My Creative Moment of the Week: Making a Camera Neck Strap Cover

Do you use a neck strap on your camera? I do. My Canon EOS Rebel T2i came with a heavy-duty neck strap, but it’s lacking in the comfort department. The rubbery back gets hot and sweaty, and the plastic thread holding it together rubs a nasty rash on my delicate swan-like neck. Of course, my tongue is firmly planted in my cheek as I say that. I am neither delicate nor swan-like. I’ve been ogling neck strap covers on Etsy for a while, contemplating whether to spend the $25 to $40 plus shipping to order one, or just get off my butt and try to make one. Last week, I got off my butt.

I found the super cute owl fabric at a quilt shop in McKinney during our Hoegarden weekend back in March, and had to have it. I love cute little owls. Actually, I’m a sucker in general for furry woodland creatures (did I mention I hope to start a squirrel ranch when we retire?). That coordinating brown polka-dot fabric is cute, too. With a little cotton quilt batting and some trial & error, I was able to create a reversible padded neck strap cover in less than an hour. It would have gone faster, but my first attempt didn’t fit. What is it they say? “Measure twice; cut once.” Well, do as they say not as I do. Even so, I still had leftover fabric to make a newborn-size baby changing pad for a certain blogger friend who is crazy about owls and expecting her first baby in a few months.

Lessons learned: 1.) pay attention & 2.) sometimes it pays to get off your butt.

If anyone’s interested in learning how to make their own padded DSLR camera strap cover, leave a comment. If there’s enough interest, I’ll post a tutorial.



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15 responses to “My Creative Moment of the Week: Making a Camera Neck Strap Cover

  1. I’m interested. I am actually signing up to start a sewing class the next time it is offered. My mom and grandmother are also going to teach me. (I don’t even know how to sew a button back on a shirt, sad, I know)
    I am one of those people who spent $25 bucks plus shipping on my camera strap cover from Etsy but would still love to learn how to make them. Then, I can swap mine out. I recently discovered a new fabric store in my town and cant wait to learn how to sew so I have a reason to go in there and buy some of the fabric that I have been ogling at for weeks now.

    • That’s awesome, Katie. I think it’s a handy life skill. My mother taught us to sew. She made all of our clothes (well, not underwear & socks) when we were younger. She learned when she was little from her mother, and I taught My Baby when she was little. It’s a generational thing for us. I’m excited that you’ll be learning how to sew. There are so many fun things to make. I love hitting fabric stores and looking for cute fabrics since my new hobby is making things for the grandkids and friend’s babies. I’m not an expert by any means, but I sew enough to be able to make things like baby quilts, stuffed animals, aprons, curtains, pillow covers, etc. And I can mend my own clothes instead of schlubbing them to a tailor.

  2. So cute! The fabric you chose is so lighthearted.

    I recently made a camera strap cover as well and hopefully soon will post about it (and the other projects I’ve been working on.) Mine has ruffles on it, though…I showed J.D. and told him I’d take the strap off if he wants to use the camera! Ha! Or he could just get in touch with his feminine side. :)

    • Okay, now you HAVE to have J.D. model it when you post about it! HA! I am perpetually drawn to fun, lighthearted fabrics, especially if they are colorful. I’ll take a shot of sunshine anywhere I can get it. Can’t wait to see your ruffly camera strap cover!

  3. Post it! Post it! I need projects that I can do in an hour or less. That fabric is so cute! You have a good eye. I have an easy time picking out fabric that I love, but it’s more difficult for me to pick coordinating fabrics. Especially if they are all prints, like with quilting. That’s why I’ve never learned to quilt. Now coordinating yarn? Yarn I can do! Sadly, it hasn’t translated to fabrics.

    • Oooo…. I love picking fabrics and coordinating them! I should be a quilter, but I haven’t learned all the skills yet. I’m working up to it. My mother is an awesome quilter. She makes at least 2-3 a year. And my Big Sis is working on a quilt, too. Maybe it’s the intimidation factor – trying to live up to their quilty creativity. Instead, I make a lot of baby quilts and blankets, things for the grandkids and stuff for around the house. I really should take quilting lessons. Now yarn? Nope. Can’t knit. Can’t crochet. I’d be lost.

  4. Kat

    Oh God…that Owl fabric is just killing me! It kind of makes me want to fashion a tiny holster for my phone when it is playing camera for me.

    • I’m really wishing I’d bought more of that owl fabric when I had the chance. I may have to call the store and see if they’ll ship me some. It’s just too stinkin’ cute!

  5. As the recipient of said owl blankie, it is currently hanging on her crib and it looks so darn cute. I LOVE these camera straps. Where do you get all this energy lady??? Would you send me just a little of your energy in a bottle? They are really cute…thought of selling them on etsy?

    • Oh, but it’s NOT said owl blankie, Alex. This is a new baby changing pad that rolls up and travels in your diaper bag. It’s reversible and made with the same fabrics as the camera strap cover. And it’s going to be shipped soon with a cute new flannel blanket. Surprise!

      • Oh my gosh!!! You are too sweet, thank you! I will post a few photos on my blog in the next few days of the nursery in progress, you’ll recognize the owl blankie as it is hanging on the crib. I’m not going to do a traditional bedding set, so I like just having the touch of the owls by her bed. Thank you again, it is way too generous of you.

  6. Armi Strickland

    Please, please, please send me the instruction as how you made the camera neck strap cover. My husband is into photography and I gave him a Nikon D90. I would love to make the neck strap in time for Father’s Day. How cool would that be? Thanks in advance.

    • Armi,
      I’ll work on a photo tutorial for the camera strap cover and try to get it posted next week so you’ll have time to make it for Father’s Day. That would make a great Father’s Day gift for someone who’s into photography! And you can say you made it yourself, too! A win-win.

  7. Really cute!! Love it! I’m looking at making a ruffled one like kevin and amanda have on their blog, but was just searching google to see what else people did.

    • Awesome, Amber! I’m really glad you stopped by to take a peek. Amanda’s ruffled camera strap turned out amazing. You’ll have to send me a photo or a link when yours is done. I’d love to see how it turns out. Good luck!

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