LillyFair & Jonahpalooza: The End

The Complete Package and I just wrapped up two glorious weeks with our grandkids. For the first time, we decided to give them each their own special week at our house. Together, they are a whirlwind of constant motion and commotion. But separately, we are able to focus all of our attention entirely on each of them and give them one-on-one time they don’t normally get.

We started on Sunday, July 17th with our first annual LillyFair. After spending a long weekend in Austin visiting family, I brought Lilly home for a week of Yo Gabba Gabba, dress-up, baths in the kitchen sink and lots of snuggles. After 8 days, we feel like we’ve gotten to know our little Lilly Bug much better. She’s a pistol. She’s funny and lively. She loves music as much as she loves food (and girlfriend LOVES to eat). She has a small collection of favorite words. Her two favorites are Papi and snack, and sometimes she uses them in the same sentence. She’s a sweet little elf.

At 22 months, she plays hard to the very brink of exhaustion and loves to sing, especially in the car. She can’t get enough Yo Gabba Gabba, which she calls Baba, and she has a crush on DJ Lance Rock. When he walks onto the TV screen in that orange jumpsuit carrying his boom box, she giggles and lights up like a firefly. Her favorite part of the show is the silly faces segment.

Every time the kids visit, I make them something. It might be a costume for their dress-up box or sword holders for pirate swords or spy glasses made from paper towel rolls. It’s something I love to do, and the kids love it, too. For Lilly Bug, I recycled some of Jonah Bear’s old t-shirts to create Yo Gabba Gabba character shirts. First, I created Muno’s trademark lumpy orange body using felt and French knots. I love Muno. He’s cool. Lilly loved the color and the textures.

Next, I reworked Plex the robot on a red t-shirt using felt & embroidery thread.

If I’d had another week, I might have crafted a Lilly-sized DJ Lance Rock, but time ran out, so we’ll never know if I could have pulled it off. I’m thinking Papi should rent the costume and surprise her some time. She would lose her mind. As if her Papi isn’t already her hero. Papi would rock as DJ Lance Rock!

Last Sunday, we met My Baby and Bama Boy for lunch to trade Lilly Bug for Jonah Bear. Jonah loves coming to visit, and has since he was a little tyke. Now that he’s 4 1/2, he’s an old pro at coming to visit. He had his little suitcase packed and was ready for adventure.

We kicked off Jonahpalooza with a movie night. We made popcorn, broke out a bag of gummy worms and watched his new favorite movie, Rango. He spent the week playing dress up, watching his favorite cartoons and taking private swim lessons. We had picnics and rode bikes and visited the science museum to see the dinosaurs. Jonah is all boy, and is the total polar opposite of his little sister. While Lilly’s switch is always set to “high-energy”, Jonah is active but also sweet & tender and has his quiet moments. He’s thoughtful and polite and big-hearted. He loves to read and tell stories, and his imagination is astounding. He’s exceptionally smart and very creative. This week, Jonah asked for a new Bolt costume. It’s one of his favorite movies. And of course, I never say “no.” This time, Jonah was big enough to help cut the fabric and sew on the machine. Here’s the result, complete with a carrot dog toy.

Here’s our sweet boy learning to float like an ice cube. Hi, Kaki!

And here’s Jonah at the science museum with the T-Rex. Run, Jonah!

In all, we spent 16 days with our grandbabies. Our house is a mess, our refrigerator is empty, and our energy is completely sapped. But you know what? It was a fabulous 16 days. I know everyone thinks their grandkids are the cutest, the smartest and the greatest. But in our case, it’s true. {wink}

And we already miss them.



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12 responses to “LillyFair & Jonahpalooza: The End

  1. Doris D.

    Oh, the memories of having my grandsons visit during the summer. Lots of museum trips and crafts and slip and slide in the yard. Treasured memories as I am sure each one of yours are. Your two are precious. I know the feeling after they are gone! My grandson’s favorite thing to do was watch the garbage men collect garbage twice a week. Didn’t take much to please them.

    • Yeah, I know one of these years the kids will get too big to want to come for the summer. That day is going to break my heart. I love, love, love my time with them. Jonah did ask me this week if he could keep coming to stay with us even when he’s bigger. I told him, “Of course you can! Even when your in high school. Even when you’re in college. Even when you’re married and have kids of your own. You will ALWAYS be welcome at our house.” I love that he’s already thinking ahead. I just wish I could hold him to it when he’s older. I’m always depressed when they leave, but also grateful for every single minute we get to spend with them.

  2. Big Sis

    Take a nap, grab the geritol…the house work can wait, it isn’t going anywhere! Gald you had a great time with the grandkids!!

  3. Ahh!!! They are SOOO cute!
    Those Yo Gabba Gabba shirts are totally cool. I know a few kiddos that would go bananas for those.
    Sounds like you had a blast. Now it’s nap time ;)

  4. It sounds like a wonderful, whirlwind two weeks! I think it’s a great idea to devote special time to each grandchild…they will cherish the memories as they grow up! I just have to say I am in awe of your craftiness and motivation! Good for you!

    • I will shamelessly do anything for my grandkids. I’m just hoping they don’t ask me to shave my head. Although, with this heat… even THAT is kind of appealing.

      • JonahBear

        Shave your head Nana!

        I can’t wait until my next visit so I can see you and Papi rocking the #1.

      • Knock it off, Dirt Bag. Jonah Bear would NEVER type this.
        Because he can’t spell yet.
        When you get home, you’re SO gonna get it, TCP!

  5. What a wonderful couple of weeks! You are making memories of a lifetime for your grandbabies. They will always cherish that time with you and TCP. I know I cherish all the time I spent with my grandparents growing up.

    The Munro/Plex shirts are so cool! (That’s a lot of french knots!) Jonah helping to make his Bolt costumes is priceless. Reminds me of sewing with my grandma. :)

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