop and take a break.

Yep. Jonahpalooza is on like Donkey Kong, and The Complete Package and I are in for the full ride. I’ll be back to my regular blogging schedule next week, and I’ll share more Lilly photos. Until then, I’m committed to my favorite endeavor – being a Nana. Have a great week and an even better weekend.

And now…. we ride!

Uh… I mean, “We ride!”

Wait… that’s not right either. Let’s try this again. “We ride!”

There… that’s more like it.



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Jonah Bear and Lilly Bug

Jonah Bear

This is my little Jonah Bear. He is our first-born grandchild and a source of overwhelming joy. He is the funniest, smartest, cuddliest grandson on the face of the planet, bar none. He’ll be four in December, but he’s already a genius. He can do no wrong, is immensly entertaining, supremely affectionate, and all boy. As one of five sisters and the mother of a daughter, I had no prior experience with little boys. But I have a bad case of the boy bug now, and I can’t get enough. Jonah is a constant revelation. Boys are interesting creatures. They like to get dirty and do groadie things. They think a burping contest is the most hysterical thing ever, and burping the alphabet is a college application level skill set. They love bugs and pirates and matchbox cars and dinosaurs and pirates (lots of pirates). Little boys are awesome. They totally rock.

Lilly Bug

This is Lilly Bug. The baby. Our second grandchild, and a little girl who will take a back seat to no one. She will be one next month, and I find that impossible to believe. We were just in the hospital celebrating her birth a few weeks ago. I swear. I don’t know how the past year could have gone by so quickly. She’ll be in dance class and driving before we know it. Time seems to fly by faster now that she’s here. Lilly Bug is the world’s happiest baby. She wakes up with a smile and spends the entire day laughing and playing. She has her daddy wrapped around her little finger, and has since day one. She’s sweet, curious, laid back, and totally in love with her big brother. Jonah Bear is her idol, and she is his biggest fan. Together they are a force of nature, and I hope this never changes regardless of how fast they grow or how far they go.

Our daughter was an only child. A smart, sweet, funny, independant only child. We can’t thank her and her husband enough for not repeating that pattern. One is fun, but two…oh so much better. Thanks for bringing these beautiful sweet babies into our lives. You complete me.

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