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Extremely Bad Make-Overs

Warning: The photos you are about to view are not pretty. In fact, they’re horrible. Hysterically bad. It was not our intent to do extremely bad make-overs, but it happened, and alcohol may have been a factor.

Our annual Hoegarden weekends are unpredictable. That’s true of most events when my side of the family gets together, but especially when it’s just us girls and the estrogen level spikes. As a reminder, Hoegarden Weekend is our annual “girls only” gathering (see my post entitled “Hoegarden – It’s a Weekend Named for a Beer”). Sometimes we cut up. No, we always cut up. But sometimes we get completely out of control. Such was the case one night in 2007 when we decided to hold a make-over session after a “vote for your favorite cocktail” contest late at night. Sometimes tragedy is all about timing.

First there was Sister #4, who channeled Averil Levigne for her make-over. Not bad. Scary, but not bad. If she’d had a guitar, a plaid mini-skirt and a black t-shirt, she would have nailed it

Sister #4's Averil Levigne Head Shot

Then there was Sister #1, Big Sis, who went for the Cruela DaVille look from the movie 101 Dalmations. She definitely nailed it. If your kids are looking over your shoulder while you read this, I apologize. Please reassure them that no puppies were harmed in the making of this bad make-over.

Sister #1 Channels Cruella DeVille

But it was Sister #5, The Baby, who really cracked me up. She went for the “No Soup for You!” cranky waitress persona that almost made me wet myself.

The Baby Refuses a Customer's Order

She’s famous for that, and she’s usually the first to spontaneously dress up during our Hoegarden weekends. But then we broke out a box of waxed lips from our “childhood favorites” candy stash and a couple of aprons from our “homemade crafts” challenge, and that’s when Flo and Nadine showed up.

Flo & Nadine Are Waiting to Serve You

Sometimes it pays to be the one holding the camera. As the saying goes, there’s a thin line between comedy and tragedy. Flo and Nadine were hideous, but hilarious. Yes, we may be a little nuts around the edges, but no one can dispute that when we all get together, we sure know how to make each other laugh.



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