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Six Flags Over Two Coneheads

Summer has me thinking about family.

Family has me thinking about old photos.

Old photos remind me that our mother used to dress us alike.

When we were little, our parents took Big Sis and I to the Six Flags Over Texas theme park in Arlington, Texas. Once again, Mom made our outfits. I forgot to ask her if this was a special occasion, or if these were “every day” outfits. If so, knowing we wore the dresses regularly would be fine and dandy. They’re cute. Knowing we wore the hats out in public more than once would be tragic.

I’m the garden gnome standing on the bench. “You talkin’ to ME? Are YOU talkin’ to ME?” It’s hard to be tough in a conehead hat. When I see this picture I think, “Okay, I’m pretty sure the guy riding the big tricycle works here, but what about that guy in the front right corner wearing the striped hat and matching shirt?” Does he? I sure hope so, or we’re not the only one with outfit issues. Speaking of… does anyone else think Mom looks a bit like Gaga in that photo?

Hey, Mom…. who’s that old goat? No, not the scruffy gray one we’re petting. The skeevie one watching from behind the fence. Don’t get me started on the fact that his hands are in his pockets and he’s leaning in for a good look. {shiver}

“No! {insert diva moment here} I will not look at the camera! I don’t care if you are pointing and telling me to.” Besides, I know what’s going on in this photo. I’m looking for the barf bag. It’s supposed to be behind my copy of SkyMall. Wait! Where’s my copy of SkyMall?!? Big Sis looks a little too happy to me. I’m starting to suspect she swiped my peanuts and one of those tiny tequila bottles.

Ahhhh….there we go. I’m feeling better now that I have my SeaBand on. And I’m WAY out ahead in this horse race. Beating your Big Sister? Priceless.

This last photo was taken on the Sky Ride, high above Six Flags. Don’t you just love amusement parks and greasy food? All I can say is don’t get between me and my fried carnival food. Oh, sweet glorious corn dogs of my youth!

What’s that Dad? What do you mean we’re not stopping for a corn dog?

Now you’ve done it. That’s it!! I’m outta’ here!

As soon as we get down off this thing.



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