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Pioneer Woman Photo Contest: Sisters

A photo I submitted has made it to the finals in the latest Pioneer Woman Photo Contest. I’m stunned, but thrilled to pieces. The photo assignment theme was “Sisters” and I submitted this photo of Sister #1 and I, taken on our grandmother’s porch in the summer of 1963. We were sharing a bowl of berries with cream. I’ve always loved this photo. I love the colors, the clothes, the sweetness of us sharing a special sisterly moment. But I also love the concentration on #1’s face, and the fact that she’s sharing, but keeping that bowl close. If only we’d known there were three more sisters to come. We might have eaten faster.

The end of the summer berries - Sister #1 and NanaBread

If you’d like to see the other finalists, all of which are fabulous, you can go to:



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