OKMH – The October Box

OKMH Collage 2013

It’s that time again, kids – time for another One Kitchen Many Hearts box. Wahoo! I love mail days like OKMH, where blogging buddies send care packages to one another round-robin-style. For October, I sent a box of love to Madelyn in California and received a box from Kat in Minnesota. Here’s what Kat sent. It started with this card. So much promise in a 4×6 format.

OKMH - October 2013 - Card

As promised, there was so much to squeal over. As the postscript hints, there was a pashmina (possibly from Paris) in a lovely blue hue. So pretty. Ooo la la!

OKMH - October 2013 - Pashmina

And two bags of what can only be deemed the Rolls Royce of rice.

OKMH - October 2013 - MN Wild Rice

I already have plans that involve roasted chicken with mushrooms and grilled shrimp with lemons. Or maybe a wild rice salad with dried cranberries, oranges and nuts. So many possibilities hidden in those gorgeous ebony grains. In sharp contrast, these next goodies have no possibility of lasting. Zero. Zip. Zilch.

Caramello Bar - RIP

No mincing words here. That Caramello Bar died instantly. Thankfully, it was a quick & painless death. I made sure of that. It wasn’t pretty, but it was quick. These are lasting a little longer, but not by much.

Chocolate & Caramel Collage

Okay, confess. When you see a chocolate bar with grid lines, and that bar breaks contrary to said lines, are you compelled to ‘fix’ it by evening it up? To the point that you may eat additional squares just to make sure the bar is neatly within the lines? No? Tell the truth! It can’t just be me!

Yes, I color within the lines.

But my favorite squee-inducing gift from Kat is the vintage cookbooks (cookbooklets?) from the 30’s, 40’s and 50’s. Seriously, they are too much fun!

OKMH - October 2013 - Vintage Cookbooks

Techniques, ingredients and product sizes may have changed over the years, but the tried & true recipes and killer artwork of yesteryear never go out of style.

40's Cookbook Art Collage

Vintage Cookbook Collage

Never has a sandwich filling been so happy to leap onto a loaf of bread.

OKMH - October 2013 - 50's Happy Sandwich

Hello 1950’s Thanksgiving Dinner. Hubba hubba! Please pass the gravy.

OKMH - October 2013 - Thanksgiving Spread

Pillsbury’s annual bake-off contests have been bringing home bakers together through blood-sport baking battles throughout the years, but I had no idea how many years. Kat’s flea market collection included these two vintage gems.

OKMH - October 2013 - Vintage 50's Baking Books

OKMH - October 2013 - Pillsbury Bake-Off Book

That’s the $25,000 winner from the second annual Pillsbury Bake-Off. From 1950. At the Waldorf Astoria Hotel in New York City. Amazing. Also stellar – Mrs. G. Harold Kirk of Bar Harbor, who knows how to dress for an occasion.

OKMH - October 2013 - Dolled Up Contestant

In an age where people feel comfortable wearing their pajama pants to shop and/or board airplanes, Mrs. Kirk is a breath of fresh air. She is, without a doubt, even more fabulous than her prize-winning crabmeat cobbler.

I was super excited to find this recipe for Raisin Cream Pie, since it reminded me of the Sour Cream Raisin Pies of my youth, and then this recipe card fell out of the booklet and I got a bonus recipe for Baked Beans. Like a gift from heaven.

OKMH - October 2013 - Bonus Baked Beans Recipe

The best indication a recipe was loved is the stains all over it. This one was obviously a favorite. Most touching for me, was this wee booklet that still had the mailing label attached. It was a simple shortening recipe booklet from Swift & Co. addressed to Mrs. Robert Fleischehhacker of Fort Ripley, MN.

OKMH - October 2013 - Vintage Mailing Label

Did you catch that? Two pennies for postage? No way! Most notable was her address – Route #2 with no zip code. These, my friends, were simpler times. When people knew their neighbors, shared their tables and crafted meals not only from scratch, but with a great deal of love. And just like the recipe booklets, this box from Kat is meant to be shared. I may make a dish soon to share on the blog. And I’m thinking of baking a wild rice casserole for our extended family at Thanksgiving. But I probably won’t share the chocolate.

And just when you thought I was getting sentimental.

OKMH - October 2013 - 40's Cookbook Art1

To see what everyone else shipped & received this month, visit:

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16 responses to “OKMH – The October Box

  1. I wouldn’t share that chocolate either. I love chocolate and caramel.

  2. First of all, yes. That rice is AMAZING. Love it. Want more.
    And OMG THOSE COOKBOOKS! Those are legit the best! How much fun to look at our American history through the lens of the kitchen. New plan: go to flea market! Way to go, Kat!

  3. All The Feels!! This is so amazing. Seriously – no better way to say than Kat did: The Universe led her to your box :-)

  4. I love the cartoon images. I wish all my cookbook food porn pics involved smiley faces and little arms holding spoons. I can’t wait to see what you make! I might have a crack at that crabmeat cobbler…mmm…fishy desserts. ;)

    • Hahaha… well technically speaking it’s a savory seafood pie with cheesy dumplings on top, but they should expect a fair amount of shivers when they named it Crabmeat Cobbler. Those are two words that do NOT need to be used together. Now a seafood pie with a cheddar biscuit topping? That I can do.

  5. Jeanne, I’m so glad to have found someone else who appreciates old cookbooks as much as I do. There is something so personal about finding a stained recipe card or a cookbook where the pages are worn. I recently went to a house to pick up some canning jars and the daughter in-law/son handed me a huge box of their mom’s recipes. I couldn’t believe they could pass them off without as much as a second thought! If my daughter does that I’ll haunt her – lol! I love your exchange. Always so much fun to see what everyone gets. And how cool is it to get something in your mail that isn’t a bill or junk these days!

    • Amen! I’d much rather get goodies over bills. And I love that you threatened to haunt your daughter if she disrespects your recipe collection. That stuff’s sacred! -j

  6. Love this!! And that Orange Kiss Me cake…my mom makes it all the time!!

  7. Kat

    Seriously. When I was at that flea market, I saw the basket and was like…I Will Buy All Of These. Glad you enjoyed this month’s box! XOXO

  8. I always head straight for the cookbooks and booklets at flea markets or used book sales. The “vintage” recipe booklets printed by brands and the little plastic bound community cookbooks are my favorites for “just for fun” reading. Your box was full of chocolaty sweetness and cookbooklet fun!

  9. Claudia

    Yes, I have the very same *n*l defect in that my chocolate bars have to break off at the grid lines. Entire chocolate bars have been known to “disappear” while trying to get it right. (*insert evil grin*)

  10. Brian

    Loved the trip down memory lane with the cookbooks!
    Now me & Mrs. Kirk have a thing going on.

    Going to make the beans tomorrow. I’ll let you know how they turn out.

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