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Apricot & Marmalade Fried Pies

Texas-style fried pies filled with warm fruity goodness

My friend and favorite Canadian, Karlynn of The Kitchen Magpie, recently put out a call for guests posts for her Pieday Friday series while her family is on vacation. I love Karlynn and her Friday pie features, so I immediately jumped in. I’d love it if you would drop by and check out my Apricot & Marmalade Fried Pies and tell her “Howdy!” from NanaBread.

Fried Pies are easy with a great pie dough & the filling of your choice

Speaking of pie dough, my guest post includes a shout out to my friend Kirsten from Comfortably Domestic. Her “No Excuses” Pie Dough recipe makes an appearance. In fact, I couldn’t have done this without her. Thanks, Kirsten!

You want ice cream with that?

Thank you, Karlynn, for the opportunity to share Texas-style fried pies with your readers. To read my guest post, click HERE. Thanks, y’all!



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