A Photo Assignment: Flowers

The Pioneer Woman is hosting a photo contest on her website this week. The topic – flowers. I got me thinking about some of the photos I’ve taken of flowers over the years, so I dug through my personal photo files. There are some good ones, there are some favorites, there are some that are not contest worthy, but still lovely to look at. It makes me happy to look at flowers. I like to have them in my house whenever possible. I make a point of visiting gardens when I travel. It just makes me feel better. It’s like nature therapy. Like a walk through a zen garden. So in the interest of sharing than zen feeling with you, my friends, I invite you to slow down, take a moment, and enjoy the flowers. Think of it as a bouquet from me to you. Because you’re special. And I love ya’.

Beargrass Blooming in Glacier National Park - Montana

A bee doing his thing - Eureka Springs, Ark.

Blue Iris at the Japanese Garden - Seattle, WA

Azaleas in Bloom at Chateau St. Michelle - Seattle, WA

Plumeria on Lei Day - Kauai, Hawaii

Flower Market on Rue Cler - Paris, France

Rhrododendrum at the Arboretum - Seattle, WA

The Wisteria Arbor at the Japanese Garden - Seattle, WA

Peonies in Waterton Peace Park - Alberta, Canada

Wildflowers at the Nature Center - Austin, TX

Thanks for stopping by to visit. I hope you have a wonderful day. -NanaBread



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17 responses to “A Photo Assignment: Flowers

  1. So pretty. I love flowers and your photographs made me happy on this cold winter’s day!

    • Thanks, Kandi. Mission accomplished! It’s been a dreary week here in Houston, and I needed a pick-me-up. Flowers work every time. Hope you’re staying warm & toasty.

  2. I enjoyed visiting your site. I have to admit that I love the Pioneer Woman website and Tasty Kitchen as well and saw your name in the comments on one of the recipes. The name intrigued me so I came to “visit”. I’m new to blogging and it was the inspiration of the Pioneer Woman that helped me get off the fence and into my own blog. I loved your flower photos and the honesty that you didn’t quite follow the directions on one of the recipes.

    • Hi, Lois! Thanks for visiting my blog. It’s nice to meet a fellow “new blogger”. I just started this one 6 months ago, so I’m still a rookie myself. I love that your quilt is focused a lot on quilts. My mother is a quilter, and we’ve grown up watching her quilt and helping her with blocks over the years. It’s becoming a lost art, so I admire anyone who puts the time in to do it. And the annual International Quilt Festival in Houston is one of my favorite trade shows each year. It’s mind-blowing to see what people are doing. Keep up the quilting, and feel free to drop in and visit any time! – NB

  3. What gorgeous flowers! As much as I love the snowy tundra that is my yard, I really miss the flowers. Just think, only 4 more months until my bulbs come up! ;)

    • I don’t know how you cope with the cold weather up there. I love snow, but I don’t think I could handle that much of it. Just looking at the photos you took while driving to Chicago made me a little woozie. I’d be terrified to drive in weather conditions like that. Oh, how I admire your courage! In Houston, drivers go crazy when it rains heavily and absolutely lose their ever-loving minds when we get a rare but wonderful snow flurry. Houstonians stay home for a “snow day” at the first hint of ice. It’s hysterical. We’re supposed to get a cold front later this week with overnight lows of 27F. I can guarantee that people will stay home from work and store shelves will be empty by Tuesday. We’re real cold weather weenies down here.

      • That is funny that you call yourself a “cold weather weenie” because I have a good friend who has been transplanted to MI and cannot tolerate the cold and snow. She starts complaining in September, and carries on until July when the temps approach 90 degrees. We love her though. She thinks we natives are nuts for actually going out in the snow on purpose. People here still drive like morons during a heavy snow, and the store shelves are cleared at the mere hint of a winter storm. I figure we could be holed up for a month or two and not go hungry. I’ll admit, the drive to Chicago was a bit nerve-wracking.

      • I’m glad you made it there and back in one piece. Can’t wait to see the rest of the stories you post about your trip. I’m still drooling over the soup place and the fact that your brother works in a restaurant supply store. I’d be printing out photos of all the great things I’l like to buy with his employee discount and posting them all over his house for gift hints. I’m subtle like that. And I sympathize with your friend on some level. I don’t tolerate the cold as well as I used to, but I still love it. When we go home to visit family in northern Oklahoma, TCP and I will go stand out on the front porch in short sleeves until we can’t stand it any longer. We’ll be blue and shivering and the relatives will yell at us to come inside. We just tell them that we have to soak up as much as we can while we can. We don’t get 8″ of snow and 14 degrees at home. They think we’re crazy, but we’re just trying to enjoy it while we can. In my perfect world, I’d have 4 seasons and enjoy each of them. In Houston, we just stop mowing our grass for 6 weeks and call it winter. It’s been 70 all week here.

  4. I forgot to mention that my friend was born & raised in Houston. Oops!

    • Sorry to hear that she’s not enjoying the cold, but I’ll bet she doesn’t miss the hurricanes! I imagine moving from Houston to Michigan is a bit of a culture shock. I’ll be she’s missing warm weather, summer rain showers, bananas growing in your backyard, the Museum District, Whataburgers, good Tex-Mex food, good smokey post-oak barbeque and the mosquitos. Well, maybe not the mosquitos. I wouldn’t miss the mosquitos, either.

      • She isn’t quite as far north as I am, but more north than she ever thought she would be. She is crazy for Tex-Mex food, and HOT weather! She’ll eat chorizo with anything. She does not miss the giant spiders or mosquitos. She says she should have married a cowboy while she had the chance. ;)

      • That’s hysterical! I’m sure there are more than a few cowboys in Texas that would be willing to rescue her from those brutal northern winters. The question is…what would they expect in return? A life of manure-splattered laundry and chicken-fried everything (read calf nuts) is outside the limits of what I would be willing to do, but might be appealing to some women. If I ever leave Houston, I’ll miss the restaurants, the live oak trees, the Tex-Mex and the humidity. Yes, the humidity. Bad for the hair, but great for wrinkle prevention! Right now, my skin still looks dewy. Put me in the desert, and I’ll look like Phyllis Diller in a matter of minutes. I can’t live without moisture. I dry out driving to Oklahoma.

  5. I love the wildflowers at the end!
    Someday we will all be PW winners :)

  6. Amy

    Lovely collection of flower shots! Makes me look forward to spring even more. Thanks for sharing them.

  7. Gorgeous shots. All of them.

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