Pineapple Update!

Our pineapple babies are growing nicely. I realized it’s been forever since my last update, and I thought you’d like to see how they’re doing. This year, we have four. FOUR! Well, four actual fruits. We’re currently up to eight pots and over a dozen plants. If you add in the ratoons (offshoots) that will have to be replanted soon, we’re up to 25+ potential pineapple plants. It’s practically a mini-plantation now. Watch your back, Dole. I’m coming for you.

Pineapple Collage - Aug2013

In my head I call them Eenie, Meenie, Miney & Mo. This is Mo (below).

Pineapple Close-Up - Aug2013

Judging by our last pineapple harvest in 2011, I’m guessing these are still at least 4-6 weeks from fully ripe which means late September or possibly even early October. But that’s okay, because we got another surprise this month – a new batch of bananas – and they’ll be ripe at about the same time.

Bananas - Aug2013

{sniff….sniff…} I smell daiquiris!



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21 responses to “Pineapple Update!

  1. Bananas and pineapples? Nice!

  2. Okay…did I miss something? Where do you live that you are getting all tropical in the garden?

  3. Claudia

    Meanwhile, in a much colder part of the Northern hemisphere, a mildly frustrated woman has been trying for weeks already to hypnotize her very green heirloom tomatoes into turning red. Next step – expletives… that’ll make ’em blush! ;-)

    • Hello, my sweet friend!
      Sorry to tease you with our tropical bounty, but I have to say it makes me laugh out loud to think of you standing on a patio in The Netherlands slinging expletives at tomatoes. Hope you are well! I think of you often. Hugs to you – jeanne

  4. Big Sis

    So when does the daiquiri bar open? Can I put my reservation in now??

  5. This is so awesome. I remember you mentioning the pineapple plants in Austin. I must try this at home and at the school with the kids.

    • Pilar, the kids would love it! Growing pineapples is always a great conversation starter. Everyone is so surprised to see them. I’ve noticed my HEB store processes fresh pineapples and tosses the cut tops into bins. I wonder if the manager of a store near your school would be willing to donate a bin of pineapple tops for you to plant in your garden? That would be spectacular! You’ll have to let me know if you try it! -jeanne

  6. Oh my gosh, Jeanne! What an amazing harvest! Those pineapples look gorgeous! And the bananas….it’s like you are living in paradise! I babied my meyer lemon tree all winter and it survived. And last year I only had 6 lemons. This year…an amazing 30 lemons! But guess who didn’t think to net the plant. Yup. 4 for me…..26 for the birds! I hope you get that daiquiri recipe up soon….I’m going to need several! Great job with the gardening!

    • So sorry to hear about your lemons, Anne! That’s why we gave up our blueberry bushes years ago. We tried netting them, but our garage, house & driveway were continuously covered in purple poo. It was impossible to remove those stains. Yucky! I love the birds, but I’m not a fan of their carnage.

  7. Jeanne, you helm the blender and TCP and I’ll man the grill. Deal? BTW, Betty is hanging in there…I’ll tweet a #pineapplechronicles soon!

    • Deal! TCP has been wanting to try a new brisket smoking method, so c’mon down! Give Betty my best regards, and just remember – it took our first pineapple six years to fruit. It was totally worth it! (Also, our others fruited more quickly after we had multiple plants, so maybe Betty needs a friend – for cross pollination purposes?) Tweet that pic! -j

  8. Jeanne, I am SO impressed by your pineapple crop! I have grown indoor pineapple plants but have never lived anywhere where they could be planted outside and have certainly never produced fruit! I was told I could put pottedfruit plants in my garage over the winter and they might survive (a friend does it in Chicago with figs). I really want to try it with a meyer lemon tree. St. Louis does have a long hot growing season but it also gets pretty cold and nasty in the winter.

    • We move ours into the garage when it dips below freezing, but let’s be honest – it’s Houston – so it only happens a couple of nights each year. Not that I’m complaining – okay, maybe just a little bit. I really miss seasons and snow.

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  10. Linda

    I just got my first pineapple and do not know when to pick it, how to transplants the offshoots, etc Please direct me to the best placse to get the information that made your pineapple so successful. PLEASE

  11. Are any of your pineapple recipes on this blog? I just discovered you today and have enjoyed reading the tale of the baby pineapple and homemade pineapple upside down cake. I’m drooling! Your cake looks wonderful!

    • Hi, Sarah.
      The upside-down cake is the only pineapple recipe I’ve posted (other than cocktails) to date. I have made other things with our homegrown pineapples, from preserves (Upside-Down Jam with pineapple & maraschino cherries) and sweet & sour chicken, but none that I’ve posted. The problem is that I get so excited about harvesting one of our wee beasties, I forget to document what I make. I’ll try to do better next summer. Promise! -jeanne

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