We Have a Birthday Box Winner!

Congratulations to Susan K. from the great state of Florida! She is the winner of the blog birthday celebration box. Susan, your gift box should arrive late next week. I hope you enjoy this collection of some of my favorite things. Thank you to all who participated in the giveaway, and to all who continue to return to my little blog week after week. I love you more than chocolate! -NanaBread

Birthday Box gifts; Salt Lick BBQ Spice Rub included but not pictured.



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4 responses to “We Have a Birthday Box Winner!

  1. Congratulations, Susan!!

  2. Hooray for Susan! Jeanne makes a great apron–enjoy it!

  3. Good for Susan! I know that she’ll enjoy your treats. What a great way to celebrate your anniversary.

    I did it. I started my blog. It won’t be an every day thing, but it’s there if you’d like to look.


    Thank you for the encouragement.


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