Pioneer Woman Photo Contest: Sisters

A photo I submitted has made it to the finals in the latest Pioneer Woman Photo Contest. I’m stunned, but thrilled to pieces. The photo assignment theme was “Sisters” and I submitted this photo of Sister #1 and I, taken on our grandmother’s porch in the summer of 1963. We were sharing a bowl of berries with cream. I’ve always loved this photo. I love the colors, the clothes, the sweetness of us sharing a special sisterly moment. But I also love the concentration on #1’s face, and the fact that she’s sharing, but keeping that bowl close. If only we’d known there were three more sisters to come. We might have eaten faster.

The end of the summer berries - Sister #1 and NanaBread

If you’d like to see the other finalists, all of which are fabulous, you can go to:



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13 responses to “Pioneer Woman Photo Contest: Sisters

  1. I saw the original entry, I’m so excited for you that it made it to the finals! It is a great photo, such a sweet moment.

    • Thanks, Alex! It’s my favorite photo of the two of us. It’s also really nice to read all the comments others have made about the photo. There were a lot of great sister photos submitted, and I thought each group was stellar. I’m honored that Sister #1 and I were picked in such great company. It’s like the Oscars…it’s just a priviledge to be nominated.

  2. You’re a finalist!! That’s so cool!! :)

  3. cindy

    I am thrilled for you, I knew it was a winner the minute I saw it…Kodachrome and all…

    • When I think back
      On all the crap I learned in high school
      It’s a wonder
      I can think at all
      And though my lack of education
      Hasn’t hurt me none
      I can read the writing on the wall

      They give us those nice bright colors
      They give us the greens of summers
      Makes you think all the world’s
      a sunny day
      I got a Nikon camera
      I love to take a photograph
      So mama don’t take my Kodachrome away
      (Lyrics by Paul Simon)

      Thanks, Cindy…for the comment AND the memories!

  4. What an incredibly sweet photo. I sure hope it wins, and I gave a shout out to PW to tell her so. ;) I really like the softness and genuine simplicity. I much prefer that to something that has been photoshopped within an inch of it’s life.

    • Thanks for giving us a shout out on PW’s site. Sister #1 and I appreciate the support. We both love that photo. It’s one of those special family snapshots that just seem to freeze a moment in time.

    • I agree completely! Sometimes I feel like if you don’t photoshop and postprocess and add an edge and texture, etc., etc… it doesn’t look “professional” enough for contests. I’m so glad a “real” photo made the finalists! I hope you win the whole thing, Jeanne!

      • Thanks, Kandi! I appreciate the well wishes and good vibes. It’s already a winner just by being selected, but it’s nice to hear that others love the photo as much as Sister #1 and I do.

  5. KJ

    Good golly, Lucille! This was one of my favs! SUPER CONGRATS!!!

  6. Amy

    What a sweet picture! I hated it growing up that my mom was always snapping away with her camera, but now I am so grateful for those photographs.

    • Funny how we hate having our photo taken, but love to look at photos to remind us of the special moments in our lives. I’m one of those obnoxious shutterbugs that are always snapping photos. I can’t imagine a world without photographs….or music….or chocolate….

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