I have a case of the Monday blechs

Don't take this personally. It's not you - it's me.

Today is Monday, but you’re probably already aware of that. The difference, for me anyway, is that it’s the Monday after a holiday. Hence, I have a case of the Monday blechs. They’re like the blahs, but with a more surly attitude. Which means that if you tuned in expecting to be dazzled by my intellect, you picked the wrong day. Sorry, Charlie.

Here is but a sampling of what’s swirling around in my brain:

1. Houston has been 25+ inches below our average rainfall all year, but it rained heavily while we were on vacation and again while we were traveling for Thanksgiving. Which begs the question – is it ME? A few more rains like this last one we missed, and our lakes will start coming back up to a decent level. Burn bans could be lifted. Maybe it’s a coincidence, but what if it’s not? Maybe it’s a sign that we should travel more. I’m willing to take one for the team.

2. I’m about 90% finished with my Christmas shopping. I’m thinking Cyber Monday may just put me over the edge, so today I’ll be searching for internet deals. Note to store websites: 10% off with no shipping? Seriously? If you want to woo me, you’re going to have to work harder than that. I won’t even slow down to browse for less than 40% off so you’d better be prepared to kick it up a notch. PS – I’m totally worth it.

3. The Complete Package smoked a huge brisket last night. He either forgot there are just two of us at home, or he has a serious craving for brisket. On the menu this week – brisket tacos, brisket enchiladas and brisket tamales. I’m thinking some of this may have to go in the freezer. Or I’ll have to come up with more ideas. Please feel free to make suggestions (before I try brisket waffles).

4. I miss Jonah Bear and Lilly Bug. We just saw them a few weeks ago, but I miss them already. They’re growing so fast I’m afraid driving, high school, marriage and great-grandbabies are just around the corner. I’m thinking I should have asked for a time machine so I could slow time instead of that Keurig I wanted. See? Being selfish never pays off. Even with good coffee.

It's no shock to anyone that I love my grandbabies

5. Sister #4 made a spectacular chocolate cake for Thanksgiving. It was filled with Nutella and smothered in chocolate Swiss buttercream. Clearly, she is evil.

6. When I run for Governor of Texas or President of the United States, I am going to promise to outlaw highway construction during holiday travel seasons. I think I can win on this platform, although I’ll have to do it without any highway construction company money. That said, I think I could get around that issue by asking for a $5 personal check from every citizen who sat in traffic for 3 extra hours this weekend. As an extra bonus, I would also ban airlines from charging those ridiculous baggage fees and insist that they serve better snacks. Something along the lines of warm Otis Spunkmeyer cookies and hot dog carts. I should totally shop for power suits on Cyber Monday. I think I could win this thing. My first order of business as President will be establishing my Kitchen Cabinet.

7. My dog has developed a new habit of licking our leather sofas. We don’t eat on our sofas, so it’s not the ‘snack factor’ and our sofas are at least 10 years old, so it’s not that ‘new cow smell” either. Does anyone have any insight into this one?

8. It’s finally cool enough in Houston to break out my sweatpants and flannel pajamas. And now that I’ve said that out loud, it will probably be 84 tomorrow.

9. I won a 2-ounce bottle of flavoring from a spice company and they sent me anise – the one flavoring I will never use. If anyone is an anise lover, let me know. I’m happy to share the love. Or in this case, the flavoring I don’t love. Be the first to comment and it’s yours. How’s that for a spectacular offer?

10. As soon as our broken attic door is replaced this Friday, my Christmas decorations are coming down. It’s going to look like Christmas threw up all over my house. I love Christmas. It’s the most wonderful time of the year, you know. Here’s hoping your holidays are merry and bright. And no, that’s not sarcasm.

Peace, love and sugar cookies to you & yours – NanaBread

This is not us. TCP is not that perky, and I don't do fringe.



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28 responses to “I have a case of the Monday blechs

  1. You’re preaching to the choir, Sister! The Monday after a holiday is always such a let down. I’ve got all sorts of randomness to that effect to spew forth to the masses, as well. Once again, we are totally on the same wave.
    1. Anise is from the devil. They should have just sent you dog-vomit flavoring.
    2. No online retailer is getting my credit card number for anything less than free shipping, 40% off, and a free gift for my trouble. If they know what’s good for them, they’ll make that free gift pink & sparkly.
    3. We had a dog once that licked leather purses & shoes. She didn’t know that she was a dog, so we had hope that she was channeling her inner hunter-gatherer.
    4. I LOVE Christmas!!

