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Things I Love, Volume 6: Lighthouses

I can’t explain it, but I am inexplicably drawn to lighthouses. I’m pulled toward them like a ship in the night. There is no real explanation for this. I did not grow up anywhere near a large body of water or a lighthouse. And yet, when I travel I am drawn to them like my brain has been hard-wired to seek them out. Maybe it’s the romance of being alone in the mist, calling sailors home. Maybe it’s the allure of a solitary life on the coast with a simple purpose. Maybe it’s those ornate glass lenses and the powerful light they create. Or maybe it’s just that they’re pretty and I like to stare at them. Whatever the reason, I’ve seen some beautiful lighthouses and thought I’d share a glimpse of them with you.

Bass Harbor Lighthouse - Bass Harbor, Maine

Cape Blanco Lighthouse - on the Oregon coast

Cape Disappointment Lighthouse - Washington state

Cape Meares Lighthouse - Oregon Coast

Umpqua River Lighthouse - Oregon Coast

Yaquina Head Lighthouse - Oregon Coast

Kilauea Lighthouse from the overlook - Kauai, Hawaii

Kilauea Lighthouse with Hula Dancers - Kauai, Hawaii

View of Kilauea Lighthouse from Secret Beach - Kauai, Hawaii

Heceta Head Lighthouse - Oregon Coast

View of Oregon Coast from the Heceta Head Lightkeeper's House

My favorite - Heceta Head Lighthouse - Oregon Coast

This last one is my personal favorite. We got to spend one night in the Lightkeeper’s House (a B&B) during our trip down the Oregon coast. It was fabulous. We had a room with a view of the lighthouse, which made the best nightlight ever. We walked to the lighthouse late at night with our flashlights and laid on a bench watching the light beam circle around and around, bouncing off the trees and rock cliffs as it circled toward the coast. We had the most spectacular 2 hour, 7 course breakfast the next morning – I’ve never experienced anything like it. It was a magical, wonderful place. And it just cemented my love of lighthouses. I’m smitten. Bewitched. Addicted. Entranced. And I just can’t imagine ever getting enough.



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