Because sometimes you just need a giant pile of homemade potato chips

Potato chips - Finished Image with Text - Inside NanaBread's Head

Tired of reaching for stale potato chips from a greasy bag? Me, too. And it’s unnerving to read the list of preservatives on some of those bags. Am I right? Well, those days are over thanks to The Complete Package’s new toy – the OXO V-Blade Mandoline. This little guy is incredibly quick and efficient when it comes to slicing veggies. And it’s incredibly sharp.

Potato Chips - OXO Mandoline - Inside NanaBread's Head

Here’s how we sliced up a whole mess of fresh potato chips. It really could not have been any easier. To start, grab a few russet potatoes, scrub them, and peel most of the outer skin off. I like to leave a little of the potato skins for color, so I peel off every other 1/2″ or so. Give them a quick rinse and pat them dry.

Next, set up your mandoline and turn the dial to the thinnest setting. In this case, it’s 1/16th of an inch (1.5mm) for super thin & crispy chips.

OXO Mandoline - Settings - Inside NanaBread's Head

Starting at the top of the mandoline, apply a little pressure to the potato and move it back & forth across the blade. It glides so easily, it almost seems as though it’s not working, but it is. When you get down to the last inch or two of spud, grab the tool included.

OXO Mandoline Tool - Inside NanaBread's Head

I’m not sure what it’s called, but I know what it does – it keeps you from slicing your fingertips off. Just spear the end of your potato, grab the tool by the ergonomic handle, and continue slicing your potato down to the very last slice. It’s so easy, and it completely eliminates any fear you may have of working with the super sharp blades. I love that. OXO really does think of everything.

OXO Mandoline - Tool to Hold Food - Inside NanaBread's Head

When you’re done, you are left with a pile of perfectly sliced potatoes. In a million years, I could never accomplish this with a chef’s knife.

Potatoes Sliced on an OXO Mandoline - Inside NanaBread's Head

Sure, I can slice potatoes with a knife, but I can’t come anywhere close to this razor thin. I mean, c’mon. You can actually see through them. It’s amazing.

OXO Mandoline - Thin Enough To Read Through It - Inside NanaBread's Head

Once your potatoes are all sliced up, toss them into a colander and give them a thorough rinse under cold water to remove the excess starch. Spread them out onto a bed of paper towels and pat them dry.

Next, pour about 2″ of canola oil into a deep, heavy pan. Heat the oil to 350F. If you don’t have a clip-on thermometer for projects like this, I highly recommend it. I have one that can be used for frying, candy-making, you name it. And it is important to make sure the oil is hot enough. It’s what makes them crispy and keeps them from being greasy.

Once your oil hits 350F, use a slotted spoon to transfer the potatoes into the oil. This is my favorite frying tool. I found it in an antique shop years ago. If you ever run across one some day, grab it!

Perfect Frying Tool - Inside NanaBread's Head

Fry, stirring occasionally, until they are a lovely golden brown.

Frying Potato Chips - Inside NanaBread's Head

When done, lift them from the oil and allow as much oil as possible to drain off, then move them onto a paper towel lined plate to drain thoroughly. While they are still warm, sprinkle them with your favorite salt. And that’s it – you’re done!

Now grab your favorite sandwich or a hot dog, or just grab a cold drink and eat them right off the plate. Either way, they’re much tastier than chips from a bag. Let’s dig in! You grab the napkins.

Potato chips - Finished Image with Text - Inside NanaBread's Head

This is not a sponsored post. I’ve featured the OXO Mandoline because I love it and use it frequently. If you’re in the market for one, I highly recommend it. OXO’s products are well made, reliable and affordable – all things I appreciate. All opinions are my own. Pinky swear.



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18 responses to “Because sometimes you just need a giant pile of homemade potato chips

  1. Ooooh, yum. We just got a mandolin, and Husband is in love. I’m thinking of doing this with sweet potatoes and topping them with blue cheese crumbles and cracked black pepper.
    Great. Now I’m dying for chips.
    It’s all your fault. <3

  2. Love the setting for the thickness on that mandoline. I have one from Pampered Chef that doesn’t have a setting. I will attest to the fact that it’s very sharp though. Going to have to make a batch of chips one of these days! YUM…

    • I love the different thickness settings on this OXO mandoline, Eileen. It runs from super duper thin (like the chips) to 1/4″ thick, which would be perfect for dishes like scalloped potatoes. You need to dust off your mandoline and get to it, girlfriend!

  3. Giiirrrrrrrrrrl!!!! You up and fried potato chips! Yet another thing that I have been meaning to fry but haven’t worked up the nerve. I’m a lover of most all potato chips, but I think the best chips are the ones that let the potato take center stage. As always, I am in awe of you frying prowess.

    • Agreed! The best chips taste like real potatoes. Although Allison’s suggestion of smothering them in blue cheese & black pepper (and bacon maybe?) sounds pretty good, too. Also sounds like it might be my dinner. :)

  4. thegrommom

    Wow…I need to hide this from my kiddos because they’re going to beg me to try it…And I just might.
    These look pretty darned irresistible!!
    I love potato anything.

    • With a house full of growing boys, that would take a lot of potatoes! I’d love to see you make a taro chip version. How fun would that be? Aloha, Monica!

  5. After reading this, I need me some homemade potato chips. And apparently, this OXO mandoline! It all looks fantastic – especially the
    keep-me-from-slicing-my-fingers part. :)

    • I have a thing about keeping my fingertips attached to my fingers, so mandolines always scared me a littl. OXO’s little grippy gadget is what convinced me to finally try the mandoline. Now I am free to shave/slice all the things. There’ll be no stopping me. :D

      • It’s really why I don’t yet have one. And I think you’ve now convinced me that not only do I want one, I need one.

      • Yay! I can’t wait to see what you make first. I think my next project might be making the eggplant lasagna I saw on Pinterest. Thin sliced eggplant layered with pomodoro sauce & gooey cheese? Yum.

  6. Hmmmm…how could you season them? I don’t like plain potato chips (unless there’s dip). But chips covered in cheese, sour cream and onion, or BBQ…love ’em!

  7. I love potato chips and oh these look amazing. THere’s a restaurant here that brings homemade chips to the table once seated and serves them with aioli. So amazing.

  8. Jacob

    I have used the oxo mandoline slicer and its just awesome :)

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