    • I absolutely agree, Kirsten!
      1. This company makes a guhzillion flavorings, and they send anise. Maybe it’s me, but are they dumping this stuff because they can’t sell it? Have I been duped by yet another “Hey, wanna win something cool” marketing trick? They’ve probably already sold my mailing address.
      2. I want to be dazzled by Cyber Monday & every day from now to Christmas Eve. If your store window says “10% off everything” I’m going to walk right by. I want at least 50% off to pique my interest, and it will take 60-70% off to get me in the door. The free gift I want? Chocolate.
      3. I’m thinking some type of mineral deficiency, but I don’t know where to start. I could lick the sofa to see what I’m missing, but I think I’ll just search the internet instead. And yes, I do keep a giant vat of hand sanitzer in my house. Why do you ask?
      4. I love Christmas, too! Love the old TV specials (Grinch, Rudolph). Love the music. Love the old movies. This is totally my season.

  2. Amy

    I had to wait to comment until someone else did cause I didn’t want to get stuck with that bottle of anise. Blech!
    But yeah, it’s the Monday after a 4 day weekend and it’s grey and raining and all my pumpkin pie has been eaten and the only turkey left is one wing and some tendon-y bits. So yeah. I hear ya!

    • Okay, to ease Kirsten’s fear I’m not sending the anise flavoring to the first person to comment. I’m sending it to the first commentor who says they’d like to have it. I know there are people out there who use this stuff. I’ve seen too many recipes I’ve gagged over a little to know better. SO, to clarify – the first person who actually WANTS the anise flavoring gets it. Just leave a comment. I promise not to judge you for liking this stuff, and it will keep me from throwing it in the garbage. As for Thanksgiving leftovers, we have none. Zero. Nada. We had Thanksgiving at my sister’s house in Dallas and left it all behind. Nothing came home – no pumpkin pie, no turkey, and no tendon-y bits. Now if I could just find uses for the 8 pounds of leftover brisket from last night….

  3. Claudia

    Anise aroma… hm. Here’s a petty fact for ya: when pregnant sows are fed anise aroma before delivering their litter, the little piglets are much calmer and better eaters once they’re born.
    I’ll just give you a couple of seconds to digest this valuable and indispensable piece of information.

    Not that any of this changes my mind or anything. I’m totally with you when you say you pass on the anise and rather have chocolate flavoring :-)

    • You bring up an interesting point, Claudia. I wonder if it would work on humans before consuming a big holiday meal. Think anise flavoring would cause us to be much calmer and smarter eaters? If so, we could make a fortune off that little bottle of extract! A fortune, I tell you!!! {evil laugh}

      PS – If you get kicked out of the Netherlands for being Dutch and shunning black licorice, you always have a room here at Casa NanaBread. Hint, hint.

  4. The blechs! Is that somewhere in between the blahs and the blues? The holiday season beginning with Halloween….is always a roller coaster for me! But I’m so envious that you have most of your Christmas shopping done! (and hey…don’t hate….I’d think you’d look good in fringe!) Hope you have a better day tomorrow! : – }

  5. gapgrad

    Your surliness makes you extra funny. My surliness makes me wish I had found this earlier in the day. Then maybe I wouldnt be so surly. Maybe I will read it tomorrow for the Tuesday yecks.

  6. Ha ha sounds like your to have a great Tuesday! Looked on FN and Tyler Florence serves his brisket with crispy potato pancakes..it looked good to me :) You could always chop some up and make a shepherds pie with it..that sounds good to me..your making me hungry..I jsut had some good ole Tomato Pie for breakfast!
    I agree with you on the holiday road construction..sheesh..it is like clockwork..its always there! Whats the deal..maybe they are squeeezing in the last of this years budget ..Ive always said!
    Hope you have a good week..love your blog!
    Peace and love

    • I DID have a good Tuesday! Got up early this morning and did my grocery shopping. Came home, put everything away and went back out to shop for Christmas. The good news – I’M DONE! I finished my holiday shopping today. More good news – I’ve wrapped at least half of it. Should be able to finish wrapping on Wednesday. Now I just have to wait for the repairman to come on Friday to fix my attic door. That’d be the attic where all my Christmas decorations are stored. Guess that gives me all day Thursday to address my Christmas cards. What a productive week I’m having!

