My new favorite walking shoes

OMG. I never ever use that phrase, but O-M-G! I just fell in love with a shoe.

Skechers GO WALK shoes; photo via

Have you ever had that moment in a shoe store when you tried something on and said out loud, “Holy crap! Where have YOU been all my life?!?” This was it for me. I swear, I didn’t take more than 3-4 steps before I threw them back in the box and declared, “Oh, yeah. You’re coming home with me!”

Skechers GO WALK shoes; photo via

They’re not just comfortable, they’re big fuzzy bunny slippers kind of comfy. Walking on baby pillows kind of comfy. Dancing on big puffy marshmallows comfy. I think it’s the bouncy miracle air springs on the soles, although I’m guessing they don’t officially call them that (dibs on that trademarking gem).

Skechers GO WALK shoes; photo via

Another bonus – they’re super lightweight. I’m thinking they’re the perfect travel shoe; easy to slip on & off, supportive enough to run from gate to gate & leap suitcases in a single bound, and smashable enough to cram into a suitcase with almost no added weight. Mine are a soft dove gray, but they come in colors. Here’s the link:

How much do I love them? Enough that I am actively searching nearby stores for a second pair. I am not taking any chances they’ll stop making these puppies soon. I plan to stock up so I don’t have to shave my head, tear my clothes or sell my worldly possessions in protest some day. See this last picture?

Skechers GO WALK shoes; photo via

That’s all you’ll see of me until I find another pair (or four) – my backside. And God help you if I get to said store and you’ve got the last pair of size 10s in your hand. God. Help. You. You’d better run, girlfriend. :)

Note: This is not a paid advertisement for Skechers GO WALK shoes. They have no idea who I am other than some crazy nut-job fan of their delicious walking shoe, if they happen to read this. I was not compensated one iota for this post, but trust me when I say this – if they want to offer me some free ones? You can bet your sweet a$$ I’m taking them up on it. -NanaBread

UPDATE (Oct 2012): Several readers asked if these slip-ons started to take on that sweaty-foot stink after time. I’m here to admit that yes, after wearing them on hot summer days in Houston when my feet got sweaty, they did start to take on that weird vinegar smell those of us with stinky feet are familiar with. However, because these shoes are highly washable, it’s really not an issue. I’ve now thrown mine into the washing machine with a load of clothes three times without experiencing any shrinkage or change in the shape or color of the shoe. After washing, I let them air dry which happens quickly since the body of the shoe is a neoprene-type material. Final vote: A+. They’re still just as comfortable and look just as good as the day I bought them, and I’m still in love.



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59 responses to “My new favorite walking shoes

  1. I find a lot of shoes like this make my feet stink after so long — let me know if these don’t because they sound amazing!

    • I’ve had that same problem. I’m wearing them out in Austin this week, and it’s blazing hot here. I’ll let you know if they get stinky. I sure hope they don’t – I just found that second pair in black last night. :/

    • Mary

      I also love these shoes, like wearing bedroom slippers. Now I know I can wash them. I bought 2 pair but the second pair was a little too short even though the same size. I guess I’ll give them to my daughter.

    • Cal Run

      I was doing some research on the newer Sketchers GO Walks models that are now out for my girl friend. She enjoys wearing the Sketchers GO Walks and Run footwear. I too have become hooked. Some have, what they call “goga mat” insoles built into them. They are comfortable.

      Just a quick comment about any smells from the footwear. Most models have a anti-bacteria treatment built into them. That said, everyone feet sweat. The blazing summer heat can speed things up more. We both commented about a weird vinegar smell one day lingering in the small room where we had taken off our shoes, our GO Walks. The shoes washed well in the washer. Sketchers also says it is also ok to do this on their website. One nice thing about Sketchers, you don’t have to wear socks.

  2. I think I need a few pair of these (in lots of different colours :)

  3. big sis

    Well, this just proves what I’ve known for years- you’re a total nut job!! ;)

  4. LOL…Jeanne…you are fabulous and so are these shoes! I was just at DSW Shoe Warehouse tonight and bought 2 pair of Vans. I wish I had read this earlier and I would have scouted them out! I LOVE walking in pillows! Enjoy them! And may your feet stay fresh and dry! : )

    • Heavy on the ‘fresh’ part, right? So far, so good. I’m a few days in with no stench. Sorry you didn’t see this before shoe shopping, but I’m sure you’ll rock the Vans, Anne.

