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My Creative Moment of the Week: Making a Camera Neck Strap Cover

Do you use a neck strap on your camera? I do. My Canon EOS Rebel T2i came with a heavy-duty neck strap, but it’s lacking in the comfort department. The rubbery back gets hot and sweaty, and the plastic thread holding it together rubs a nasty rash on my delicate swan-like neck. Of course, my tongue is firmly planted in my cheek as I say that. I am neither delicate nor swan-like. I’ve been ogling neck strap covers on Etsy for a while, contemplating whether to spend the $25 to $40 plus shipping to order one, or just get off my butt and try to make one. Last week, I got off my butt.

I found the super cute owl fabric at a quilt shop in McKinney during our Hoegarden weekend back in March, and had to have it. I love cute little owls. Actually, I’m a sucker in general for furry woodland creatures (did I mention I hope to start a squirrel ranch when we retire?). That coordinating brown polka-dot fabric is cute, too. With a little cotton quilt batting and some trial & error, I was able to create a reversible padded neck strap cover in less than an hour. It would have gone faster, but my first attempt didn’t fit. What is it they say? “Measure twice; cut once.” Well, do as they say not as I do. Even so, I still had leftover fabric to make a newborn-size baby changing pad for a certain blogger friend who is crazy about owls and expecting her first baby in a few months.

Lessons learned: 1.) pay attention & 2.) sometimes it pays to get off your butt.

If anyone’s interested in learning how to make their own padded DSLR camera strap cover, leave a comment. If there’s enough interest, I’ll post a tutorial.



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