It’s a big, hairy deal… to me, anyway.

This is what my hair currently looks like:

'Scuze me, David Cassidy. I seem to have stolen your hair.

Was it my intent to grow my hair out like a 70’s pop icon? No, it was not.
Do I want a “shag”? No, I do not. Am I happy about this? No, I am not.

This is what I’d like my hair to look like:

'Scuze me, Meg Ryan. May I steal your hair?

I don’t need the blonde part or the dark roots, but I would like to replicate this hairstyle, if that’s not asking too much. I wouldn’t mind having her figure, either. Early Meg Ryan was pretty hot.

Here’s my problem in a nutshell:

1. It’s been at least 2 months since my last haircut.

2. It was not my intention to wait 2 months between haircuts.

3. My hairdresser seems to be missing-in-action.

4. When I call my salon and they do set an appointment, she cancels.

5. 95% of the time, when I call they say she’s out sick or not coming in.

6. If she has quit or moved to a new salon, they should just tell me.

7. I’m way too nervous to try someone else out of the blue.

8. I should just suck it up and try someone new.

9. Is anyone else wondering why it costs $75 to cut short hair?

10. I’m starting to look like 1970’s-era David Cassidy.

PS – Yes, he was hot… but I don’t want to look like him.

PPS – Does anyone have a Flowbee I can borrow?

PPPS – To Marci the Hairdresser: If you’re wanted by authorities, please turn yourself in. They will go much easier on you than I will if I find you first.



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31 responses to “It’s a big, hairy deal… to me, anyway.

  1. Finding a new hair dresser that you like can be a pain. Hope yours comes back soon or you find a new one!

  2. That Meg Ryan cut is adorable! Someday I hope I have the guts to go short; I’m stuck with my long, non-hairdo. If you find a stylist who can cut it that way for you, you MUST show us a picture of your new hairstyle!

    • I haven’t had long hair since I was 16. It’s really bugging me that it’s too long. Plus it’s 103F with 80% humidity and I feel like I’m wearing a Persian rug on my head right now. Ugh!

  3. Pat Counts

    I found a hairdresser I like and she is at Tuscany. Her name is Connie. If you are interested I will give you her card. She charges in the 30 range. Pat

  4. Big Sis

    Are you taking your hormones?? Gee you get cranky when your are not taking your hormones. Or did you give up drinking while the grandkids were in town? Take a pill & wash it down with a Mexican Margarita!! And come to my house, I’ll cut your hair!! (insert evil laugh here!!) ;)

    • Oh, geez. I appreciate your spirit of cooperation, but I’m going to have to pass on the haircut offer, especially given your mood (evil laugh included). I think I’d rather take my chances with the Flowbee!

      • Big Sis

        I have one of those also!!! See, I could cut your hair, I cut mine and everyone elses in the family, why not yours also?? What? you don’t trust me?? I so hurt! hehehehe

  5. Amy

    Please don’t resort to using a Flowbee! I know it’s hard finding a new stylist you can trust to not to make you look like a cocker spaniel, but you should never resort to DIY.

    • You’re right, Amy. I loved my childhood cocker spaniel, but I don’t want to look like him, either. The Complete Package offered to break out the sheep shears and give me a “Number 1”. That’s one step up from shaved bald, so I turned down his offer, too. I think DIY is definitely a bad choice. And so… the search continues!

      • TCP

        Don’t be so quick to dismiss the “number 1”. Many famous ladies have rocked the “1” (Sinead O’Connor, Britney Spears, and the Miss Universe from India in one of the Star Trek movies). It has many upsides (humidity won’t bother your hair, you don’t wake up with “bed head”, you only have to wash your scalp, helps when you need to pass an unexpected drug screening). ;-) Let me know if you reconsider.

      • Yeah…I don’t think Britny was worried about “rocking the Number 1” as much as she was afraid of Mr. Random Drug Test. I’ll give you Sinead and Persis Khambatta of Star Trek fame. There are others, too, and I admire their courage. If I could pull it off, I’d be tempted with the heat we’ve had lately. At least I know I’d have your full support. Thanks, Honey. PS – Since I’m pretty sure you’d carve something terrible in the back of my head like a middle finger or “TCP Rocks!”, I’m going to have to decline. Respectfully.

  6. I like your family’s comments. They sound like mine. Sinister.
    In the end it’s just hair.
    Be daring and take a risk.

  7. Kat

    I finally had to ditch my stylist because he was SO busy and I couldn’t justify the cost. Yes, I had excellent hair, but the girl I started going to next fared nearly as well and for a fraction of the cost. Stay strong, Nana.

