“Buy Local” Spotlight – Texmati Rice from RiceSelect out of Alvin, Texas

RiceSelect is one of my favorite food companies in the Houston area. Located in Alvin, Texas, they produce a full line of rice products which are, in my humble opinion, the best rice products on the market. Our personal favorite is Texmati, a basmati rice grown just minutes from our home. The texture is perfect, and that nutty flavor is heaven. I like to toast raw rice in a little hot oil until it smells like warm toasted nuts, then add water & a pinch of salt and cook it until it’s perfectly fluffy. Add a pat of real butter, and it’s heaven on earth. The Complete Package is a nut for this stuff. He says, “I like rice” the same way Bubba says “I like shrimp” in Forrest Gump or Karl says “I like them French fried potaters” in Sling Blade. I think it may be his favorite food on earth. It’s one of the staple products we make sure to always have stocked in our pantry. We love rice, so we feel blessed to live so close to such a culinary gold mine. Our local grocery stores are great about carrying a variety of their products, which are numerous. I can wholeheartedly recommend the Texmati (basmati) and Jasmati (jasmine) rice, and I’ve recently fallen in love with their tri-color pearl couscous. Those little babies are like buttery pearls of pure gold. I can’t even begin to describe the texture and flavor. Just try it. You’ll like it. You’ll see.

You can learn more about RiceSelect brand products on their website at: http://www.riceselect.com. Their comprehensive website includes the nutritional information for each of their products, cooking instructions, and recipes. It’s just one more reason to love them. And we do, oh how we do.



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10 responses to ““Buy Local” Spotlight – Texmati Rice from RiceSelect out of Alvin, Texas

  1. KJ

    I’m adding this to my grocery list today! I’m also going to try your method of cooking. I had no idea it was made in the Houston area – local is best! :-) Thanks!

    P.S. Loved the doggy pix and what’s up with TPW not coming to Houston?!! I hope she eventually makes it this way soon. I missed her the first time – my friend met her (she got a mixer b/c of TPW and is cooking up a storm now).

    • What!?!?!?!?! You have ANOTHER friend who won a mixer from PW, too? I just won one at Thanksgiving! What are the odds? Pretty high, I’d expect. I have another blog friend who also won one from PW last year. That’s insane! I’d love to see PW come to Houston. I’m sure she has lots of fans here. Maybe some day.

      Hey, let me know what you think of the Texmati rice once you try it. It’s so good, especially when you toast it first. I tried their tri-color pearl couscous this week and just put a little butter, lemon & tangerine zest and lemon juice on mine, and it was so awesome. Addictive, even! I’m trying to create a recipe for our annual girls only family weekend in March. I’m thinking of making this couscous with grilled shrimp & pineapple for dinner one night. May also throw in a little cilantro, some minced red onion, lime juice and fresh mango. I’m still playing with it.

  2. KJ

    Oh, no…she didn’t win it but she got one b/c of all the PW posts with those dern mixers…her FABulous boyfriend got her one for Christmas! She’s cookin’ up a storm with it!
    Which Texmati do you buy? I’m looking at the picture and I see three with that name on the container. I’ll let you know about the outcome and you have to promise to posts those recipes! Sounds fabulous and healthy! I need to cook more healthy things!
    My sissy and I are planning a camping trip soon with our girlfriends – those are the best times! Have fun!

    • Sorry…I totally misunderstood. I thought she’d won one. I’m sure she’s loving it. I’d thought about buying one for years, but never did. Now that I have one, I wish I’d spent the money years ago. They are awesome. As for the rice, we buy the one pictured on the top left in the photo bar on my blog. It’s the plain white Texmati rice. It’s a great all-purpose rice. Perfect with Chinese dishes, as fried rice, as a side to my mother-in-law’s beef stroganoff, etc. But it’s also fantastic for rice pudding. It has such a great flavor. Try the pearl couscous, too. It’s a much smaller jar – just about 2 cups of uncooked couscous in each plastic jar. It’s so good. Like little pasta pearls. It would be great in a cold pasta salad.

  3. I LOVE Texmati Wild Rice! LOVE IT! Nice to know that I’m supporting your community. I try to buy most everything local or grown in the USA. Seems silly to import things like apples when we can grow thousands of varieties stateside.

    Whoa! I almost tripped on my soap box. Watch your step! ;)

    • That’s hysterical. Thanks for the laugh…from the top of your soap box. I agree. I try to buy local or US grown every chance I get. That’s why I love my HEB grocery store. They’re a Texas chain devoted to local products and suppliers. And they have an enormous selection of organic products, as well. I’m all for fewer preservatives and less junk in my food, and local is even better. Except for apples from Washington state….yum, yum, yum!

      • You should be eating Michigan apples. ;)

      • What?!?!? Michigan has apple orchards? How did I not know this? When we were on vacation in Oregon, we drove through the Willamette River Valley, which is full of vineyards, farms and orchards. My husband still laughs at me for screaming as we drove down the highway, “There are ditches full of apples!!! How could they not pick them all up so people could eat them!!! This is crazy!!! Pull over. I mean it. Pull over! I’m picking up apples.” Of course, he also thought it was funny that I kept commenting on how expensive it must have been to cover the ground in one orchard with pebbles. I thought it was to keep the weeds out. Turns out it was a hazelnut farm, and those were nuts all over the ground. It must have been right before harvest. I’m such a city girl.

  4. Hazelnuts–ha! I would totally pull over in a ditch to pick seemingly wasted apples, too. Here Up North, we grow just about everything. Lots of cherries, apples, peaches, raspberries, blueberries, vineyards, wineries–you name it! And by “we” I mean great farmers that let me come on to their land and pick their stuff.

    • Oh, man! Now I’m REALLY jealous! We saw cherries growing in Whitefish, Montana and I about died and went to heaven. Now this. I swear, if I could stand the cold and lack of gulf humidity, I’d move where you are just for the produce! We did consider retiring on Lake McDonald in Glacier National Park until the real estate lady we rented a vacation home from told us they can get 50 feet of snow in that lake valley, and you can only get in there 3-4 months out of the year. Guess that explains the boards and giant bolts outside of each window. Bummer. I also loved the Willamette River valley in Oregon. I could live there, too. It sounds like your neck of the woods – vineyards, orchards, cheese makers, organic farmers, etc. Lovely, lovely place.

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