Six Flags Over Two Coneheads

Summer has me thinking about family.

Family has me thinking about old photos.

Old photos remind me that our mother used to dress us alike.

When we were little, our parents took Big Sis and I to the Six Flags Over Texas theme park in Arlington, Texas. Once again, Mom made our outfits. I forgot to ask her if this was a special occasion, or if these were “every day” outfits. If so, knowing we wore the dresses regularly would be fine and dandy. They’re cute. Knowing we wore the hats out in public more than once would be tragic.

I’m the garden gnome standing on the bench. “You talkin’ to ME? Are YOU talkin’ to ME?” It’s hard to be tough in a conehead hat. When I see this picture I think, “Okay, I’m pretty sure the guy riding the big tricycle works here, but what about that guy in the front right corner wearing the striped hat and matching shirt?” Does he? I sure hope so, or we’re not the only one with outfit issues. Speaking of… does anyone else think Mom looks a bit like Gaga in that photo?

Hey, Mom…. who’s that old goat? No, not the scruffy gray one we’re petting. The skeevie one watching from behind the fence. Don’t get me started on the fact that his hands are in his pockets and he’s leaning in for a good look. {shiver}

“No! {insert diva moment here} I will not look at the camera! I don’t care if you are pointing and telling me to.” Besides, I know what’s going on in this photo. I’m looking for the barf bag. It’s supposed to be behind my copy of SkyMall. Wait! Where’s my copy of SkyMall?!? Big Sis looks a little too happy to me. I’m starting to suspect she swiped my peanuts and one of those tiny tequila bottles.

Ahhhh….there we go. I’m feeling better now that I have my SeaBand on. And I’m WAY out ahead in this horse race. Beating your Big Sister? Priceless.

This last photo was taken on the Sky Ride, high above Six Flags. Don’t you just love amusement parks and greasy food? All I can say is don’t get between me and my fried carnival food. Oh, sweet glorious corn dogs of my youth!

What’s that Dad? What do you mean we’re not stopping for a corn dog?

Now you’ve done it. That’s it!! I’m outta’ here!

As soon as we get down off this thing.



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17 responses to “Six Flags Over Two Coneheads

  1. It’s so cute that you’re dressed alike!

  2. Amy

    Ha! Cracking up at the “old goat” picture! That is creepy.

    • TCP tried to point out that the “old goat” may have just been watching his own grandkids play outside the range of our photo. Sure, that may be true, but
      1. his hands are still in his pockets
      2. he’s still leaning into it
      3. where’s the fun in being rational?

  3. love all of the family photos!! I’m glad your family liked to take them… I want to ask my mom why she did not take more of my sister and me. :)
    Does your mom still sew? The outfits she made you guys were adorable and now back in style… she could make a killing down here in AL, lol.

    • One thing you could never accuse my mother of is not taking enough pictures when we were growing up. She has BOXES of them (thank you, Mom!). I love our old family photos. And yes, Mom still sews. She sometimes makes clothing for herself, but mostly she focuses on quilting now. “Back in the day,” she made our clothes, her clothes, Dad’s shirts, our high school’s cheerleading uniforms, and a million other things. She was so good, she didn’t even need a pattern sometimes. She’d just measure you, sketch out a rough draft on paper, and put it together. She really is amazing. There’s nothing she can’t do. When I was younger, I once saw her pull a door off its hinges and plane it down so it would stop sticking. Then she rehung it, and sure enough – no more sticking. She is truly a renaissance woman. The MacGyver of homemaking. PLUS – she worked full-time for years! Amazing. She’s my hero.

  4. Pat Counts

    Okay, your hats may have blocked the sun just a bit, but your mom’s hat was strictly for fashion I think. It had to be a hot day and she was certainly the most fashion forward woman there that day! I am impressed. See you soon. Pat

    • I’m thinking it’s the same theory as high ceilings – the heat rises to the top of the cone hat, keeping your head cooler. Our mother was a fashion goddess before she had 5 kids to contend with. It’s one of those things you learn about your parents that you never noticed as a child. When I look back at early photos of my mother, I’m amazed at how glamorous she was. She could have been a model. Seriously. I sure hope she doesn’t hold that against the five of us!

  5. Great photos. And the first coneheads is quite an accomplishment. You could be the long lost kids of Akroyd and Curtain. A remarkable Mom making childhood remarkable for her kids–sounds ideal to me. Thanks for sharing.

    • Thanks, Patti. Akroyd & Curtain are exactly who I thought of when I saw these photos. Mom was cool way before her time. I wonder if Dan Akroyd worked summers at Six Flags? We may have been comical muses without even knowing it!

  6. Kat

    People who are able to sew like that never cease to amaze me. THAT is a gift.

    The hats are a fun mystery – are they for gnomes? Are they a new variety of bonnet? How were those meant to coordinate with her outfit? So many questions, so little time.

    That last snap at the end looked absolutely amazing :)

    • Who doesn’t love a sky ride, right? I don’t think I did, by the look on my face. I was really afraid of heights growing up. I think I may know why now. I love that my big sister has a smile on her face in every photo. You can tell she was having a great time. I think she must have been the more adventurous of the two of us when we were little. We have a lot of great old photos of the two of us together, before the little kid explosion occurred. We’ve always been close, but we were joined at the hip back then…matching outfits and all. Good times!

  7. Big Sis

    Yes we were coneheads…but…were do you think DEVO got their inspiration? Mom’s hat!!!! I always had to drag you onto rides, but you enjoyed it when you got going!!!

    • And we all know Mom can whip it….whip it good! We were indeed coneheads, but at least we were cute coneheads playing in an amusement park. I could think of a lot worse things. Thanks for dragging me on the rides. I love them now. Except those spinning Tea Cups at Disney World. Those things will reanimate your last meal like nobody’s business.

  8. Great nostalgic photos…adorable ladies!

  9. OMGoodness! Y’all are so adorable–Mom included. And for the record, Gaga stole your Mama’s look. I think she’s entitled to royalties.

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