A crafting site you’re destined to love: Lori Holt’s “A Bee in My Bonnet” Blog

My favorite crafting blog - A Bee in My Bonnet by Lori Holt

Are you a crafter? Do you sew, quilt or create? Are you totally smitten by creative people? Well, I am. I consider myself moderately crafty and creative, but there are some out there who set the bar much higher for the rest of us. One such person is Lori Holt of A Bee in My Bonnet Blog. If crafting were a sport, Lori would be an Olympic athlete. A gold medalist of creativity. My big sister sent me a link to her blog last year, and I’ve been a rabid fan ever since. In fact, I would go so far as to say that when (or if) I grow up, I’d be one happy camper if I had even half the creative talent of Lori. Her blog header alone is enough to make me smile. Is there no end to her creativity? I really hope not!

Garden Chair Pin Cushions - by Lori Holt, A Bee in My Bonnet Blog

One of my favorite crafts from Lori’s blog are the garden chair pin cushions made from little lawn chair candle holders she found at a craft store. The cute factor is high, but the creative factor is off the charts. Where most of us would look at these little lawn chairs and think “I don’t really need more candle holders”, Lori saw them and thought “I should turn these into adorable pin cushions for my upcoming retreat.” How did she get from Point A to Point B? Well, she’s a creative genius, that’s how. To see her step-by-step tutorial, which includes fabulous full-color photos, click HERE.

Once you get into her blog, you’d better have a beverage in your hand and a few hours to burn. Lori’s gorgeous website is like crafting crack. You can get gloriously lost in her collection of quilts, crafts, and links. There is so much to explore, you will find yourself wanting to get lost here. Check out her file drawers along the right hand margin to see the collection of topics to choose from. Or click on her links in frames or her clever links set into vintage television sets. There is literally something for everyone.

My favorite quilt (this week) is Lori’s Cake Walk pattern. It’s beyond adorable.

Cake Walk Quilt by Lori Holt, A Bee in My Bonnet Blog

If I had a cupcake shop or bakery, you can bet this would be hanging on the wall.

Love aprons? Well, she has patterns for aprons you can wear, aprons you can wrap around drink bottles, and a wonderfully whimsical apron quilt.

Aprons of Every Kind - by Lori Holt, A Bee in My Bonnet Blog

But enough jibber-jabber. Click on any of the links or photos to be transported to A Bee in My Bonnet Blog. The only thing you’ll regret is not having enough hours in the day to discover it all. Special thanks to Lori Holt for allowing me to highlight her fabulous blog and use her lovely photographs. Words can’t express how much I admire her creative mind and her beautiful website. And a shout out to my Big Sis, who turned me on to Lori’s blog. I can’t thank you enough, Sis! Now… which project should I start next?



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12 responses to “A crafting site you’re destined to love: Lori Holt’s “A Bee in My Bonnet” Blog

  1. Amy

    Gah, I love crafting blogs! Last thing I need is to get addicted to another one, but I just. can’t. resist.

  2. Big Sis

    I told you so!! I told you that you would like Bee in My Bonnet. I love her modern twist of vintage 50’s look. Retro with spunk!! By the way, your welcome….hehehehe!!

    • You were right. There, I said it! Retro with spunk is a great way to describe Lori’s stuff. And I love her fabric choices on her quilt patterns. They’re so colorful and fun. Thanks for hooking me up, Sis. I owe you one.

  3. Cindy

    Are you kidding me! OMG, I love everything about Lori’s blog. I just got out my sewing machine for the summer yesterday. The only problem is where do I start? Thanks NanaBread for putiing more fun into my summer! And by the way, the caramel apple oatmeal is on my TO Do List! :)

    • I kid you not! She’s awesome, isn’t she? Love her stuff, and love that she agreed to to let me use some of her photos to induce others to worship her as much as I do. I can’t wait to see what you make, now that you’ve fallen into the greatest crafting abyss on earth. You’re totally welcome!

  4. Oh. My. I see myself adding many, many projects to my to-do list thanks to Lori’s blog. What an amazing talent she has for creating! I’m going to thank your Big Sis for turning you on to Bee in My Bonnet, too.

    • Big Sis will be happy to hear that. She’s pretty crafty herself! Personally, I’m planning to scour the earth for those little garden chair candle holders. I would LOVE to make those pincushions for our Hoegarden weekend next March.

  5. Deborah D.

    Do you known where I could find the retro lawn chairs with the candle holder? I love the way you made pin cushions out of them. Adorable!!!!

    • Thanks, Deborah, but all of the credit goes to Lori of Bee In My Bonnet. It was her craft; I just fell in love with them. I found my lawn chair candle holder at a craft store, but I believe she said she found hers at a dollar store. If you have access to dollar stores and a craft store like Hobby Lobby, I’d start there. You might also have luck with an end-of-summer sale at Pier One or similar stores. I hope you find some. It’s a really cute craft!

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