And now for a short break…

I’m off to Austin to play with my grandkids for a week. I’ll see you all back here on June 13th. Have a great week, everyone. I’ll miss you. To Jonah Bear & Lilly Bug – Hang on, kids! Nana’s on her way, and she baked a LOT of cookies!



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6 responses to “And now for a short break…

  1. Hope you had a wonderful trip!

  2. Have fun!! Take lots of pics! :)

  3. Pat Counts

    Safe travels. Have fun with those precious grandkids. They are so lucky to have a Nana that cooks. Pat

  4. Nancy

    Have a wonderful, safe trip!

  5. Aw, have fun with the grandchildren! Bet they’re super excited :)

  6. Awww! Have a great time with those sweet little grand babies!

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