A Pineapple Update

If you’re a regular reader, you might remember that in 2011 we grew and harvested our first ever homegrown pineapple. It was the best of times.

Our first ever pineapple; summer of 2012

Our first ever pineapple; summer of 2012

We’re such dorks, we called our kids & grandkids and invited them over for the weekend so we could harvest it together. The Complete Package helped our grandson, Jonah Bear, cut the first pineapple. Go Jonah Bear!

Jonah Bear puts some muscle into harvesting the pineapple.

Jonah Bear puts some muscle into harvesting the pineapple.

Then Jonah & I immediately cut it up and baked a birthday cake for our granddaughter, Lilly Bug. What a great adventure that was. And so much fun.

Lilly Bug blows out the candles on her homemade cake.

Lilly Bug blows out the candles on her homemade cake.

Well, this year – we have four baby pineapples. FOUR! It’s so amazing. Of the ten pineapple plants currently growing on our back porch, four have bloomed and produced fruit. We are so excited! Here are a few shots of the new babies.

This snap shows the baby pineapple on its stalk.

This snap shows the baby pineapple on its stalk.

This one shows the crown starting to form on top.

This one shows the crown starting to form on top.

If you look closely at the tips, you'll see the purple flowers almost ready to emerge.

If you look closely at the tips, you’ll see the purple flowers almost ready to emerge.

So hold on to your britches, folks. This summer promises to bring All The Pineapple Goodies. While I’m sure there’s another pineapple upside-down cake in our future (because last year’s cake was beyond delicious), there’s no telling what the others may become. Pineapple preserves? Pineapple sherbet? Pineapple tarts? Feel free to shout out suggestions! Like all other mothers with new babies, I’m sure I’ll post additional photos as they grow.

Ever the proud pineapple momma,
-Jeanne (NanaBread)



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33 responses to “A Pineapple Update

  1. Jeanne, I do remember your pineapple plantings―which in turn inspired me to start my own. It’s exciting to see your fruitful success! Jonah Bear and Lilly Bug will be garden experts and bakers in no time. I’m looking forward to what may come from the bounty in the near future.

    • How are your pineapples doing, Brooks? Getting bigger and stronger, I presume? Usually, a pineapple plant has to be fairly large and several years old to fruit, which is why we were so stunned. Two of the four plants that bloomed are still pretty small. Such a happy surprise! I’m starting a list of possible treats to make with our fresh pineapples. Fried pies, maybe? Definitely a homemade pineapple sherbet. So many possibilities…

      PS – your Lavender & Lemon Pound Cake is lovely! I’ll bet your kitchen smelled amazing when this was baking. I can almost smell it. http://cakewalkr.com/lavender-lemon-pound-cake/

      • Jeanne, I wish I could tell you the plants are thriving, but I’ve lost every one. We have hard freezes and lengthy chilly temps during our winters. I either didn’t protect them before it was too late or they didn’t like their temporary indoor home over the cold spell. But I’m not giving up! Many thanks for the lovely comment on the pound cake. The experience of steeping the lavender was aroma therapy at its finest.

  2. TCP

    Here are my suggestions:
    1. Pineapple sherbet – a nice summer treat and may get daughter to visit (play the Grandma Lonon card)
    2. Pineapple preserves – good on an english muffin
    3. Sweet and Sour chicken – brings back memories of NYC (you know you have to add the bell pepper) ;-)
    4. Pineapple fried pies – the grand kids will love them
    5. Fruity adult beverages – just add the coconut and rum

    • I’m down with all of those, honey. Hadn’t thought of the Sweet & Sour Chicken ala the NYC Chinatown excursion. Holy yum, that stuff was amazing! Your #5 is appealing – Pina Coladas are tasty on a hot summer day. I wonder if I could hollow out the pineapple without destroying it. I’m thinking Best Cocktail Glass Ever!

