Hoegarden 2011: Favorite Cocktail

For two years running, our favorite Hoegarden cocktails have been Mexican Martinis and Lemon Drop Shots. While we did enjoy a few pitchers of Mexican Martinis, I wanted to try something new. Actually, I tried several new ones, but nothing blew our skirts up like the Reggae Rainbow. It’s one of those layered cocktails that needs to be prepared in a certain order to give you these lovely layers. Because of the layered effect, it works better to make them one at a time. A word of caution: this deceptively cute cocktail packs a punch, so plan accordingly. Now, let the fruity fun begin!

NanaBread’s Reggae Rainbow
(makes one)

1 cup of crushed ice
2 ounces of coconut rum
1 ounce of green melon liqueur
3-4 ounces of pineapple juice
1 ounce of grenadine

For best results, place crushed ice into a tall, skinny glass. Pour the coconut rum over the ice and allow it to settle. Slowly add the melon liqueur; it should sink to the bottom of the glass. Slowly add the pineapple juice and allow it to settle, then slowly add the grenadine. It will sink to the bottom, moving everything else up. If you want to get fancy, garnish your Reggae Rainbow with a wedge of pineapple and a maraschino cherry. And don’t forget that paper umbrella! Now go, my children…smear on some Hawaiian Tropic sunscreen, pull up a lawn chair, relax and take a trip to the eye-lahnds (Bob Marley music not included, but highly recommended). Yah, mahn.



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7 responses to “Hoegarden 2011: Favorite Cocktail

  1. Katie

    That sounds so good to me right now! I am going to see if my sister is up for making some this weekend with me.

    • That’s the beauty of a tropical drink. You don’t need sunshine and warm sand to enjoy it. You just need a straw, a paper umbrella and the right combination of booze to get you there. Enjoy!

  2. Big Sis

    Yah-mahn, de sisder whan ta know if you gonna serve dim next week’n?
    Yah, mahn, dah be good…..

  3. What I wouldn’t do for a reason to slather on the Hawaiian Tropic right now. That is such a pretty drink! Once we thaw (again!) it will be time for our Friday Happy Hours in the neighborhood, a.k.a. Ladies Experimental Cocktail Night. (The guys drink beer–boring.) NanaBread’s Reggae Rainbow is sure to make an appearance when it’s my turn to host! As will the Mexican Margaritas. Hmmm…I think you are becoming a bad influence on me.

    • Ooooo…I LOVE the idea of being a bad influence on you! Makes me feel so naughty. Your Ladies Experiental Cocktail Night sounds right up my alley, and your neighborhood sounds like a lot of fun. Best wishes for a quick thaw so you can get out and enjoy the neighbors (and cocktails) again!

      • Supposed to be in the upper 20’s through the weekend, then warm up again. Thankfully, after our dumping of snow yesterday, it was sunny today so about 1/3 of it melted. Either way, the ladies are ready to reconvene our happy hours. It’s a family event, so one cocktail per customer, so your drink will be perfect. The thaw is like everyone coming out of hibernation.

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