Happy Birthday to My Very Best Friend

Yup...you're still super after all these years.

Happy 54th birthday, honey. You’ll always be The Complete Package to me.



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9 responses to “Happy Birthday to My Very Best Friend

  1. The Baby

    Happy Birthday TCP. I hope it’s a great one!
    P.S. Made your flank steak sandwiches for some friends last night, delish!

  2. Big Sis

    Happy Birthday TCP!!!! You’re still cute after all these years!!!! Even if the robot has more hair than you now!!! love you, mean it!!!

  3. That is by far one of the best photos I have ever seen! LOVE IT! Teared up at reading your caption. It’s inspiring to know that marriage, love, and adoration can last more than a few years!

    • Oh, it can last. We’re at 29 years and counting, and we still make each other laugh every single day. That’s not to say that it has always been easy. We’ve had our challenges, but we always get through them together. Patience is a virtue, but laughter is a life saver!

  4. Happy Birthday to TCP! LOVE the robot pic!

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