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Things I Love, Volume 5: My New KitchenAid Mixer from Pioneer Woman

The KitchenAid Artisan Stand Mixer in Sugar Pearl Silver

I haven’t really talked about this much, but I won a KitchenAid Artisan stand mixer from Ree Drummond’s website, The Pioneer Woman. She gave away 3 beautiful red mixers over Thanksgiving weekend, and I was one of the lucky winners. You’re probably thinking “wait, that’s not a red mixer in the photo.” I know. I’ll explain, but first I have to say that I can’t stress the word lucky enough, because there had to have been about 80,000 entries. I had a few minutes while we were on vacation in Germany over Thanksgiving to read her blog. The Complete Package was in the shower, so I didn’t think he’d mind. He threatens weekly to hold an intervention to deal with my obsessive love of the Pioneer Woman website. Joking here, but I admit, I am addicted. I love the photos, the stories, the recipes, and the friendships I’ve made via her site.

Anyway, I popped in to read her blog while we were on vacation and I posted a comment to enter the mixer giveaway. I never dreamed I’d win one. That kind of luck has always eluded me. When we got home the next weekend, I checked my e-mail and was stunned to see a message from a fellow PW reader saying, “Congratulations on winning the mixer!” WHAT!?!?! I immediately went to the Pioneer Woman website to check, and sure enough…there was my entry listed as a winner. Holy cow. I feel like I’ve won the lottery! I’ve looked at these KitchenAid stand mixers for YEARS, but would never spend that kind of money on one. It really is a dream come true. First the German Christmas Markets and now this. I do believe my luck is changing! I have to say “THANK YOU” to Ree Drummond, and to Lindy, her prize coordinator. I absolutely love my new mixer. And I love that they allowed me to trade the red color for this beautiful silver. Why? Because it matches my stainless steel appliances perfectly, and I’m all about coordinating colors.

So far, this has been a great week. I finished my Christmas shopping, I sent out my Christmas cards today, I won a gorgeous mixer, I had dinner with my awesome friends Monday night (thanks, ladies!), and, oh yeah….I posted a story about three of the travel show hosts we watch on PBS that inspired our trip to Germany for the Christmas Markets, and one of them commented on my blog! GET OUT!!! It’s true. Joseph Rosendo from Travelscope read my story and commented on it. That’s so totally cool of him, and just one more reason why he’s one of my travel heroes. I’m telling you, I feel like the luckiest girl in the world this week, and I’m very, very grateful.

It's a perfect color match, and looks like it was made to sit there!



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And now, a word from our sponsors…

Rick Steves, Burt Wolf & Joseph Rosendo - the best travel show hosts on PBS

Okay, I lied. These guys did NOT sponsor our vacation in any way, but they did influence it. Heavily. So it’s their fault. Really and truly, I blame them. If it weren’t for these three guys, I would never have known about the German Christmas Markets. I could have lived my life in ignorant bliss, but they wouldn’t let me. They had to put it out there on television and taunt/haunt me with it.

For starters, The Complete Package and I do not have cable. I know it’s barbaric, but we don’t support being voluntarily robbed of $80+ a month for 1,600 channels of crap. Sorry for the language, but that’s how we feel about it. Instead, we enjoy the “basic 10” channels, and are lovers of all things PBS. That’s how all of this got started, and that’s why I’m calling out these three guys for planting a seed in my head that I just couldn’t shake. For example, if I say “brownies” you’re going to spend the rest of the day craving brownies. It’s the same principle. Ooooo…brownies. Ahhhh…Christmas markets.

These three gentlemen produced three separate shows about German Christmas Markets, and my obsession was born. And that’s where my beloved, The Complete Package, stepped in. Since he had to go to The Netherlands for a week on business, he invited me to tag along. And since the German Christmas Markets were only an hour away by plane, he said we might as well take another week to hop on over there and check them out. Wow, honey. I love you so much right now! And so that’s exactly what we did. After our week in The Hague and our weekend in Amsterdam, we jumped a flight to Stuttgart and started a week-long adventure I call “ChristmasMarketPalooza.” See, kids? Sometimes dreams really do come true. You just have to keep believing. And watching PBS. Especially Rick, Burt and Joseph. Thank you guys. Really, I mean it. This trip never would have happened without you and your travel shows.

So stay tuned, readers. Next up is Germany, and you won’t want to miss this!

German Christmas Markets - my travel dream come true!


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