Posole – It’s What (was) for Supper

You’ll be happy to know The Complete Package got his posole for dinner last night. He’s been craving it ever since I mentioned it in Monday’s post. Since then, he has dropped some not so subtle hints in the comment section of a few recent blog posts. I replied, in no uncertain terms, that I couldn’t make him no damn posole until he first smoked a rack of pork ribs, because nothing makes a fabulous pot of posole like leftover smokey rib meat. Well, I’ll be danged if he didn’t walk in the back door last night with a grocery bag. That’s right. You heard me. Mr. Spoiled Rotten stopped on his way home and picked up everything he needed to smoke pork ribs. Boy howdy, when that man gets a craving…

So Mr. I Have My Needs got his big honkin’ bowl of posole for dinner, and all is right with the world. If you haven’t tried posole yet, you really should. It’s the unsung hero of Mexican stews. And we love us some Mexican food around here. If you’re up to it, click here for posole. I hope you enjoy it… and you’re welcome, Mr. I’m Gonna Go Fall Asleep On The Couch Now. {giggling}



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5 responses to “Posole – It’s What (was) for Supper

  1. TCP

    You do spoil me. BUT…. it takes 4 hours to smoke and cook the ribs (which I did), so you could argue I spent more time making the posole then you did (SNAP). And don’t get me started on “spoiled rotten”. Which one of us retired 4 years ago to play with the grandkids and blog while the other continues to work to support her in the manner to which she has grown accustomed (SNAP SNAP)? However I am happy to do this because of my “unconditional love” for you (while I know you don’t believe in the concept of unconditional love … I do) …. (SNAP SNAP SNAP).

    • Wow…that’s a whole lot of snappin’, honey! Yes, you spent 4 hours on your ribs while it only took an hour to make the posole. Yes, I did retire 4 years ago so I could spend time more with the grandkids and play and travel with you. To that, I say: remember the old days when we split the chores 50/50 and we spent all of our free time running errands? (Snap right backatcha.) Now, on the unconditional love thing. Do I believe in true, deep, unabiding life-long love? Yes, I absolutely do. But human beings are highly emotional and sometimes prone to hurtful behavior, which leads me to believe that unconditional love is a myth. It’s as flawed as the human psyche. There is an entire world of proof that human beings can do horrible things to people they claim to love. So it’s not the love part I have a problem with, it’s the “unconditional” tag. I think it’s more suited to pets. But that’s just my opinion based on my own experiences. And that’s what makes the world go around. How we got from posole to human psychology in 3 easy steps is boggling my mind, but I enjoyed the “snappy” repartee. PS – we’re having leftovers for dinner.

      • Dear kids (readers),
        Mommy & Daddy are not fighting.
        They’re just really sarcastic with each other.
        They still love each other, and you, very much. I promise.

  2. THAT was all very entertaining! I actually came here to comment on the posole, but can’t remember what I was gonna say now…haha! ;) It does look delicious, and if my husband ever makes the ribs, I will too try to posole!
    Feel free to carry on, I’m just listening…

    • Just keepin’ it real {and being more than a little cheeky}
      I’m happy you found the humor in that post.
      TCP and I are always giving each other a rash of poo,
      so I’m glad you were laughing along with us.
      Let me know if you try the posole. I’d love to hear what you think.

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