Things I Love, Volume 6: Dickinson’s Gourmet Preserves, Jams & Jellies

This post will be short & sweet – both literally and figuratively. My biscuit’s getting cold, and I don’t like cold biscuits. Especially when my butter is already melting into my fluffy biscuit layers. I’ve never considered myself a “jelly” person. I never ate much of it. Then I found Dickinson’s gourmet preserves and jams, and it changed my mind. I bought the black raspberry and apricot to use for thumbprint cookies, and they were so incredible, I started buying them to put on my English muffins and buttermilk biscuits. Now I’m in love….jelly love. And it’s a groovy kind of love. Before you get caught up in the “gourmet” part of the name, I should tell you they are a division of Smucker’s. That makes them a little less hoity-toity in my book. And don’t let that half-empty jar of blueberry fool you, either….the black raspberry is my personal favorite. Good gravy, it’s spectacular! The flavors are intense, and some of them have big chunks of fruit (apricot, cherry & blueberry). And now, if you’ll excuse me, I need to get back to my biscuit before it gets cold. You know how I hate a cold biscuit.

Oh, one last thing…I’m also in love with Krustaez Oat Bran Muffin Mix. Here’s a tip for you to try: replace the cup of water with a cup of orange juice, then spoon a dollop of Dickinson’s jam on top. As the muffins bake, the jam will sink into the middle. Use a variety of different jams in one batch, and you’ll have Surprise Oat & Jam Muffins, since you won’t know what you’ve got until you bite into it.

Here are the muffins, warm & smelly. Open them up, and there's the jelly!

For more information on the Dickinson’s brand of products, check them out at:

Note: NanaBread is not related to anyone named Dickinson and is not “on the take” or “in cahoots” with this or any other vendor. She is just a girl, standing in front of a biscuit, asking him to love her. Wait…that was a movie, right? Sorry. Bottom line: NanaBread’s not selling jelly, just enjoying it. A lot.



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9 responses to “Things I Love, Volume 6: Dickinson’s Gourmet Preserves, Jams & Jellies

  1. the baby

    I have, scratch that, I had the cherry in my fridge but alas… it is now gone. I’m with you; I was never a jelly fan because it’s too sweet. However, I LOVED the jelly foam previously mentioned in a different posting. I didn’t start liking it till mom switched to low sugar pectin. You taste the fruit then. This stuff is good, not to sweet and I love the big pieces of fruit. My guys are vanilla ice cream kind of guys so I never have fun flavors in the fridge. I put a spoon of this on top of a cup of ice cream and… Get in my belly! Oh wait, that is another movie.
    Oh, and to reference a different posting of yours. They are not mason jars, but the square corners do make for tidy storage jars for little items.
    Geez, I’m trapped in the house under 12” of snow with none of this in the house. Thanks for taunting me sis!

    • That’s my job…tormenting the baby sister. I cracked open my first jar of the red raspberry yesterday to put in my oat bran muffins. It was awesome. I’m thinking about making lemonade cupcakes for my Super Bowl Bunco party and putting a spoon of that in the middle. That’s right…raspberry lemonade cupcakes. Sounds good to me, especially if I make a batch of lemon cream cheese frosting. And you’re right – the empty jelly jars are a great size for storing safety pins, beads, buttons, and all sorts of other things floating round my sewing room. They also make great candle holders for small votive candles when the power goes out. Speaking of…we lost power for an hour this morning due to the cold. That NEVER happens down here!

  2. There’s nothing like a warm biscuit with butter…jelly, I’m not so sure about…but I think you’ve almost convinced me!

    • I’m telling you…these may change your mind. They sure changed mine. And the oat bran muffins with the jelly in the middle came out tasting like NutriGrain Bars. Awesome!

  3. Dickinson’s makes *the best* lemon curd. I can’t get enough lemon curd with biscuits. I love red raspberry jam, so once I run out of my own, I will have to try theirs.

    Jeanne, I gain 10 pounds just reading your blog. If we ever met…there’d be trouble. ;)

  4. I have never ever liked jelly. Even PB&J sandwiches are PB only for me. BUUUUT I like your jam muffin idea so much, I’m going to try it! Feeling bold today…feeling bold.

  5. Bish - a -

    The jams are really delicious! I have tried the strawberry, blackberry, and raspberry preserves. I would reccommend anyone trying them if you are into jams etc.

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