  3. Those are some good looking pineapples!

    • Thanks, Anne. I can’t wait to watch them grow up. It’s so much fun to grow your own food. Your fish taco post has me thinking about a fresh pineapple salsa now.

  4. You know how pineapples are supposed to make you go into labor (LIES!!)? Well, my midwife told me saved the tops of the pineapples she ate before she gave birth to her kids–she now has a plant for each kid!
    I immediately thought of your pineapple adventures when she told me that :)

    • Sarah, I’d never heard the pineapple triggers childbirth tip, but maybe that’s because it’s LIES!! hahaha I love that your midwife plants pineapple tops. That’s how we got started, and we’re 10 plants in now. We call it our mini-plantation.

      I can’t believe she’s not here yet. How overdue does one baby need to be? C’mon, Peanut… get out of there and say hello already! Fingers are crossed that when she does decide to appear, it will be quick and painless. :D

  5. What beautiful babies you have raised! I wish it were warm enough here to raise some!

  6. Wow, that is so cool Jeanne! Your are so lucky to have the right climate for it :) And of course, that green thumb!

    • Green thumb? I wish! I have killed so many houseplants, it’s not even funny. I think the pineapples thrive on their own. All they need is sunshine, warm temps and an occasional rain. Which makes them perfect for me. :)

  7. Claudia

    You need a new name for your website now. What about insidepinemommashead? Or superjeannepineapplequeen?
    Speaking of growing… are those last year’s photos? What do they feed those grandkids of yours? They grow really fast!

    • The photos of the kids were from last summer. They have grown so much this past year and they totally need to knock it off! Slow down, kids. What’s your hurry?

      • Correction: You were right, Claudia. The pineapple harvest photos of the kids were from 2011. I guess time really does fly when you’re having fun! Thanks for catching that. I guess it’s true that the first thing to go is your mind. #50

  8. Pat Counts

    All because of you, we now have a pineapple plant in a pot on the porch. So far, not one sign of any blooms. I am still waiting. You are one lucky duck!! Pat

    • I love it! I’ll have to come by and see your new addition. And you’re welcome to come over and see the pina-babies for inspiration. With all the fabulous things you’re growing, I’m sure your pineapple will flourish. Remember… our first pineapple plant took 6 years to fruit. Oy! Hugs to you, Carl & Tippy -jeanne

  9. Big Sis

    I have straws with paper umbrellas!! And I bet if I look real hard I have just the paper umbrellas too!! YES I will bring cake!! :)

  10. Awww…you so belong here in Hawaii with me! :)
    When we first moved into this house we had a couple baby pineapples, but no longer…Now we need to get started on more. It’s one of the few tropical fruits that we don’t grow. Maybe you should come visit and help me get started! :)
    ALOHA–and great job!!

    • I think you need to remedy that situation, Monica. With all the tropical fruit you have growing at your Hawaiian Hideaway, pineapples should definitely be in the mix. You should have Dr. Dave build you a pineapple garden. Any excuse to break out the farm equipment, right?

  11. Deb

    Yippie, more little baby pineapples!! SOOO cute! Time has flown! I remember watching the very first one grow, and feeling a little sad when he was cut, but then looking at that cake….ohhhhhh yummy, so worth it!

  12. This is fantastically nerdy in a food way. Love that you can grow pineapples in Texas!

    • I know, right? It’s my version of Extreme Local Foods. We also grow our own bananas, which totally rocks. It’s our reward for tolerating Houston’s heat & humidity. A couple of cases of Shiner Beer & a trough of ice to put it in would also be nice, but I don’t think the state is ready to subsidize that yet.

  13. I love your pineapple babies more than my luggage. It helps that pineapple is my second favorite fruit (behind banana, of course). I’m with TCP and the pineapple cocktails!

    • I knew you liked pineapple, but more than your luggage? That’s high praise, Mads. High praise indeed! Pretty sure there will be pina-cocktails. You’re welcome to join us (I’ll do anything to get you all to Texas for a visit).

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