The Moon & Stars

I love the moon. I took this from our backyard this weekend. Isn't she gorgeous?

The Moon and Stars

The stars that round the Queen of Night
like maids attend her
hide as in veils of mist their light
when she, in full-orbed glory bright
o’er all the earth shines from her height,
a silver splendor.

– Sappho



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8 responses to “The Moon & Stars

  1. Amy

    Beautiful! (the poem and the picture)
    I want to get a telescope so bad, but all the ones that are worth anything are soooo expensive. For now, I have to settle with looking at the moon through binoculars!

    • When we were very little, my uncle used to break out his telescope on camping trips. He would focus on a planet or star and call us over one at a time to look at it up close. I think that was my first experience with star gazing. I absolutely love to stare at the moon and stars late at night, especially if we’re traveling and we’re far enough away from the bright lights of Houston to see them clearly. Best star gazing as an adult – on the NE coast of Maine in Acadia National Park and in Paradise Valley, Montana. It’s amazing how gorgeous the night sky can be when you’re in the middle of nowhere. And I love that!

  2. That shot is amazing. Did you take that with a basic lens or a special one? It looks like you were right up next to it.

    • Thanks, Katie. I’m using a Canon EOS Rebel T2i camera (which I absolutely love). For the moon shot, I used my zoom lens. It’s a Canon EF-S 55-250mm (1:4-5:6 IS). I’m a novice at using my first “big girl” camera, so I had to copy that off the lens itself. Ha! In this case, I put on the zoom lens and ran that puppy out as far as it would go to get a good close-up shot. I used the “no flash” setting on the camera. I’m glad you liked it.

  3. What a spectacular shot of the moon! Looks like one of those moons that light up the night sky as if it were daylight. You are doing well with your big girl camera! I’m hoping for a zoom lens for mine for Mother’s Day.

    • It was a gorgeous moon, and it was about 10:30-11pm, so it was nice and high over the back yard. I rarely break out the zoom lens, but I’m really glad I did for this shot. Fingers crossed that your wish comes true for Mother’s Day!

  4. Pat Counts

    Is there a talent you don’t have? Please advise so we can get you in some classes or something. That is beautiful. What camera did you use? Pat

    • Uhhhh… well, I can’t play golf. I almost killed a tree and an elderly couple the first time I teed it up. And I can’t run to save my life. Never have been a runner. I’m more or a tortoise than a hare. And I can’t do a backbend. And I just can’t wrap my head around Texas Hold ‘Em – why is there a river in poker? And I’ll never compete on the balance beam since I have the grace of an elephant, so gymnastics is out, too. Other than that, I’ll say that my skill set is more in line with “jack of all trades, master of none.” But what I lack in talent, I more than make up for in enthusiasm!

      The camera is a Canon EOS Rebel T2i with a 55-250mm zoom lens run all the way out for that gorgeous close-up. Have to say – I do love my new camera!

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