Big storm’s coming…and I’m bummed

Not because we’re expecting snow and ice in Houston, but because my first attempt at cake balls will go unconsumed for a few days. And I had such a good time making them. They smell so good. They’re made with dark chocolate cake with some coffee in it, a tub of dark chocolate fudge frosting and some miniature chocolate chips, then dipped in Ghiradelli dark chocolate chips. My house smelled like a fudge factory yesterday, and it was AWESOME! I was supposed to host a Super Bowl themed Bunco party for friends tonight, but we’ve decided to postpone until the storm passes. We tend to get a little paranoid down here in the deep South. It’s not that we’re afraid to drive on ice as much as it’s that we don’t know HOW to drive on ice. We just don’t get much down here. In our 21 years in Houston, we’ve only had a few rare snow flurries. The last ice I remember was Thanksgiving 1989. We’re not equipped for this kind of weather. But fear not…we’re stocked up on toilet paper, food, hot beverages, candles, and blankets so we’re prepared to stay in until it passes. It’s a good excuse to snuggle, anyway. Until then, the cake ball footballs are going into an airtight container in the back of the fridge. I sure hope they keep until next Thursday. I’d hate for The Complete Package and I to have to eat 15 of these over the weekend. That would be horrible…with a cup of coffee…and some vanilla ice cream. Tragic, really.

The best kind of football - a dark chocolate one!

UPDATE: This recipe is posted on The Pioneer Woman’s Tasty Kitchen page at:



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16 responses to “Big storm’s coming…and I’m bummed

  1. WOW! You are AMAZING! Those look fantastic.

    • Thanks! They were fun to make. It takes a while, what with baking the cake, crumbling the cake, mixing it all up, shaping, chilling and dipping them. But it sure was fun, and I wish I could bottle that aroma! I’ve developed a new habit of substituting leftover decaf coffee for the water in chocolate cake mixes. It really enhances the flavor of the chocolate, but you’d never know it – can’t taste the coffee flavor at all. Brilliant!

  2. I always put coffee in my chocolate cakes. It’s divine! Love Bunco. Love the little footballs, too. It certainly would be tragic if you ate them all and had to make another batch. Just awful. ;) Your will power is better than mine if you can let those chocolate cuties taunt you in the fridge for a week! I’d have to show ’em who’s boss.

  3. cindy

    OMG , I think those are adorable…. can’t wait to “score” next Thursday on many different levels!!!! That wasn’t meant the way it sounded now that I read this!!! LOL

    • Wow…that sounded dirty! And it made me laugh out loud, but I get it….football party…scoring. If you like the footballs, I’ll let you break out your endzone dance.

  4. Pat Counts

    Don’t you dare eat them. They are really cute Betty Crocker! See you Thursday. I will search the back of the frig. Pat

  5. Okay, okay, I’ll take one for the team. You go ahead and box those cake balls up and send them to me and I’ll spare you having to eat them or have them go stale…I’m going to be honest here, it’ll be a hardship, but that’s what friends are for.

    You’re welcome.

    • So noble, so generous, so funny. You’re not getting my cakeballs. It’s not that I don’t love ya’, because I do. But you’re not getting my cakeballs. There would be a mini-riot amongst my Bunco friends. Still, I appreciate your offer. You’re a saint.

  6. sandy vincent

    OH. MY. GOODNESS. These look like chocolate dessert on steroids! :) I will have to try these babies!

    • Love your sports analogy – football & steroids. Why, I never! These are the “extreme sports” of chocolate, and they are fabulous. Very dark, very chocolatey, very decadent, and finger-lickin’ good. A word of caution, though…you’ll probably want a glass of milk to wash them down!

  7. Don’t forget the Christmas Eve snow “storm” in 2004. I told my kids, aged 5 & 2 at the time, to soak it in bc they may never see it again in H-town! Cutest cake balls ever.

    • I loved that snow “storm” – it was the perfect Christmas gift. We heard screaming outside around 10:30pm, and looked out to see our neighbors engaged in a snowball fight. How many times have you heard a Houstonian say that?! Of course, we had to join in. It was just too rare and wonderful to pass on. Thanks for the reminder!

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