      PS – Hey, Susan. Did you know that TCP & I once rented a cabin outside of Maggie Valley? It’s been a few years, but it was AWESOME! What a fabulous trip. Wish I’d known about your lovely apple cake. I would have made it my mission to find you. Makes me a little sad that I was so close to greatness and never knew it. -jeanne

  7. Craftiest #4

    I have an entire cabinet of Penzey’s spices. Just went shopping yesterday. I’m sure I could find something to trade you for your anise. That away you still come out ahead. Was I the only one at Thanksmas hoping Dad would have opened his gift?

    • Uhhhh….that would be a YES! I don’t think I would have participated in Dad opening his bottle of Turkish Raki. The one glass I had in Istanbul was enough for me. Not a fan of black licorice – in candy form or in liquor form. I had no idea you liked it. I swear, I thought Dad was the only one in the family who liked the stuff. The anise flavoring is yours, sister. I don’t suppose you have anything in the cinnamon family you’d be willing to trade? I’m also a fan of ginger, corriander, garlic and anything spicy. Whatcha’ got?

  8. Kat

    I may or may not be moving to Texas temporarily so I can dwell with you and eat your brisket. Why I haven’t actually just gotten my horses in a row and made one on my own? That’s a mystery to me.

    Also…Anise. Seriously? Was that meant to be an un-gift?

    • Take your time, Kat. I think you could WALK to Texas and we’d still have brisket left. Tomorrow night is brisket enchilada night. I’ll be wrapping chopped brisket, a little onion and cheese in white corn tortillas and smothering them in enchilada sauce. After that, it’s probably BBQ chopped beef sandwiches, then maybe brisket posole. Or a brisket and jalapeno pizza with spicy chipotle sauce topped in shredded lettuce and chopped tomato. Something tells me I’m going to be ready to murder someone for a broiled fish or a green salad by Friday.

      On the anise flavoring – I’m sticking to my original theory. I think they’re giving it away because no one will buy it. On the up side, I think my little sister is willing to take it off my hands. Stay tuned.

    • Craftiest #4

      So, let’s see, I’ve got spicy, savory, sweet… Currently I have four different cinnamons, yes, there are varieties of cinnamon. I have combinations- Indian, polish, mixed herbs, should I just surprise you? By the way, should I send you cookies after I’ve made a batch with your anise?

      • I will gladly take any cinnamon off your hands. Any other goodies you’d like to throw in will make for a nice surprise. In return, I’ll send you the anise flavoring and a few other selections of my choosing, as well. It’ll be like our own flavorful little lottery. As for sending anise flavored cookies? That’s a big negativo. A major nope. A polite no thank you. If I was willing to eat that crap delicacy, we wouldn’t be having this conversation. :-p

  9. You’re so much fun. Always.
    Just now catching up on your blog and it’s Wednesday (Thursday for you, since it is nearing midnight for me in Hawaii :)) but I hope by now you are feeling better. I just have to say how much I’ve enjoyed catching up on your blog. I may regret it in the morning, but thanks for the entertainment…
    aloha, and hope its a HAPPY THURSDAY! xo

    • I think unloading my crankiness on Monday helped – I’ve had a great week. Blogging as therapy? I’m sure I’m not the first to find it helpful! Thanks for dropping in to catch up, especially so late at night. I really appreciate it. Hope you got some sleep last night. I’m sure you’ll need it with your 4 boys, 2 dogs, fancy rodent, peek-a-boo horse AND company visiting. Have a great week and an even better weekend, Monica!

  10. Josie sometimes licks our couch too. I am convinced she farts and then gets very interested……
    Can your sister share that cake recipe with the crowd? I am hoarding all the nutella recipes I can!

    • Wow. That’s a great mental image of Josie you paint there. Odd, but adorable. I’ll ask my sister if she’ll share the cake recipe. If she’s willing, I’ll e-mail it to you.

  11. It’s been a little while since you’ve posted. I hope that all is ok.

    I thought of you today. Why? Because the Trader Joe’s by me has a product that caught my eye. It is Speculoos Cookie Butter – “a deliciously unusual spread reminiscent of gingerbread and made with crushed cookies”. I’m intrigued. The side of the jar says to spread it on cookies, or dip whatever you would like in it.

    Hope your Monday Blechs are long gone.

