“Avast, Ye’ Scurvy Dogs!”

Avast, ye dogs! We’re here to blunder yer booty & yer ice cream freezer!

Ahoy, matey! I just got back from 11 days in Austin with my kids/grandkids and now I’m off again for another week of travel. If things don’t slow down, I’m going to need a vacation from my vacations. What a terrible problem to have, right? While The Complete Package and I are off celebrating our 30th anniversary (yes, I got married at the tender age of 7 – wink, wink) I’ll leave you with these little scallywags. Fair warning – hide your wallets. These tiny pirates must be in search of treasure, because they’ve already stolen our hearts.

Captain Jack Sparrow & Elizabeth Swan in their early, more formative years.

PS – Yes, they are the greatest grandkids ever. PPS – Yes, I am totally biased.



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7 responses to ““Avast, Ye’ Scurvy Dogs!”

  1. Eleven whole days with JonahBear & LilyBug! You must be blissfully exhausted.

  2. Pat Counts

    Happy 30th and yes they are PRECIOUS! Have a safe trip. Pat

  3. Your grand kids are sweet! Best wishes on this 30th anniversary. Sincere congratulations :)

  4. Congratulations on 30 happy years and to 30 more! Those grandkids of yours have the sweetest faces ever, especially for pirates. ;)

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