Postcards from Small Town Texas

The Complete Package and I have been enjoying scenic drives to small towns throughout Texas. This is the first in a series of photo collections documenting our lazy day adventures and highlighting these small town Texas treasures.

First Stop: Hallettsville, Texas

Hallettsville, Texas is located between Houston and San Antonio on Old Highway 90, 17 miles south of I-10. To learn more, visit



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10 responses to “Postcards from Small Town Texas

  1. Some beautiful architecture in these buildings. It’s always great to get off the main roads and go exploring. You never know what you’ll find or who you will meet!

  2. very lovely photographs, what a sweet town !!!

    • Thanks, Julia. Hallettsville was a really great little town. We enjoyed our visit very much. I love that their town square still had the old courthouse. So many of them burned down and were rebuilt. This beauty was from 1897. I love that!

  3. Oh I love these snapshots into a quiet little town. Makes me long for a simple life. I love the old architecture. What a great idea to explore like this. Makes me want to get out an explore in my own area. And I love the postcard look you gave to your beautiful photos! Looking forward to the next in your series! : )

  4. What a cute little town! So fun to go exploring off the beaten path. I love walking through small towns because it makes life seem a little slower and more simple. Love that.

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