Hot Fun in the Summer Time

I’ve been holding on to these photos since Mother’s Day. Every time I look at them, I start giggling again. You have to understand, most days it’s just me, TCP and the dog around here. It’s quiet in our home. Very quiet. But when My Baby and Bama Boy visit with our two grandkids, all heck breaks loose. Fun, fabulous heck. Hilarious, giggly, exhausting fun. Mother’s Day weekend was no exception. Especially when The Complete Package, aka “Papi”, erected a DIY water park in the back yard. Since daily temperatures in Houston are hovering in the 90’s, it was an oasis. It started with the kids playing in the inflatable pools.

Then it moved to the new Slip-N-Slide. I don’t think I’ve seen one of those things since I was in high school. They’ve been greatly improved since the early ’80s. Gone are the days of a simple piece of plastic and a garden hose. Now they have a blue bumper down the side that shoots water to keep the slide slippery, and a “cushion” at the end so you get good and soaked as a reward for your courage.

We had a great time getting soaked with Jonah Bear and Lilly Bug. But the most amusing part of the day had to be the to-the-death, no-holds-barred Slip-N-Slide grudge match between our daughter and her husband. It was amazing. And cut-throat. And hysterical. Thank you, God, for high-speed digital cameras.

Oh, to be young and enthusiastic! I’m not saying who won because we were all winners in my book. I will tell you that the grandkids were not the only ones to take a nap that afternoon. So, how are you planning to keep cool this summer?



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18 responses to “Hot Fun in the Summer Time

  1. Margie

    I’m just hoping we get some summer here in Canada! Spring was late in coming and now it is the cold, rainy season.
    I’m thinking we might want to be planning how to stay warm this summer… we have friends in Houston, so maybe we will just have to head down there!

    • Well, Margie… if you’re looking for hot, dry and sunny, Houston is definitely the place to be. It’s unseasonable hot here. Yesterday’s high was 97F, and the humidity was high, too. It felt like a ride in the steam cycle of a clothes dryer. I’m hoping this is a passing anomaly, and not a sign of things to come. Otherwise, it will be 120F by August, and we’ll be begging to come see you in Canada!

  2. Love the photos of mom and dad slippin’ and slidin’! I agree…oh to be young again. Oh wait, I should be young enough to do that, but if I jumped on a slip n’ slide like that I’d break something. Or at least sprain something. Thank goodness for my skinny, accident proned husband to do all those funny tricks for our kids! That way mommy can just stay on the sidelines taking photos :) ready to cart him to the ER!

    • You may still be young enough to do it, buy you’re WAY too pregnant to try it! I did get the giggles imagining it, though. Accident-prone husband? Wait…. isn’t he one of the warrior ninjas we saw in your military exercise photos? That group looked pretty nimble to me, but it’s good to know you’re there to snap photos and drive the shuttle to the ER. Hope you’re staying cool with your feet up, Alex!

  3. I’m glad to see they’ve made improvements to the Slip N Slide. Looks you have a great time!

  4. Amy

    These pictures are making me want some fun time in the water ASAP! Going to visit my mom in Destin, FL at the end of June. Can’t wait!

    • Awesome! Dr. Beach was just on the Today Show this morning talking about the Top 10 beaches in the US. He named at least 3 in Florida, and declared all the beaches free of crude oil and ready for the summer. I’m so jealous.

      • Amy

        Pretty much anywhere on the Gulf is heaven to me, but Destin is very pretty. So glad my mom lives there and I can visit for free!

  5. What fun–and to have the laughter and utter joy captured in the photos is great! I live in Bakersfield, and although we have not yet hit 100 degrees we will soon. Anything fun with water helps keep everyone cool–pools and water slides are great, but hoses and squirt guns can be fun too. The only time I endorse playing with guns. ; )

  6. I am SO getting a new & improved Slip n’ Slide! I could totally see Hubby & I having a Slip n’ Slide Smackdown. Then we’d drive each other to our orthopedic surgeon’s office. Yep, we have one on speed dial. Because aging athletes (*ahem!* Hubby) never know when to quit. I keep telling him to take up baking and sloth, like me.

    Those grandbabies of yours are so stinkin’ adorable! And 90 degrees?! We probably won’t see that until late July/August. We did have 2 days in the 70’s this week, which felt down-right tropical.

    • Your boys (hubby included) will love the Slip-N-Slide. We’ve had a blast with it. You’ll be surprised. There are at least 4-5 versions now will all kinds of accessories. Your 70 degree days sound fabulous. I’d take that in a heartbeat… along with about 8 inches of rain please.

  7. NanaBread's Baby

    I have to say that looking at those pictures again was awesome!! We could not stop laughing! We even had to go back through them a few times!
    We’ll be working on our air-time, so get ready! Thanks, Mom! Even the pictures are a blast!

  8. Kat

    Lilly’s swimsuit is adorable!

    Slip n’ Slide technology has definitely come a long way since I was a pup. I’m especially impressed by the sled.

  9. Love the photos and the slip and slide contest… made me laugh! Your little ones are adorable. You can definitely tell they are having a blast!
    How did you do the side by side photo timeline of your daughter on the slip and slide? That is so neat!

    • That last shot was easy. It’s actually 3 photos that I took on the “sports” setting on my camera. It allows you to take rapid fire high action shots. I just used Jasc Paint Shop Pro to crop each photo, then merge three of them into one new file as a series. It’s not nearly as technical as it sounds, but the outcome is cool. I use the same technique when I post a 3-photo panel of pineapple shots. It’s just a a simple cut, paste & merge process.

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