  5. I am a fan of Sketchers and will have to check this out – Cool!!!

  6. I love Skechers! But I recently found a pair of flip flops I like even better. They’re called Sanuk. Soooo comfy.

  7. I just saw a commercial for these and thought, “Oooo they look like comfier TOMS!” I’m beyond intrigued.

  8. thegrommom

    Oh shoe talk is so much fun. This post is making me want a pair–but also has me laughing my head off. Thanks for always doing that to me Jeanne!
    But I’m also just loving the comments–sanuks, toms…and sketchers. I think I could talk shoes all night long.

  9. I think I need new walking shoes! I walk everyday at lunch and some days my regular trainers just don’t give me what I need in a good walkin’ shoe. I’m on a hunt – if I find size 10’s I’ll be sending you a present.

  10. Kat

    I remember when I was first united with my running shoes and I thought, “who knew to manufacture a plastic hoof for me?!” I’m so glad you’ve found a comfy pair to maraud around in! You’ll have to keep us posted on how many other pairs you manage to amass – there is no shame in this.

    • Thanks, Kat! I’m at two pair and counting. I have the grey and the black. I’m now eyeing the red and the blue. And maybe the purple. Feel free to host an intervention anytime. With snacks & cocktails, of course.


    I got mine a week ago and I’m addicted! They are great and I am not a sneaker gal. I have found they make my feet a bit sweaty though.. pretty quickly too, which is odd because my feet don’t usually sweat. No sign of stink though, TG!

    • Hooray! I love mine, too. They do make your feet a little sweaty since they don’t have all the vent holes a good pair of running shoes would, but they’re so easy to wash! I spray a little pre-treater like Spray-n-Wash in mine, then throw them in with a load of old towels. They wash up perfectly. No shrinkage, and even my black ones don’t fade. I like to set mine out on the back porch to air dry, but I have been known to throw them in the dryer when I’m in a hurry. What color(s) did you get, Katie? I might need to go out and get another pair. :D

  12. Michele

    I love these shoes:) But I have that vinegar smell too:( So bad that the smell clears out an entire room.! It is so strong. My dog loves to chew up my shoes and slippers. I watched her go grab my Go Walk shoe and got 1/2 way across the room and she dropped it and ran into the other room. Thats how bad they smell! I’m going to try washing them but I don’t know if thats going to work. I better go buy some Gain and Gain unstoppables!

    • Hey, Michele! I love the Go Walk shoes, too. When mine get too stinky, I spray them inside and out with Spray ‘N Wash or any other laundry pre-treater and let them sit for an hour or two, then throw them in with a load of towels. I’ve been washing mine like that for over a year now, and they’re still holding up really well. If it’s hot & sunny outside, I just set them on the back porch to air dry. If it’s cloudy or cold, I throw them into the clothes dryer with the towels. Good luck with yours!

  13. I’m late to the party, but OMG do I love these shoes. I agree with every word of your review! (Mine might be Go Walk 2 but they look pretty much the same.) I was a little taken aback at the price at first (luckily I got them on sale, though) but they’ve been worth every penny. I’m not sure I’ve ever worn shoes that comfortable.

    • Welcome to the party, Sarah! It’s a party for your feet, for sure. I have three pair of Go Walks now, but the originals are still my favorites. They’re perfectly broken in and I can’t bear to part with them. I’ve practically worn the nubs off the bottom, but until I see my foot through the sole, I’m not giving them up. Aren’t they dreamy? Like house shoes you can wear in public. Thanks for dropping in and sharing your thoughts! PS – if you’re in the market for additional pairs, I’ve heard tell of Sketcher outlet stores that have BOGO sales on the Go Walks from time to time. Eeeee!! I need the red ones!!