    • Hello, Lisa Bear! Yes, all is well here in Houston. I’ve just been really busy with the holidays and that’s made me less motivated to blog. We’ve been traveling a lot the past few weeks, and when we’re home we’re playing ‘catch up’ on all the other stuff. I’ll be back into the swing of things this week. I’ve got a cookie post coming up on Tuesday for Cookie Week (with my blogging friends who did Pie Week last month), and I’ll be putting up some holiday stuff. Thanks for checking in on me. I appreciate it more than you know! I can’t believe you found Speculoos Cookie Butter at Trader Joe’s. Just one more reason to complain that we don’t have a store here yet. Did you buy it? Did you try it? Did you like it? I’d love to know what you thought. I’m still determined to find a good speculoos cookie stateside. They are delicious! Hope you’re having a great week, and thanks again for checking in. -jeanne

      • Glad to hear that all is well and that you are just busy.

        No, I didn’t buy it or try it, yet. However, if you’d like me to, I can buy a jar and send it to you. The TJ’s is on my way home from work, which is not all that safe for my grocery budget. I am curious, though. We have so many treats here right now that I would probably buy it now and save it for a treat in January.

      • You should pick up a jar for January and treat yourself. I think that’s a great idea. I’ll look for it here in Houston. I’ve got several good stores near me that might carry it. Whoever tries it first e-mails the other. Deal?

  12. I know I’m late to the party, but ditto, ditto, ditto to everything!!!!! And one more thing, today is my birthday and for whatever reason is out there in the cosmos, I am feeling particularly grumpy. And it ain’t PMS because I don’t have the parts anymore to make the ‘P’ or the ‘M’ in PMS. The day started out great with my little grandkadiddles calling to sing me happy birthday, however things took a screaming turn for the worse when a young neighbor woman knocked on my door. I have been sick and haven’t had a chance to decorate for Christmas yet. The boxes are sitting in the living room waiting for me to do something with them. Anyway, so this young, energetic busy body looks at me and says, “You at least have your Christmas tree up, don’t you?” and then looks past me at the parts of my house she could see from the doorway. I got really ticked off, but smiled sweetly and said, “No. I don’t and I’m thinking that I’m going to just skip all the decorating this year and put those boxes back down in the basement.” She looked at me a little surprised and said, “Oh! I would be so upset if my mom didn’t decorate her house for Christmas. You need to remember that even though your children are grown they still need you to decorate your house at Christmas.”

    I’m thinking that just for fun I’m going to go over to her house tonight and toilet paper every square inch of it and leave a note saying, “I noticed that your yard didn’t have any snow in it for Christmas and thought that maybe your children would be disappointed, so I made it look like snow…You wouldn’t want to have disappointed children now would you? Oh, and here is a little bottle of anise for your holiday cooking. Again, I know you wouldn’t want to disappoint your children by making cookies without anise.”

    Oh, NanaBread! I really needed this vent and when I opened up your blog tonight and read your post, even though you wrote it a couple of weeks ago, it was the perfect balm to my soul! Thank you for cutting loose and being a voice for ‘one of those days’…or years.

    • Thanks, Terri. I’m glad you enjoyed it. Sometimes, even perky upbeat people have a grumpy day. It felt good to get it off my chest, so I’m thrilled it helped you do the same. I love your “snowing the neighbor” idea. If wind weren’t an issue, it would be even funnier to do it with packing peanuts. You could also stuff white trash bags with old wadded up newpapers and “snowman” her yard. By the way, being young doesn’t excuse being nosy or rude. I hope some day she’ll be the offended party so she can see what that feels like. Next time, just pull her into the house and say, “I’ve been sick, so I haven’t had time to decorate. I can’t thank you enough for volunteering to help!” That’ll teach her. Happy birthday, Terri! Hope you have a better day today to make up for it. -jeanne

      • Jeanne–too funny about the packing peanuts and the white trash bag snowmen! Oh, and one more (unrelated) thing. That little wonder camera that you husband bought looks amazing! Point and clicks have really come such a long way. It’s amazing the quality of pics you can get from them–ie those feeding the bird picks your husband took. Wow!

      • His little pocket camera really is amazing. It would make a perfect holiday gift, too!
        As for holiday pranking, I’m thinking this would be fun to do to people I really DO like. How cute would it be to “Winter Wonderland” someone’s yard for the holidays? Late night adventures to leave trash bag snowmen flolicking on someone’s lawn. What a funny thing to wake up to. Like spamming someone’s yard with pink flamingos, but the holiday version. We may be on to something here….

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