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A Photo Assignment: Flowers

The Pioneer Woman is hosting a photo contest on her website this week. The topic – flowers. I got me thinking about some of the photos I’ve taken of flowers over the years, so I dug through my personal photo files. There are some good ones, there are some favorites, there are some that are not contest worthy, but still lovely to look at. It makes me happy to look at flowers. I like to have them in my house whenever possible. I make a point of visiting gardens when I travel. It just makes me feel better. It’s like nature therapy. Like a walk through a zen garden. So in the interest of sharing than zen feeling with you, my friends, I invite you to slow down, take a moment, and enjoy the flowers. Think of it as a bouquet from me to you. Because you’re special. And I love ya’.

Beargrass Blooming in Glacier National Park - Montana

A bee doing his thing - Eureka Springs, Ark.

Blue Iris at the Japanese Garden - Seattle, WA

Azaleas in Bloom at Chateau St. Michelle - Seattle, WA

Plumeria on Lei Day - Kauai, Hawaii

Flower Market on Rue Cler - Paris, France

Rhrododendrum at the Arboretum - Seattle, WA

The Wisteria Arbor at the Japanese Garden - Seattle, WA

Peonies in Waterton Peace Park - Alberta, Canada

Wildflowers at the Nature Center - Austin, TX

Thanks for stopping by to visit. I hope you have a wonderful day. -NanaBread



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