Brisket at Black’s in Lockhart, Texas: OMG doesn’t begin to describe it!

Listen up, kids. We have serious business to discuss. Brisket business. And in Texas, that’s as serious as it gets besides football. This weekend, on our way to Austin for the big race, The Complete Package and I took a side trip to Lockhart, Texas for a barbecue lunch. What makes Lockhart unique is the sheer volume of BBQ heavy-hitters within one square mile of each other. Four of the best barbecue places in Texas can be found in Lockhart, and that’s bold talk for a tiny town. Barbecue is the main event here and trust me – these people aren’t playing around. Today, we’re following the big yellow arrow to Black’s Barbecue, just off the main square. Strap on your fat pants, people. It’s about to get tasty.

Sure there's a line. This place is a meat palace. Suck it up, mister!

Don’t let the line fool you. It moves pretty quickly, and in our case it wasn’t because it was crowded inside, it was because you go through a slow-moving lunch platter assembly line of home crafted pleasure. Once you get to the head of the line, you’ll have the opportunity to fill your plate with homemade sides from pickles to potato salad to mac & cheese and chili beans or candied yams.

You'll get misty eyed when you see all the sides. Stay focused. Eyes on the prize!

They even have banana pudding, cobbler and pie on that line. But be warned: you do NOT want to fill up on the sides and miss the main event. And once you try the meat, you’ll be sorry you wasted precious plate space on what will forever be thought of as useless filler. Delicious, homemade filler for sure, but still…meat is the headliner here. Because this was our first visit and I got side-tracked, I tried the chili beans and pickles with a yeast roll. TCP sampled the potato salad, coleslaw and mac & cheese. As for meat, we both went with what they’re known for – the “wet” brisket and homemade jalapeno cheese sausage.

A typical plate at Black's. Wait...there's nothing typical about the food at Black's!

Okay, here’s where we explore the “brutally honest” portion of this review. I cannot tell a lie. I love jalapeno cheese sausage, but I didn’t love it here. It wasn’t even in my Top 10. I saw the flecks of jalapeno and little blobs of cheese, but I couldn’t taste any of it. It was bland, and that’s not good for a sausage that’s designed to pack a punch. I’m sorry, sausage lovers, but the texture and taste of this one left me disappointed. That said, however, the brisket more than made up for it. Oh, that brisket! That gorgeous, fatty, smoke infused, blackened hunk of beefy perfection! I can hardly contain myself. It’s like buttuh, I tell ya’.

That smoke ring...that black crust...that layer of fat. I just want MORE!

Let’s just bottom line it, shall we? This is the best brisket I’ve ever eaten in my entire life. Bar none. Hands down. No competition even remotely close. Seriously. And no, my maiden name is not Black. I’ve sung the praises of the Salt Lick in Driftwood. I’ve dined on the picnic tables at Kreuz Market in Lockhart. But this one….this one is different. This brisket fell from heaven, carried by angels who obviously love their purebred Texas cattle. This one belongs in the record books. There are very few foods in the world that I could binge on until I feel nauseous, but this is one of them. I could eat it every day. I would surely die of a coronary, but I would argue that it might just be worth it. Like totally.

Come for the brisket, but stick around for the charming atmosphere.

The interior of Black’s is decorated in circa 1958 “Grandad’s Fishing Cabin” which adds to the charm. I didn’t even notice the dead animals on the wall until most of my lunch had been consumed. Yup, this place has charm. The clientele is as varied as the sides. You’ll find yourself in line with tour groups, couples, families and bikers. And that just makes it better. At Black’s Barbecue, people from every walk of life come together to celebrate smoky meat. And when it comes to brisket, Black’s is definitely worth celebrating.

Take Me Back to Blacks. YES, PLEASE!

To learn more about Black’s BBQ, you can go to

Disclaimer: NanaBread is not related to or compensated by the Black family or anyone else associated with Black’s BBQ in Lockhart, Texas. She is just an outspoken, meat-eating, BBQ loving Texan seeking smokey perfection wherever she can find it. And there’s nothing wrong with sharing the gospel of brisket.



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17 responses to “Brisket at Black’s in Lockhart, Texas: OMG doesn’t begin to describe it!

  1. I never take off my fat pants so I’m good to go ALL THE TIME.

    We ate at Famous Dave’s on Sunday, (which southerners probably scoff at but it’s all we have for BBQ up here) and it was so good. I said to JD I wish I was from the South so I could eat food like that every day. Mmmm-mmmmm.


    • If you ate this stuff every day, you’d need bigger yoga pants. MUCH bigger. And it wouldn’t hurt to have a cardiologist standing by. PS – that house across the street is still vacant. It’s 4 bedrooms with the master downstairs and a gameroom upstairs for the girls. And did I mention it’s RIGHT across the street?

