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“Buy Local” Spotlight – Texmati Rice from RiceSelect out of Alvin, Texas

RiceSelect is one of my favorite food companies in the Houston area. Located in Alvin, Texas, they produce a full line of rice products which are, in my humble opinion, the best rice products on the market. Our personal favorite is Texmati, a basmati rice grown just minutes from our home. The texture is perfect, and that nutty flavor is heaven. I like to toast raw rice in a little hot oil until it smells like warm toasted nuts, then add water & a pinch of salt and cook it until it’s perfectly fluffy. Add a pat of real butter, and it’s heaven on earth. The Complete Package is a nut for this stuff. He says, “I like rice” the same way Bubba says “I like shrimp” in Forrest Gump or Karl says “I like them French fried potaters” in Sling Blade. I think it may be his favorite food on earth. It’s one of the staple products we make sure to always have stocked in our pantry. We love rice, so we feel blessed to live so close to such a culinary gold mine. Our local grocery stores are great about carrying a variety of their products, which are numerous. I can wholeheartedly recommend the Texmati (basmati) and Jasmati (jasmine) rice, and I’ve recently fallen in love with their tri-color pearl couscous. Those little babies are like buttery pearls of pure gold. I can’t even begin to describe the texture and flavor. Just try it. You’ll like it. You’ll see.

You can learn more about RiceSelect brand products on their website at: http://www.riceselect.com. Their comprehensive website includes the nutritional information for each of their products, cooking instructions, and recipes. It’s just one more reason to love them. And we do, oh how we do.



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