  14. Chuckee Notelling

    I have some pretty intense foot pain, (not exactly Twiggy don, t you know) and hard concrete floors at work.
    Actually I should say…HAD foot pain, in the pre GoWalk days, but not since!
    Most definitely reccomend these to anyone who is on their feet a lot.
    AND I have gotten all sorts of nice comments about how cute they are too!

  15. Kym

    I ran across your blog about the absolutely, wonderful, amazing shoe referred to as the “Go Walk”. I own 3 pairs of these puppies and my feet have never been happier! After reading your blog, it was everything I’ve ever said to people about this shoe! I pity my friends that are still in their designer ones – they are the hard-headed ones that just won’t listen to me! I had someone just last night ask about my shoes and she’s getting a pair today! It is like walking on cloud 9 which for me is not easy. I have Lymphedema which causes my feet and legs to swell. The Go Walks conform to my foot (even swollen) without that tight feel that cuts off circulation. You are so right, it is like wearing your favorite pair of household slippers out in public! I’ve just sold myself – I’m going to go buy another pair today lol! Btw – know what you mean about stinky feet – I too live in Houston. Glad the Academy down the street always carries Go Walks. I found them about a year and a half ago and threatened the manager if he ever quit carrying them!

    • It is evident that you love them as much as I do, Kym! Since you’re in Houston, I’ll share that a friend of mine has discovered Sketchers has stores in our area, and occasionally they have a Buy One Get One Half Off sale. She scored two pair for a lot less than Academy (which is where I’ve always bought mine). I’m in search of a local Sketchers store so I can score a red pair for summer. It’s a full-blown obsession now. Thanks for dropping in and letting me know what you think about them! Also – as far as the stink factor – I pour a little white vinegar in mine, let them sit for 1/2 an hour, then throw them in the wash with my towels. To dry, you can toss them in the dryer (with the towels again) or set them out in the sun to air dry. They are supremely washable!
      Your Sister in Sketchers,

  16. Me

    Are these ‘Go Walks’ good for flat feet?

    • If you’re asking if they provide good arch support for flat feet, then the answer is no (sadly). The ‘Go Walk’ slip-ons have no real arch support whatsoever. I tried adding arch supports to mine, but it was too uncomfortable. For me, they’re for easy slip-on comfort – like house shoes or flip-flops. If you need strong arch support in a shoe, I wouldn’t recommend them. If you could wear them occasionally without damaging your feet, I’d say try them. They’re so, so comfortable! -jeanne

  17. Barb Lawrence

    I wear mine to Zumba class- FANTASTIC!

  18. Marina

    Love these shoes! I’m on my third pair. Be careful though, they do tend to stink if you don’t wear them with socks and I just wrecked a pair by tossing them in the washing machine with a load of clothes, the rubber just disintegrated. I was close to tears, but I just purchased another pair today on sale on Amazon. I want to try the mary jane style next.

    • I’m so surprised yous fell apart in the wash, Marina. I swear I wash mine every two weeks (they’re almost 2 years old) and never had an issue. I wonder if it’s the difference between a top-loader and front-load washer. I have a front-loader, and I’ve heard there’s less twisting involved.

      I have 3 pair now and I want more, including the mary janes. Let me know what you think if you buy a pair first!

  19. Barb

    I LOVE these shoes and am the proud owner of 6 pairs and will be looking at the Skechers memory foam sandal to buy next. Has anyone tried these sandals? I have the mary janes too but I find that the elastic across the top sometimes hurts the foot if I have been wearing them all day. I was recently diagnosed with a foot condition called peripheral neuropathy and the Skechers Go Walks are the one shoe that I can wear. thanks for the tips in washing the shoes – I will try it.

    • Hi, Barb!
      I have not tried the sandals yet, but I did just buy two pairs of the Go Walk lace-up shoes for walking. I think I still prefer the slip ons, though. They’re the closest thing to wearing fuzzy bunny slippers in public I’ve ever worn. SO COMFORTABLE! I’m still throwing mine in the washer & dryer regularly, so I hope it works for you as well. Good luck! -jeanne

  20. Lynn

    What kind of socks do you wear in yours? I just got some cute black ones I’m going to wear with capri pants, so don’t really want socks showing.