  2. Amy

    You have just made me insanely hungry for bbq. But, dammit, we don’t have any place nearly that good around here. If I call them, do you supposed they’d ship me some?

  3. There is nothing wrong with singing the praises of brisket. Nothing at all. I am a life-long Yankee, but I swear I was a southerner in a former life. How else can I explain my deep seeded love for brisket, beans & cornbread, smoked cheddar grits, and Diet Dr. Pepper? And butter. But butter is universal. That brisket looks perfect, and the sausage on the top screams “I got your brisket, right here!” If brisket came down straight from heaven, than surely yoga pants did too. How else would we eat whatever we want and still be comfortable?

    P.S. My “fat pants” are my new “normal pants.”

    • Amen, sister! As my friend Kandi said, the world would be a happier place if we wore yoga pants all the time. And I’m right there with you – my stretchy pants are my new normal. I believe you must have been a good southern girl in a former life. No self-respecting Yankee would love brisket, beans, cornbread, grits and Dr Pepper like you do. And while butter IS a universal food diety, we southerners have perfected using it in every dish. Butter in grits? Got it. Biscuits? Yup. Mashed potatoes? Of course. On a salad? Probably.

  4. I think I gained 5 pounds just LOOKING at all that food. I take it that place is not exactly Weight Watcher’s friendly!

    • No, not at all. In fact, I think if you eat there more than 10 times, you get a fast pass to the next season of The Biggest Loser. This is definitely not health food, but is sure is delicious!

    • Hahaha…you always make me laugh, KJ. I’ll make you a deal. If you can make the Lockhart Loop and eat at Black’s, Smitty’s, Kruez and Chisholm Trail in one day (and I’m talking plate, not snack), I’ll launch a “NanaBread’s Texas BBQ Wall of Shame” and make you the inaugural member. Of course, I’ll require photos as proof. Think you’re up for it?

    • Hey, KJ. If you’re serious about visiting Lockart for a BBQ roadtrip, watch this video from “The Day Tripper”. It covers all four Meat Palaces in Lockart. Plus it’s just gosh-darn entertaining!

      • KJ

        Awwww…heck fire and dangnation! I joined WW yesterday (not kidding…I love to exercise but I like eating more and, as I have aged, it’s not working for me anymore…wa!). Maybe if I save my points for, oh I don’t know, two years (!), I can take up this challenge! Ha! I would LOVE it! I actually saw that Day Tripper episode and have Lockhart on my list of “places to visit.” I am planning a camping trip out that way soon so…I can “sneak a taste,” right? You darn tootin’!
        Have you heard about Gatlins BBQ ( I stopped in not long ago but it was too packed and I didn’t have time to wait. I hope to try it out soon.

      • I have not heard about Gatlins, but you can bet I’ll be looking into it. I think our next adventure will be to Smitty’s in Lockhart, then Chisholm Trail. There’s another place NE of Austin that TCP wants to try. Basically, we’re mapping out Texas Monthly Magazine’s list of top BBQ places in Texas, and marking them off one at a time. It’s a tough job, but someone’s got to do it.

  5. Thanks so much for sharing your experience with everyone! We are so glad you enjoyed everything and hope to see you and your yoga pants at Black’s again soon. For the weight watchers folks, you should come try our Smoked Turkey Breast or Smoked Chicken. I’d be a bigger man without those options…

    • Thanks, Barrett! Your fans (and I count myself among them) will appreciate your humor and your invitation. The smoked turkey breast is on my list to try on my next visit. And there will DEFINITELY be a next visit. Thanks for bringing smokey perfection to the stretchy-panted masses. I worship you and your smoke pit.

  6. You know us Georgian’s defend our syrupy sweet bar-b-que sauce, and I may be disowned by all my fellow Georgia BBQ lovers, but that brisket looks goooooood!!! The first time I ever had brisket was at a Patty Loveless private concert in San Antonio – it changed my BBQ POV (point-of-view). There really is more than just sticky sweet pulled pork on a soft, fluffy piece o’ white bread? Who knew? Do you have a recipe for brisket that you rely on???

    • Oh, honey….there’s so much more to good BBQ than pulled pork with sweet, sticky sauce. Not that we’re not fans of pulled pork, because we are. Totally. But in Texas, it’s more about cooking meat slow and low over post oak wood. If it’s done right, you don’t need sauce and you won’t want it. TCP has been working on perfecting his brisket. As soon as he gets it where he wants it, I’ll start begging him to share it with everyone. Promise.

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