  8. $75 for a trim?! It’s truly a crime what salons charge women to snip off an inch or less hair. If I didn’t love my stylist so much, I’d seriously consider taking my chances with the boys female barber that charges $12 and does a great job. I laughed at the thought of TCP giving you a #1 cut–that’s what Hubby does to his own hair.

    If you can pull of that cut Meg Ryan cut, go for it! I wish I had the guts. Hubby offers to give the boys a #1 for free, but so far, no takers. His response to me is always “Don’t cut your hair short.”

  9. Deb

    I know what you mean about finding a new stylist! It sucks! Yes it’s “only hair” but a bad haircut is the worst! It takes forever to grow out! It’d a bad hair day that last for weeks! And everytime you see it, you think, “well, that just looks stupid!” and you get depressed all over again! Good Luck!!!!

    • So true…so very true. That one bad hair day can last for 6-8 weeks while it grows back out. While there are certainly bigger problems in the world, a bad haircut is still a pain. Thanks for the support, Deb!

  10. 1) The Flowbee reminds me of that hilarious scene in Wayne’s World with Garth. Yes?
    2) You could do a lot worse than David Cassidy. Although, I recently went through the “shaggy dog” phase and hated every minute of the terrible ordeal.
    3) Love that Meg Ryan style.
    4) I save all my haircuts for my trips home to Minneapolis, which means I only get snipped every 3-5 months. *gasp* I tried getting cut twice by new stylists in Los Angeles and wound up with petite mullets each time.

    This too shall pass.

    • Bwahahahahaha…. the “Petite Mullet” made me laugh out loud, as did the Wayne’s World reference. I’ve rocked a few modified mullets in the past year when I couldn’t get in touch with my hairdresser, and I was horrified on a deeply personal level. But as you say, “this too shall pass” and it always does. Eventually. Thanks for the giggle, Mads.

  11. Pat L

    I know what you mean about a hairdresser being MIA. Everytime I find one I like she either gets pregnant or moves or just drops out of sight so now I wait until that morning I wake up and can;t stand it any more. Well, not now exactly, because on June 20 I had to have my head shaved to have a brain tumor removed so my 7 year old grandson and I have the same haircut. At the hospital I took pictures of his Daddy and I. He is a Marine so we had matching bald heads. I always thought my hair grew fast until now.. BTW being bald doesn’t help with the heat and humidity, at least not here in Georgia.

    • Pat,
      I’m so sorry to hear about your brain tumor, but I’m happy to see that you’re up and running and rocking the #1. I’ll have to add you to my husband’s list of sexy women wore are “rocking bald”. So much for the myth that bald beats the heat. Thanks for the tip. Now when TCP comes at me with those clippers, I’ll know to run. Thanks for the comment and best wishes from the bottom of my heart for a speedy recovery from your surgery!

  12. Mary Roberts

    Well I happen to think your new haircut looked lovely when I recently met you–very much like Meg Ryan and nothing at’al like David Cassidy. Enjoyed our short visit and hope to visit more later–especially as I feel I already know you having heard of you for many years. Any friend of our mutual friend is a friend of mine!

    • Well, I did get a haircut, but not the Meg Ryan. Although, I do agree it looks more like hers than David Cassidy’s. Sort of. Thanks for the enouragement. It was great to meet you. I feel the same way about Kaki. Any friend of hers is a friend of mine. Now you two are about to be family. How cool is that? I just love her love story and your part in it. It’s very special. I’m looking forward to getting to know you better, Boomer!

  13. NanaBread's Baby

    In the spirit of Mads’ list, I too shall number:
    2) Why don’t you try the stylist I saw last (almost a year ago *insert heart wrenching death scene here*) if only I could remember her name…Sharon or sh something….hmmm
    3) I’ve been trying to get BamaBoy to “rock the Number 1” but apparently they don’t have random drug tests at his new company so he’s not the least bit convinced.
    4) David Cassidy…really? REALLY MOM???
    5) Isn’t there a picture of Dad with a similar haircut and Larry Bird’s shorts on?

    PS I love you and mean all this in the best possible way *snicker* sorry…really.

    • I’ll tackle #2 first – your stylist left that salon 8 months ago.
      I have no idea where she went, because the former salon won’t tell.

      #3 – As your dad likes to say, “The #1 will set you free!”

      #4 – It is what it is… or was. If the 70’s icon fits, well…

      #5 – Larry Bird shorts – Yes; David Cassidy shag – No;
      Dad’s hair was never that long.

      #6 – Thanks for laughing WITH me.

      #7 – Got my hair cut this week (finally). Not Meg Ryan’s cut, but short enough to keep me from shaving my head.

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