  21. Jacqueline Moyer

    I live in Hemet, how do I order these shoes

    • Hi, Jacqueline!
      You’re in luck. You have a Skechers Outlet store near you. I went to the Skechers website and did a store locator search for Hemet, CA. It came back with this:
      SKECHERS Factory Outlet
      29800 Eucalyptus Avenue
      Moreno Valley, CA

      How get out there and Go Walk, girl!

  22. Audrey - Foot Care

    This looks great! I have owned a pair of Skechers Shape-Ups and they were light as a feather, great for walking as I tone down.

  23. Kat

    I’m a newbie! My mom bought a pair a couple of weeks ago. Then,we were at a family get-together and both sisters-in-law were wearing them and singing their praises… so you know, I had to go get me some, too! LOVE them! Bought two pair – a bright pink and a “stone” colored. Going on my first cruise in a week and know they will be perfect. Yay for Skechers Go-Walk!

  24. rdwannab

    Hey y’all, I’m a super cheapskate AND my GoWalks were a gift….soooo throwing them out is NOT an option! Not wearing them is also NOT an option. That being said hand-washing, nor machine-washing, vinegar nor Lysol, air dry nor heat dry have been of any assistance. So today I went to Family Dollar and plunked down $2.51 for Suave Powder scent Spray Antiperspirant. I sprayed my soles, between my toes and the tops of both feet. Since I just washed them on Sunday and let them fan dry they are clean, dry and fresh smelling…. Let’s pray that they continue to be!

    • I’m so glad Suave is working for you! I’m sensitive to the perfumes & dyes in a lot of products, so I just use the All Free & Clear laundry detergent to wash mine. If they get too stinky, I actually pour a little All detergent into the shoes and let them sit for about 30 minutes before I toss them in with my towels. So far, that’s working for me.

      Thanks for sharing your tip. If it works for anyone else, let me know. And if you have any other tips for Go Walk lovers, feel free to leave a comment. -jeanne

  25. Rachiebabes

    Bought my first pair of Go Walk last week … OMG! They’re absolutely amazing! We have a Skechers Outlet store where everything is at least half price ☺️ They are just the most comfy shoes I’ve ever worn … It will not be long before we head back for another pair. There were so many styles to choose from … These beauties have hardly been off my feet – I just love them!
    Come on girlies …. treat yourself, or like me, have your beautiful husband do that 😍

    • I could not agree more! I think I’ve had/have at least six or seven pair now, and I still want the navy. They’re like house shoes you can wear in public.

  26. Jo

    I love my go walk resalyte. I have 2 pair in camo!! I tried the other styles but they make my feet and legs and knee hurt :( I can’t find this style and I’m just sick about it, they are the only thing I can wear to work on concrete and my feet don’t hurt :(

  27. Patty

    I have slip ons and lace ups. Ill only wear them with barefooted. They’re comfortable and and light. My feet don’t sweat in them but I still never wear the same pair two days in a row. I never have odor issues with but I’ve washed them often. No issues with them. Just let them air dry

    • Hi, Patty!
      I also only wear my slip-ons barefooted. I still love these shoes. After 5-6 years and around 8 pairs (and counting), they are still my favorite casual shoes. As I like to say, they’re like wearing houseshoes in public (and getting away with it). If mine start to get dirty or whiffy, I just toss them into the washer with a load of towels. Sometimes I throw them in the dryer; sometimes I let them air dry. Just depends on how quickly I want to wear that pair again. Thanks for dropping in and leaving a comment, Patty. I appreciate it! -jeanne

  28. Jessica

    Are these comfortable for flat footed people???

    • It depends, Jessica. They would be comfortable for just about anyone, but none of my GoWalks offer arch support. If you need arch support or use insoles, these may not work for you. When I tried adding Spenco insole inserts, the shoe soles became too rigid. The flexibility of the GoWalk sole is one of the main reasons I find them comfortable. They flex with my foot.

      If I wear my GoWalks for long walks (2-4+ miles, say), I do find that my arches & feet begin to ache. For that reason, I wear mine mostly for running errands, around the house, short walks, etc.

      I hope that helps, Jessica.

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