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This will make you say “Whuuh?”

My husband, The Complete Package, recently sent me a link to a You Tube video. He doesn’t usually do that unless it’s something interesting. As it turns out the video is part of a trend of learning to perform common tasks the “lean way” which just means more efficiently. In this case, it was how to fold a t-shirt. Translation – fewer steps, less time. When I watched it, I immediately said “Whuh???? Wait a second! Replay that!” I’m not going to lie. I watched it a few times. And then I ran straight to my dresser for a t-shirt.

Seriously, you have to see this. Click here to see the video TCP sent. Here’s a link for another version of the same folding technique.

And you know what? It works. Here’s a stack of t-shirts folded the lean way:

Perfectly folded t-shirts folded "the lean way"

If you like to fold your t-shirts into smaller or more compact stacks, you just fold them in half again like so. Still only adds one simple step to the process, and they still end up perfectly uniform.

This technique is perfect for neat freaks like me

I know, I know… it’s not earth-shattering. But you have to admit, it is pretty interesting. And tell the truth. Did you or did you not grab a t-shirt and try this?

PS – Not that I have any knowledge of this type of thing, but hypothetically I’m thinking this would make a great bar bet. Just bet someone you could pick up a t-shirt and fold it without ever letting go of the shirt until it’s done. I mean, who wouldn’t love a free beer? Am I right?


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