Things I Love, Volume 6: Lighthouses

I can’t explain it, but I am inexplicably drawn to lighthouses. I’m pulled toward them like a ship in the night. There is no real explanation for this. I did not grow up anywhere near a large body of water or a lighthouse. And yet, when I travel I am drawn to them like my brain has been hard-wired to seek them out. Maybe it’s the romance of being alone in the mist, calling sailors home. Maybe it’s the allure of a solitary life on the coast with a simple purpose. Maybe it’s those ornate glass lenses and the powerful light they create. Or maybe it’s just that they’re pretty and I like to stare at them. Whatever the reason, I’ve seen some beautiful lighthouses and thought I’d share a glimpse of them with you.

Bass Harbor Lighthouse - Bass Harbor, Maine

Cape Blanco Lighthouse - on the Oregon coast

Cape Disappointment Lighthouse - Washington state

Cape Meares Lighthouse - Oregon Coast

Umpqua River Lighthouse - Oregon Coast

Yaquina Head Lighthouse - Oregon Coast

Kilauea Lighthouse from the overlook - Kauai, Hawaii

Kilauea Lighthouse with Hula Dancers - Kauai, Hawaii

View of Kilauea Lighthouse from Secret Beach - Kauai, Hawaii

Heceta Head Lighthouse - Oregon Coast

View of Oregon Coast from the Heceta Head Lightkeeper's House

My favorite - Heceta Head Lighthouse - Oregon Coast

This last one is my personal favorite. We got to spend one night in the Lightkeeper’s House (a B&B) during our trip down the Oregon coast. It was fabulous. We had a room with a view of the lighthouse, which made the best nightlight ever. We walked to the lighthouse late at night with our flashlights and laid on a bench watching the light beam circle around and around, bouncing off the trees and rock cliffs as it circled toward the coast. We had the most spectacular 2 hour, 7 course breakfast the next morning – I’ve never experienced anything like it. It was a magical, wonderful place. And it just cemented my love of lighthouses. I’m smitten. Bewitched. Addicted. Entranced. And I just can’t imagine ever getting enough.



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8 responses to “Things I Love, Volume 6: Lighthouses

  1. Sister #3

    Maybe you were a moth in a previous life???

  2. There is something enchanting about lighthouses. We have a lot of beautiful lighthouses on the shores of the Great Lakes. I almost take them for granted–I live 10 miles from the nearest one. You can (for a fee) be a keeper at the MI lighthouses for a 2 weeks at a time. One day…
    Your pictures make me want to see the Pacific Northwest lighthouses in the worst way.

    • It’s a trip I highly recommend. It is beautiful beyond words. I’ll have to share some of the other photos of the coast I took so you can see them. We flew into Portland, spent a day in the Columbia River valley, then droved to Astoria and spent a week driving the entire Oregon coast. We took a quick side trip into northern California to see the redwoods, turned north and went to Crater Lake, then drove up through the Wilamette River valley through all the awesome farms and vineyards back to Portland. It takes a good 10 days to do it right, but it is SO worth doing. Coastal Oregon is breathtaking. Washington state is gorgeous, too. Seattle is one of my favorite cities in the world. Someday I hope to make it up to the great lakes and see that part of the country, and the lighthouses on the lakes. Just not in the winter.

  3. Beautiful photos. Lighthouses are wonderful and I think I’ve only ever seen one in person! I once met a man who travelled all over and said he thought the most beautiful place was the Oregon coast. Looking at your pictures reiterates what he was saying! One day I definitely want to go there…I’ve never been to the West Coast at all! Thanks for sharing these – they’re wonderful.

    • That’s actually one of the main reasons we decided to take this trip. My in-laws did it in an RV years ago, and they just kept talking about how beautiful it was and how much they enjoyed it. It inspired us to go see it all. And they were right. I think my favorite place in the world is Glacier National Park & Waterton Peace Park – both on the Canada/Montana border. It’s just so beautiful there, words can’t describe it. The Oregon coast may be my second favorite, as far as jaw-dropping scenery. I think I’m going to have to type up a photo post of the Oregon coast so you can see what I mean. I’d be happy to go with you and play tour guide (hint, hint)!

  4. I became a subscriber to your blog and just wanted you to know how much I enjoy your posts and writing. Your recipes will find their way into my kitchen and this lighthouse post is dreamy; beautifully written. Perhaps you would enjoy a read from one of my favorite authors–Jeanette Winterson’s Lighthousekeeping.
    Marley Bear’s Mom, Skye

    • Thank you, Skye, for your kind words. I’ll look up Jeanette Winterson’s Lighthousekeeping. Thanks for sharing that with me. In return, I’ll share another Jeanette that I enjoy – Jeanette Walls, who wrote one of my favorite books, The Glass Castle. Thanks for subscribing. I appreciate your support more than you know. Love & kisses to Marley Bear!

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