A Lego Holiday Wonderland

When The Complete Package and I were in Stuttgart, Germany on vacation recently, we fell in love with these awesome holiday window scenes. Then we noticed they were made of Legos. To that I say “WOW” for several reasons:

1. These are totally awesome!
2. This must have taken someone forever to build.
3. Someone got paid to do this.
4. Now I know what Jonah Bear can be when he grows up.

I love to look at the holiday displays in store windows. It’s an art form, and I really appreciate all the time and effort that goes into putting them together. If you agree, leave a comment and tell me about your favorites. Someone in your city might like to check them out, as well. And if you have any suggestions for neighborhoods covered in Christmas lights in the Houston area, I’ll take those, too. I already have Pecan Grove in Richmond/Rosenberg and Green Tee Terrace in Pearland on my map. Thanks for sharing, and merry everything!



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8 responses to “A Lego Holiday Wonderland

  1. These are absolutely AMAZING! I have never seen anything like it!

  2. I love how the monkey has a red lego butt! Also, why is Santa posing with a cheetah? Very confused.
    Minneapolis has a great Hollidazzle parade throughout the season in Nicolett Mall. They used to have an awesome Dayton’s exhibit every year, but it turned into Macy’s and all of the Christmas cheer was destroyed.

    • HA! I wondered if anyone would catch that. I think it borders on too much realism! And I like to think that Santa is posing with Chester Cheetah (of the Cheetos Cheetahs). Everyone loves a crunchy Cheeto, right? Loved your comment about Macy’s and how commercialism destroyed the Dayton’s exhibit. That’s why The Complete Package is running for office on the following platform:

      1. no smoking…ever (it’s just bad for you)
      2. cell phone usage while driving a car = banishment
      3. no Christmas decorations for sale prior to Thanksgiving Day
      4. everyone must address him as The Complete Package at all times
      5. (refer to #2) handguns in cars are totally allowed..and not just in Texas

      He’s a bit of a drama queen. Sorry, honey, but the truth will set you free!

      • The Complete Package

        I am frequrently misquoted by those in the media (including NanaBread). Some quotes are accurate, others quotes are semi-accurate, and others are just wrong. So in the spirit of accuracy, here is the “official” platform:
        1. No smoking anywhere, ever.
        2. Cell phone usage while driving a car = banishment FROM THE HUMAN GENEPOOL. I ride a motorcycle and I can’t mention the number of times somebody on a cell phone has tried to run me over. Distracted driving is the same as drunk driving.
        3. No Christmas decorations prior to Thanksgiving. Take time to celebrate each of the holidays, not just the ones where you buy a lot of stuff from stores.
        Items 4 and 5 were never in the platform. However there was an exception for item #5 (guns in cars). The exception is for specially licensed “agents of the state” who have been granted 007 status (licensed to kill) for weeding the genepool of people who violate platform rule #2.

      • For the record, this member of the media stands behind item #4, although it was not clearly stated in TCP’s original manifesto. Why? Because NanaBread knows deep down in her heart that item #4 would be strictly inforced if TCP were to ever be elected. Why? Because TCP is a diva, a drama queen, and evidently a wanna-be secret agent. Some boys never grow up.

      • These are great rules. I love and support them all. Especially #4. BTW–I showed my boys the Lego displays, and they all went nuts! Amazing stuff.

      • Hee hee hee…I love #4, as well. I completely understand why your boys went nuts over the Lego displays. I was amazed and inspired, and I’m a 47 year old grandmother. I can only imagine what your boys could do with that many Legos, and I’d love to be right there with them if they ever got a crack at it!

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