Hoegarden 2011: That’s a wrap!

I learned something important at this year’s Hoegarden. I didn’t take nearly enough photos. I have no one to blame but myself. I had my camera, I just didn’t pull it out often enough. I got caught up in all the fun. For instance, we ate really well over the weekend, but I didn’t capture most of the food. I did get this photo of Friday night’s pulled pork sandwiches with Asian coleslaw and a dreamy baked potato casserole. Oh, those potatoes! It was a fabulous Friday dinner.

This little piggy went wee wee wee, all the way...well, let's not go there.

Did you notice the sandwich? It’s on a little piggy bun! Our mother made those. From scratch. They were delicious and adorable. Until BBQ sauce started oozing out of their eyes. Then it got a little horror showish. But they were still delicious! We also had a tropical couscous dish for dinner Saturday. It was a mixture of pearl couscous, grilled peppers and pineapple tossed with The Pioneer Woman’s “Aunt Trish’s Salad Dressing“. I told you I’d find another use for it! We topped the couscous with grilled shrimp and chicken, and used the rest of the dressing on a green salad with grilled halloumi cheese. Didn’t get a photo of that, either.

Rainbow Tie-Dyed Cupcakes: photo courtesy of Andrea at http://www.canyoustayfordinner.com

The biggest food photo loss, in my opinion, was getting so wrapped up in Big Sis’s tie-dyed cupcakes that all thought went out the window – except to stuff one in my face. They were rockin’ and they were gorgeous. Easily the prettiest cupcake I’ve ever eaten, and it tasted even better. Also fabulous was Mom’s coconut pound cake with pineapple and macadamia nuts. I fully intend to share that recipe with you in the near future. It’s unbelievably moist and fabulous!

To add to your disappointment, there was no one-handed croquet this year. Between the food, the board games and the manicures, we just never made it outside for croquet. It’s not like us to pass up an opportunity to play, but it never came up. For the uninitiated, we have a long-standing family tradition of setting up an extreme obstacle course croquet field, then making everyone play with a drink in one hand and their mallet in the other. If you spill your drink or get caught with an empty glass or bottle, you lose a turn. One round can take hours. It’s hysterical, especially if you’re NOT the one with the empty glass.

Here’s some of what we did manage to capture from the weekend:

There were manicures & nail polish. Lots of nail polish. Photo courtesy of Sister #3.

We played board games. Lots of board games. Ever played Dirty Minds?

The older girls got to spend time with the younger girls.

And the youngest girls got to know each other better.

Yes - we had a boy join us this year, but we didn't scar him too badly. I hope.

Most of all, we just enjoyed hanging out together.

Although I should have taken more photos, at least we had beautiful weather, great food, fruity tropical beverages, and three glorious days of quality time together. It’s not often that 12 members of any family can get together and have this much fun. It’s why I look forward to this weekend all year. Time with four generations of the girls is a rare and wonderful gift. One I truly appreciate. And now that this post is done, I’m ready to start planning Hoegarden 2012. Wahoo!



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14 responses to “Hoegarden 2011: That’s a wrap!

  1. Those piggy buns are wonderful! Just hilarious. I cannot imagine how your sister made those gorgeous cupcakes but it seems like a lot of work. What a fun, fun time! It makes me want my sister back from GA so we can have a girls weekend with our Mom! :)

    • Big Sis did an awesome job on the cupcakes. She said they weren’t hard to make, but they sure looked like they were. They were little pieces of art. Each one was a little different. Here’s the link to the blog post that started it all: http://canyoustayfordinner.com/2011/02/10/rainbow-tie-dye-cupcakes/. I think the key is buying the bright gel food colors. I tried it with regular grocery store food coloring, and it came out pale and drab and boring. Mom’s piggy buns were hysterical, but really delicious. The leftovers were turned into super cute French toast on Sunday morning, and they were awesome!

  2. Big Sis

    Oh Damn!! I’m I going to have to make more of those cupcakes just so you can take a photo of them??? Damn your hide, damn it all to hell!!! burp!

    • Yeah, I’m sure you’re really torn up about it. In fact, I think you really should make them at my house next week so we can be torn up together. Mmmmmm….

  3. Cindy

    That looks like a fabulous weekend filled with food, fun and family!!!
    I think I’ll try those cupcakes for Easter and make a coconut nest on top! :)

  4. Amy

    What an awesome tradition! You gals sound like you really know how to blow it out. Makes me want to get together with my sister this weekend.

    And so cracked up at the thought of bbq sauce oozing out of the piggy bun eyes!

    • Yeah, it was a little too “zombie pig” for the squeamish at the dinner table, but the rest of us thought it was hysterical. Those pigs died a noble but delicious death.

  5. Aw – this is so sweet that all the girls in your family get together like this. And your Mom joins you. I guess what I’m feeling is envy. I looked back on how Hoegarden got its name – that was TOO funny!
    I can imagine that all of you would look forward to this from year to year. Thanks for sharing your “reunion” with us!

    • Thanks, Dianna. It’s a very special weekend for all of us. We’re up to 4 generations now. It’s a tradition we hope will continue when our daughters and grandaughters start having daughters of their own!

  6. Forgetting to get your camera out is the sign of a good time. Those piggy buns are awesome! Bet the rainbow cupcakes were too. I thought of making a 7-layer rainbow cake once, but that sounded an awful lot like work.

  7. Rhea (clabbergirl)

    I am in love with those piggy buns! Did your mom do the detail by hand? I’m hoping you’ll share her recipe. We make pulled pork (North Carolina Style) several times a year and I think that everyone would get a huge kick out of them! I’ve really enjoyed these posts. Thank you for sharing! Have a great weekend!

    • Mom, Big Sis & the Baby Sister are coming down to visit the first week of April. I’ve asked Mom to share her recipe and tips for making the piggy buns. I’ll see if we can’t do a step-by-step photo recipe for making them while she’s here. She’ll be excited to hear that you’re interested in making them for your family. Big Sis has also agreed to re-make the tie-dyed cupcakes with Mom’s old white cake recipe so we can share those, as well. Stay tuned!

  8. KJ

    I love that y’all do this – lots of wonderful memories to last a lifetime.
    I do have to say, I “snorted” when I read about the pig bun! I had to share that one – too funny!

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