Meet our house guest – Lilly Bug!

Lilly Bug - our sweet little pixie. Photo courtesy of her mommy.

Our little Lilly Bug is here for a week of Nana & Papi time. This is her special week. She gets us all to herself. No sharing with her older brother. No fighting for attention or toys. It’s just us and Lilly for 7 days of quality grandparent spoilage. Well, our Boston Terrier Ziggy is here, too. He’s having to adjust to having a 2 year-old in the house. It has cut into his napping time, for sure. On the up side, his snack quotient has skyrocketed since he discovered that ‘under the highchair’ is the place to be. He’s digging that part. If I fail to post much this week, forgive me. We’re lost in Lillyland, and we plan to make the most of it. Now if you’ll excuse me, Dinosaur Train is on and we don’t want to miss it!



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13 responses to “Meet our house guest – Lilly Bug!

  1. Pat Counts

    Oh what fun! You might consider taking her to the Sugar Land Museum to see the frog exhibit and the dinosaur bones. It is close and cool inside;-)

    • Frogs & dinosaurs! Jonah’s coming next week (we’re trading out kids on Sunday). He would LOVE to see dinosaurs and frogs. I’ll have to look them up and see what they have for 2 year-olds like Lilly. Thanks for the great suggestion, Pat.

  2. TCP

    Getting to spend time with the grandkids is one of the great joys in my life. It is a true blessing that our kids live close to us and are willing to share their kids with us. I send out a special THANK YOU to them. Lilly Bug is sooo much fun to be around. She is always happy (unless you don’t deliver her food at the proper speed (sub-second), cute as a bug (hence her nickname), and sharp as a tack. Once she learns a few more words, watch out world. I am beginning to learn it is Lilly’s world and I am just living in it (but that is a trade I am willing to make). Her joy of life and need for adventure keeps me hopping and happy. Her determination shows me anything is possible if you try hard enough. I am looking forward to the rest of the week with great anticipation.

    OMG!! Someone cut her bangs (inside joke). ;-)

    • Well said, Papi. She’s crazy about you, too!

      • NanaBread's Baby

        We appreciate the bond they have with you guys too! She is a Papi’s Girl and I know she’s eating up every second with you both! We are definitely figuring out that it is Lilly’s World here, too. JonahBear enjoyed the first 24 hours in peace and quiet, but even he is beginning to miss his sister!! Thanks for spending so much time with our kids and giving them so much love! JonahBear can’t wait for his turn!

      • I’d say the pleasure is all ours, but that’s not true. I think the kids enjoy it just as much as we do. We feel like the luckiest grandparents in the world, and we could not imagine our lives without those 2 little munchkins in it. Thanks for letting us kidnap your kids one at a time. It’s been great spending special time with Lilly Bug. That said, please tell Jonah Bear we’re coming for him on Sunday, and we can’t wait!

  3. Grandparent time is the best! Enjoy your time with your little Lilly-Bug. She is just adorable.

  4. Big Sis

    Oh have fun with the little munchkin!! She is a sweetie! love ya

  5. Her little sparkly eyes are just so sweet! So glad you get to enjoy a whole week with her…it’s special for you and special for her. :)

  6. How fun! I always remember “just me” trips to my grandparents’ house. Those were the best because I got spoiled rotten. Have so much fun!

  7. Susan K

    She is a little doll. Enjoy your time!!!

  8. Kat

    How adorable! I absolutely cherished the alone time that I got with my grandparents. I hope that you’ve been enjoying a week full of laughter and sweet moments :)

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