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A Lego Holiday Wonderland

When The Complete Package and I were in Stuttgart, Germany on vacation recently, we fell in love with these awesome holiday window scenes. Then we noticed they were made of Legos. To that I say “WOW” for several reasons:

1. These are totally awesome!
2. This must have taken someone forever to build.
3. Someone got paid to do this.
4. Now I know what Jonah Bear can be when he grows up.

I love to look at the holiday displays in store windows. It’s an art form, and I really appreciate all the time and effort that goes into putting them together. If you agree, leave a comment and tell me about your favorites. Someone in your city might like to check them out, as well. And if you have any suggestions for neighborhoods covered in Christmas lights in the Houston area, I’ll take those, too. I already have Pecan Grove in Richmond/Rosenberg and Green Tee Terrace in Pearland on my map. Thanks for sharing, and merry everything!



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