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My Super Duper Superhero Weekend

I’m not the type of person to drop names and brag about the famous people I know, but I will share a few photos. Let’s just say we had a SUPER weekend.

Our friend IRON MAN stopped by this weekend.

Of course he brought his better half, Pepper Potts. No self-respecting superhero would be complete without a good woman to run things. Can I get an “amen“?

Behind every Iron Man is a good Pepper Potts.

I never realized it until this weekend, but Iron Man is a bit of an egomaniac. He made us watch Iron Man cartoons for 48 hours. It was “I want to watch me, me, me” all weekend. He was all Iron Man this, and Iron Man that. For a superhero, he’s a little self-absorbed. Kind of like an almost 4 year-old trapped in a man’s body. It’s a good thing Pepper Potts is so charming and down to earth. She’s the quiet strength behind his super self. Too bad our grandson, Jonah, wasn’t here to meet him. He would have gone crazy for Iron Man. Obsessed, crazy nut-job stalker fan crazy. Maybe next time, when we’re visited by our close friend:

It's a bird...it's a plane...it's SUPERMAN!



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I know everyone thinks their grandkids are exceptional, but mine really are.

It’s not bragging if it’s true, right? I don’t think I’m overstating it when I say that my grandchildren are beautiful, affectionate, brilliant little geniuses. And I’m totally in love with being their Nana. I wouldn’t trade it for a buhzillion dollars.

This is Jonah Bear. He's my sweet, funny boy.

It all started with Jonah Bear. My Baby and Bama Boy had not even been married a full year when they called with the news. I wasn’t sure I was ready to be a grandmother at 43. It just seemed way too young. Then he arrived, and all that went right out the window. NanaBread was born the same day Jonah was, and I’ve never looked back. I love that boy more than words could describe.

This is Lilly Bug. She's our sweet, flirty, drooly girl.

Then last fall, we celebrated the arrival of Lilly Bug. She is a revelation. It’s like watching a rerun of her mother when she was little. She has My Baby’s spirit, her quick smile, her easy good-natured personality, and her infectious laugh. She is strong-willed but affectionate, and she has a serious case of hero worship for her big brother and her daddy. It’s amazing how early they learn to read people. She wields her ability to flirt like a weapon, and Jonah Bear, Bama Boy and Papi (The Complete Package) are all wrapped around her little finger. She’s unstoppable.

Oh, Jonah Bear...just when I thought my heart couldn't melt any more.

Most of all, I love that I always seem to be laughing when I’m with them. They bring a whole new level of joy to my life. I am totally smitten, and I’m not ashamed to admit it. They rock my world and I am one lucky, grateful Nana.

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When Life Comes Full Circle

My Baby Graduates from High School

As a mother of a grown daughter, I’ve had several of those “my life just came full circle” moments. Like when My Baby graduated from high school. That’s a proud day for any parent, watching your child cross that stage and receive a diploma. It marks a new chapter in your child’s life when they are right on the verge of becoming an adult. The day we drove her to college and carried all of her stuff up to her dorm room is still so vivid. I remember my Mom and Dad doing the same for me. Walking away from the dorm and leaving her behind was tough. I wonder if Mom cried all the way home and drank margaritas when she got back to the house? I wonder if Dad offered to pull over on the side of the freeway so she could collect herself. Oh, wait…who am I kidding?! I was one of five daughters. My mom may have had a margarita, but I’ll bet she was celebrating, not depressed! My Baby is an only child. The empty nest syndrome hit me hard.

My Baby & Bama Boy

I remember the day our baby got married. That was a glorious day. It was June, the people we love were there, and everything went off without a hitch. So many things could have gone wrong but didn’t. It was a wonderful day filled with love and laughter. Our baby was a beautiful bride, and we were thrilled to welcome Bama Boy to the family. Was it really 28 years ago that The Complete Package and I got hitched? I still remember peeking down the aisle to make sure he was standing at the altar and picking rice out of my mouth (we still threw it back then) and driving away with cans tied to the back of our car. It doesn’t feel like 28 years have passed.

My Baby & Jonah Bear

Now it’s babies that bring us full circle again. Watching my child give birth to her own babies brings back all of those memories of diapers, formula, sleepless nights, the smell of baby lotion and sweet baby kisses. It takes me back to that first day of school, baking cookies together, playing at the park, and dressing up like a little devil or a dinosaur or a spider for Halloween. She’s all grown up now, and she’s a wonderful mother to two sweet, funny kids. Together, she and Bama Boy have built their own family, and it’s our time to be grandparents. Now I know the sadness my parents felt when we didn’t come to visit as often as we could have. And I know the joy my parents felt when they watched the grandkids do something for the first time. And I feel that powerful love a grandparent feels for the babies of their babies. The Complete Package bought me a framed needlepoint that says it all – When A Baby is Born, So is a Grandmother. It’s true. Watching your children with their own children makes you feel complete. It reminds you of the sacrifices your parents made for you, and you in turn made for your own child. It makes you feel like your life has come full circle.

My Baby in 1983 and Lilly Bug in 2009

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Jonah Bear and Lilly Bug

Jonah Bear

This is my little Jonah Bear. He is our first-born grandchild and a source of overwhelming joy. He is the funniest, smartest, cuddliest grandson on the face of the planet, bar none. He’ll be four in December, but he’s already a genius. He can do no wrong, is immensly entertaining, supremely affectionate, and all boy. As one of five sisters and the mother of a daughter, I had no prior experience with little boys. But I have a bad case of the boy bug now, and I can’t get enough. Jonah is a constant revelation. Boys are interesting creatures. They like to get dirty and do groadie things. They think a burping contest is the most hysterical thing ever, and burping the alphabet is a college application level skill set. They love bugs and pirates and matchbox cars and dinosaurs and pirates (lots of pirates). Little boys are awesome. They totally rock.

Lilly Bug

This is Lilly Bug. The baby. Our second grandchild, and a little girl who will take a back seat to no one. She will be one next month, and I find that impossible to believe. We were just in the hospital celebrating her birth a few weeks ago. I swear. I don’t know how the past year could have gone by so quickly. She’ll be in dance class and driving before we know it. Time seems to fly by faster now that she’s here. Lilly Bug is the world’s happiest baby. She wakes up with a smile and spends the entire day laughing and playing. She has her daddy wrapped around her little finger, and has since day one. She’s sweet, curious, laid back, and totally in love with her big brother. Jonah Bear is her idol, and she is his biggest fan. Together they are a force of nature, and I hope this never changes regardless of how fast they grow or how far they go.

Our daughter was an only child. A smart, sweet, funny, independant only child. We can’t thank her and her husband enough for not repeating that pattern. One is fun, but two…oh so much better. Thanks for bringing these beautiful sweet babies into our lives. You complete me.

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